Four Swords Adventures Items

Bow and Arrow
Load an arrow, pull it back, and fire! Hit enemies from afar with this item. Use to hit far away switches.

Throw it and it comes back to you! Fight off enemies or collect hard-to-reach items by using this item.

When setting this item, be sure to get out of the way as it will explode. Also useful for blowing open cracked walls and killing enemies.

Light up dark areas when using this item. This item holds the key to defeating the poes.

Magic Hammer
Smash this item into the ground and a vibration will flow through the land, inflicting damage to enemies in its path and making stuff hidden in the ground pop up.

Pegasus Boots
Dash around quickly by using these shoes. Can be used to knock items out of trees.

Roc’s Feather
Use this item to jump over hole, walls, and other normally unreachable areas.

What else would you use this for? Dig up a variety of things including items.

Compact weapon that shoots small stones. Not as powerful as that of the bow.

Fire Rod
Swing this item and a shot of fire will fly from the tip. Useful if you want to light far away torches or inflict damage to enemies.