Majoras Mask Heart Pieces

majoras mask heart pieces guide

Majoras Mask Heart Pieces

Are you looking to do a full 100% completion on The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? This heart piece guide will help get you there. Showing the location of all 52 Majora’s Mask heart pieces, if collected, you can add 13 whole heart containers to your game!

This Majora’s Mask heart pieces guide flows in sequential order from the beginning of Majora’s Mask to the end.
Heart pieces aren’t essential to completing the main quest of the game, but the more completed heart containers you have, the better off you are.

This strategy guide will assist you in finding all 52 Majoras Mask Heart Pieces. By collecting 4 heart pieces Link can gain another heart container. With there being 52 Majora’s Mask heart pieces, Link stands to gain 13 new heart containers.

Majoras Mask Heart Pieces

Clock Town Heart Pieces: 15

H1: Easy as pie! It’s right infront of the door to get your Ocarina back from Skull Kid

H2: In North Clock Town where the slide is climb up the pillars near where you find Jim in Hide and Seek and it’s in the tree!

H3: Go to the Deku Playground by the Fairy’s Fountain in North Clock Town and win the game 3 days in a row to get your Heart Piece

H4: At the Swordsman School in West Clock Town, beside the post office, go to the expert difficulty and you have to get 30 points so do the slash attack Z target and press A ( In Collector’s Edditon, it’s L target andthen you press A) and you get a Heart Piece as your reward! If u beat the challenge any other time you get 20 rupees

H5: To win the challenge the Postman has, you have to get exactly 10 seconds to get your reward but another way is with the Bunny Hood, it will show the number of seconds then not showing them without the hood

H6: After you get the Postman’s Hat, go to a mailbox anywhere in Clock Town and you will recieve a Heart Piece but the other times you will get a rupee

H7: Once you have healed Kamaro’s soul and gotten the Kamaro’s Mask, go to the Rosa Sisters on the 1st or 2nd night and press B infront of them with the Kamaro’s Mask on

H8: This is where your rupee challenge begins, start collecting rupees and deposit them until you get 5000

H9, H10: Go to Anju’s Grandma’s room in the Stock Pot Inn and with the All-Night Mask on, listen to her stories and when there done, she will ask you a question and if you get it right you will recieve and Hear Piece for each story

H11: Go to the restroom in the Stock Pot Inn and you should have a deed or letter with you and at 12 on 1st, 2nd or 3rd night, you will get a Heart Piece as your reward for giving the paper to him

H12: Win at the Treasure Chest Shop as a Goron and inside the chest will be your prize

H13: This one is very very tricky, it took me a while to get this one. At the Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town and get a perfect 50 points to get a Heart Piece but don’t hit the blue octoroks, only the normal looking ones

H14: Another 3 day in a row challenge, play at the Honey & Darling’s Shop challenges each day to get another Heart Piece

H15: Last Heart Piece to get in Clock Town which is pretty easy. Go to Mayor Dotour and the 1st or 2nd day at 10 and talk to him with the Couple’s Mask on

Termina Field Heart Pieces: 5

H16: Now it’s time to get some Heart Pieces outside of town. There are 4 pits with 4 Gossip Stones in them play either of the three temple opening songs infront of them and they will turn a certain colour ( Green: Play Sonata of Awakening with Deku, Red: Play Goron Lullaby with Goron or Blue: Play New Wave Bossa Nova with Zora), put them the same colour with either one to get a Heart Piece and the Ocarina won’t work with them or Elegy of Emptiness

H17: go to the wintery side of Termina Field and go ino the pit to face 2 Dodongos. Kill them with the sword or bombs but I prefer Sword

H18: At the Great Bay entrance where you have to ride Epona, you saw or seen a boulder, break it with Goron, Bomb, Bombchu, Powder Keg ( If you want to use it badly) or punch it with Goron. Go inside and you see some Bio Deku Babas, kill them and hit one of the bee hives and use the Zora to get the Heart Piece from underwater

H19: Near Milk Road, in the bushes near the item-stealing bird you will see some butterflies and there is a hole, inside there is a Peahat, remember from Z5 in Hyrule Field as Young Link, well there back but that’s the only one in Majora’s Mask but kill it in day on any of the 3 days and open the chest and there you go

H20: Look through the telescope at the Akindo Nut and there is a hole in front of the telescope place, go in and buy a Heart Piece for 150 rupees

Southern Swamp Heart Pieces: 7

H21: On the road to Southern Swamp there is a Heart Piece in that odd-looking tree, but kill the bad bats with the Deku and climb up

H22: Well another Shooting Gallery well this one is easier then the last so your safe, trying to hit the targets quick so you get a better score

H23: This is where deed trading begins, go to the Akindo Nut beside the Pictograph Box place where you get to take the cruise and trade your Land Title Deed for the Swamp Title Deed and the Akindo Nut will fly away and now is your chance to get in the Deku Flower and go to the roof of the place and look ahead, a Heart Piece

H24: Well once you have a Pictograph Box this is where you can get a good reward, take a picture of Tingle in the sky or take a picture of the Deku King and you talk to that guy it the Cruise Place and show him your picture and make sure its accurate (NOTE: an easy way is to get Tingle and see what the Pictograph Guy has to say!)

H25: This is tricky but better to get at night, in the Deku Palace when the guardslet you in take the left path and keep on going until you see the lonely Heart Piece wanting to have a better home

H26: Go hit the owl statue at Woodfall and keep on going around until you see a big chest, open it to get the Woodfall Heart Piece

H27: Well that half of the Heart Pieces are done and infact this is the last Heart Piece in the swamp, to get this one you have to have beaten the 1st dungeon and talk to Koume in the Cruise Place and she has a shooting challenge, hit her targets she has and get 20 hits or more but try not to hit her to much or she will tell you to quit the challenge so watch out

Mountain Village Heart Pieces: 4

H28: Glad to get out of the swamp well these Heart Pieces are hard to get, trade your Swamp Deed for the Mountain Title Deed in Goron Village ( Outside) and go in the Deku Flower as Deku and there’s the 2nd deed Heart Piece

H29: This one you have to get with Zora in Spring, on Unfrozen Lake where the Goron Races entrance, go underwater and you should find a Heart Piece in a big chest

H30: You will need the Hookshot and Scarecrow’s Song to get this on Snowhead Road which is before you hit stone head get out your Lens of Truth and look for 4 ice platforms floating, go on the and you should see a cliff or chunk of land with a Heart Piece, play the Scarecrow’s Song and hit him with the Hookshot and there is your cold Heart Piece

H31: Once you have the Don Gero’s Mask and have talked to the frogs in Woodfall Temple, Great Bay Temple, Laundry Pool and Southern Swamp by the Big Octo and beaten Goht so its Spring, talk to the frogs the they will preform and give you a Heart Piece

Keaton’s Quiz Questions Heart Piece

H32: You must summon Keaton with the Keaton’s Mask and in Mountain Village ( Spring), North Clock Town and Milk Road, cut the moving bushes quickly or use the spin attack ( orange not blue) and Keaton should appear and he asks you questions. Here they are:

1. What time does Romani go to bed? 8 pm
2. What time does Romani wake up? 6 am
3. How many levels will the festival tower be? 4
4. What is Tingle’s Spell? Tingle, Tingle… Kooloo-Limpah!
5. What tribe does Darmani belong to? Goron
6. Which weapon does Romani practice with? Bow
7. How many balloons does Romani use for practice? 1
8. What tribe does Mikau belong to? Zora
9. What kind of instrument does the Skull Kid use? Flute
10. What song does Romani teach Link? Epona’s Song
11. What is Anju’s bad habit? Apologizing right away
12. What is Anju bad at? Cooking
13. How old is Tingle? 35
14. Is Tingle left-handed or right-handed? Right-handed
15. How many mailboxes are in Clock Town? 5
16. How many cows are there in Romani Ranch? 3
17. How many cow statues are there in Clock Town? 10
18. What is the name of the Indigo-Go’s lead singer? Lulu
19. How many cuccos in the Romani Ranch coop? 1
20. How many Indigo-Go members are there? 5
21. What is the name of the best milk? chateau milk
22. What is Link’s nickname at Romani Ranch? Grasshopper
23. What is the festival’s name? Carnival of Time
24. What does the Bomb Shop owner call his Mom? Mama
25. What is the name of Clock Town’s mayor? Dotour
26. What is the name of Anju’s Dad? Tortus
27. What is the name of the Bombers’ leader? Jim
28. What colour are Tingle’s pants? Red
29. Where does Cremia bring the milk bottles? Milk Bar
30. What is the name of Clock Town’s Hotel? Stock Pot Inn

Great Bay Heart Pieces: 10

H33: That Heart Pieces took a while! Well, now to the ocean! In the Pirate’s Fortress, when you are getting the Hookshot, there is a part where you have to activate a gate to get further well that can wait, behind some barrels you will see a button press it and a gate will open, get to it before it closes but the best way to get it is the Bunny Hood. When you get the Heart Piece, press another button to open the gate again

H34: Near the entrance to Pirate’s Fortress, there is a shallow cave high above the ground so you will need to use the Hookshot and you will need a Magic Bean, Spring Water and Scarecrow’s Song to get it

H35: After you beat the Great Bay Temple, near where you got Heart Piece 34, you will see a boat, go on it until you see that guy who gave you the Sea Horse, Hookshot onto a tree by where he is and do his challenge and you have to get 20 or more to win

H36: When you get the Sea Horse from that guy in the previous Heart Piece info, go to Pinnacle Rock and defeat all the Sea Snakes and if you are getting further in your adventure and need Zora Eggs, I suggest you get them

H37: In the Ocean Spider House, put your Captain’s Hat on and talk to the Stalchild’s and they will tell you something to get the next Heart Piece, an order for a combination, go to a room with a red, blue, green and yellow coloured face thingys and hit them in the order the Stalchilds tell you and when you finished the combination kill the Skulltula and there you go

H38: Well when you are in Zora Hall, go to the Band Leader’s room and play C right, C right, C down, A, A, C down, C right, A, C left, C left, C right, C down, C down, C right, C left and C down to the Band Leader and he will give you a Heart Piece after his little scene but play as Link

H39: As a Goron, give the Mountain Deed to the Akindo Nut inside Lulu’s room in Zora Hall and he will give you the Ocean Title Deed, then go in the Deku Flower and get the Heart Piece

H40: Catch 4 fish in bottles and take them to that little tank in the Marine Research Lab and the fish will cough out your reward

H41: Go to the bottom of the Waterfall’s Basin by the Waterfall Rapids and kill the Like Like to get the Heart Piece

H42: After beating the beavers in the Waterfall Rapids once, verse them again to get a Heart Piece

Ikana Canyon Heart Pieces: 5

H43: On the second day, at Ikana Graveyard, at night, talk to the Stalchild to open the grave then go in and use the Lens of Truth to find your way to an Iron Knuckle, beat it, open the chest, there’s your Heart Piece

H44: As Zora in Ikana Canyon, by Sakon’s Hideout, give the Ocean Title Deed to the Akindo Nut and he will give you 200 rupees and take the Deku Flower to your last deed Heart Piece

H45: When you get to the roof of Ikana Castle, walk around the railing, shoot the switch and fly for the Heart Piece on the north pillar

H46: At the Ghost Hut, put on the Garo’s Mask before you get in and play Song of Healing inside and instead of paying 30 rupees, you pay 10. Kill the 4 Poe Sisters and get a Heart Piece

H47: Inside the cave near where you have to freeze the Octoroks, you can go inside but you need to have the Light Arrows to go further and you have to have 16 hearts as well. All you do is verse the mini bosses from the 4 dungeons to get a Heart Piece

Romani Ranch Heart Piece

H48: The one last Heart Piece on the land of Termina…….Well the Heart Piece here is the Dog races at the place beside the Cucco Shack. If you win a in a race and you get 150 in one race you get a Heart Piece

Inside the Moon Heart Pieces: 4

H49: Well the Heart Piece was the last on the land of Termina because this is in the moon so thats different. Anyways, as you can see there are 2 moving platform thingys right, so you will need to be a Deku and use the Deku Flowers. When you progress further in the Odolwa Dungeon you will see it

H50: This one takes practice but I will give you the directions. Start at the pots with the Goron and start rolling keep going until you see 2 or there open treasure chests bounce off them to the left then the right keep going then you will go to the right again then stop at the green pots and if you kept on going around then you would fall, now go across the bridges where the gossip stones are but don’t go on the circle things that teleport you back, when you are going across the bridge you should see a part that looks like a jump part so start at it then jump over another ramp and stop by new green pots stop and you will see a long strip like at the beginning, do the roll thing with the Goron one more time then hit the last empty chests and straight ahead you will see your prize after that hard work

H51: That one was long but the rest are short so don’t worry. The Zora one is easy as pie well be careful though, go into the water pipe this is the order: right, right, left and right and there should be your prize

H52: This one is pretty easy but it’s nothing like Stone Tower Temple at all but go through the first door to room B and verse 1,2 or 3 Dinofols and go through the next door to room C and then go to room D and defeat the Garo Master then go Hookshot up to the chest and go to room E and go to room F to verse a last powerful enemy called the Iron Knuckle, beat him and open the chest to get some bombchus and there is a crackable wall to the right of the entrance. Hit the switch to let a ladder appear. go to room G and there is your prize, the last Heart Piece on the Moon and in the game. Way to go! Now you know where to find all the Majoras Mask Heart Pieces Locations.

Thanks for using our Majora’s Mask Heart Pieces strategy guide! We hope you have found this walkthrough helpful and easy to use.