Adventure of Link Boss Guide


For your first boss fight, you will be facing off against a foe that gets his name for a fairly obvious reason. Horsehead is a knight of sorts but of course has a horse head. When this fight begins, I highly suggest casting the Shield spell to help boost your defenses. He will swing at you with his mace so avoid his attacks and jump at his head and swing your sword when you are close. After a few hits to his head he will be defeated.


Helmet head is a lot like Horsehead, except this time the knight will be wearing a helmet. To defeat Helmethead I suggest jumping above him and then thrusting downward with your sword. This will knock off his helmet. But the fight is not over just yet. Once his helmet has been knocked off, it will start floating around the room shooting fire at you. Dodge his fiery spells and continue to attack until Helmethead is defeated.


Ironknuckle is a big knight who rides his steed. During this fight he will charge at you constantly so be on your toes and jump over his attempts to ram into you. To hit Ironknuckle you must jump and do a downward thrust while aboce him. If you time it right you will stab into his head and take damage. After a few hits he will jump off his horse and take you on man vs man. From here on out the fight will be just like any other Ironknuckle except he is quicker and he will throw swords at you. So fight him as a regular Ironknuckle and he will be defeated after a few hits.


Carock is basically a larger and harder Wizzrobe. Start things off my casting your Reflect Spell. This will make all of his magical attacks bounce off you and go back at him. This will damage Carock and eventually defeat him.


In my opinion, Gooma is one of the harder bosses in the game. He is one big fellow with a large ball and chain. So as soon as the fight starts I would highly suggest casting your Shield spell because Gooma hits very very hard. To defeat Gooma there is no real strategy. You just need to run at him and slash as mush as possible. Try to back off when he swings his ball at you but if you cannot then just keep on attacking.


Barba is a giant fire dragon who keeps most of her body under the lava that surronds most of the stage. Casting Jump is vital to this match as Barba will rise his head high up above the lava. When he does this you need to jump up and hit him with your sword as much as possible. She will shoot fire at you so jump above her attacks and keep dealing damage to her until she is defeated.

Use your jump spell here to get around the lava pits easier. Estimate where he will come out of the lava and jump up and slash him as many times as you can. Repeat this process and he will soon be defeated.


Thunderbird is by far the hardest boss in the game which is fitting as he is the last Palace boss. As soon as you enter the boss chamber you need to cast the Thunder Spell. If you do not you will not be able to hurt Thunderbird. If you have enough magic power left then cast shield, jump and reflect. As Thunderbird flies around the room you will need to jump at him and slash his face. Thunderbird will be shooting fireballs at you constantly so try to avoid as many of them as you can.

After several hits to the face Thunderbird will die and you will have beaten the game…

Shadow Link

or not! Though Thunderbird appeared to be the last boss of The Adventure of Link, Shadow Link will make an appearance and attack you. Shadow Link is a very clever boss as he is able to mimic every single move that you make. However this does not make him invincible. The best strategy to beat Shadow Link is to sit in the far left corner and duck down. As Shadow Link approaches you just keep swinging your sword while ducked down and he will mess up and begin to take damage. Once Shadow Link is beaten the game will be over.