Zelda Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough

Our Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough is a work in progress. Please check in frequently for updates. We will upload new segments as they are completed.

Twilight Princess Introduction and Goat Herding

Get the Fishing Rod

Catch A Fish For The Kitten and Buy Slingshot

Save the Kid and Monkey From the Monsters

Link Gets Transformed Into A Wolf

Meet Midna and Escape from Jail

Meet Princess Zelda

Get the Ordon Sword and Shield

Acquire the Vessel of Light

Collect the Tears of Light in Faron Woods

Path to the Forest Temple

Forest Temple – Rescue the Four Monkeys

Get the Gale Boomerang

Finish the Forest Temple

Twilight Parasite Diababa

Head to Twilight Kakariko

Tears of Light in Kakariko and the Graveyard

Collect the Remaining Tears of Light to Restore Kakariko

Get the Iron Boots

Sumo Wrestle With the Goron Elder

Goron Mines

Dangoro Mini-Boss

Finishing the Goron Mines

Twilit Igniter Fyrus

Twilight Lake Hylia

Unfreeze Zora’s Domain

Lanayru Tears of Light

Enter Lakebed Temple

Lakebed Temple

Lakebed Temple Boss Key

Morpheel Boss Fight

Zelda Heals Midna

Sacred Grove and the Master Sword