A Link Between Worlds Heart Pieces

a link between worlds heart pieces

A Link Between Worlds Heart Pieces Guide

Welcome to our Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Heart Pieces Guide. As Link again traverses through the familiar Kingdom of Hyrule, he will need as much health as he can obtain. Thankfully the land of Hyrule is filled with heart pieces that have been scattered and hidden. Finding all of these heart pieces can be quite difficult. Thankfully we have done all of the hard work for you. Collecting 4 pieces of heart will reward you with a new heart container.

This guide will tell you where all of the heart pieces are within A Link Between Worlds.

Kakariko Village: In the top left corner of the village is a well. Use your Power Glove to life the rocks and enter the well. Hold a cucco and jump from the ledge to the right of the hole and aim to fall into the hole. Inside is a piece of heart.

Blacksmith’s Shop: Press yourself onto the wall of the Blacksmith’s shop to enter the back of the store and acquire a piece of heart.

Lost Woods: Press yourself onto a wall below a hollow log. This will enable you to get to a hidden area with a piece of heart.

Graveyard: After Link learns the wall-hugging ability, return to the dungeon under the sanctuary/gravestone and press yourself onto the wall to reach the far right area with a heart piece.

Race to the Miner’s House: The completion of this mini-game will require the Pegasus Boots. With these boots in your inventory, find the man to the far eastern part of Lake Hylia, on top of a platform, and agree to his racing challenge. If you can make it to the Miner’s House, marked on your map, within 65 seconds then you will get a piece of heart.

Eastern Palace: Use the Magic Hammer on the pegs south of the Eastern Palace.

Cucco Ranch Minigame – Play the minigame to dodge a swam of Cuccos. Stay towards the middle so you have more time to react to oncoming cuccos. Keep challenging until you reach the Rooster level, and win to get the Heart Piece. For a tip to winning, always try to stay in the middle of the arena, and use your 3D slider to find out which cuccos fly over you (usually the yellow colored ones)

Rupee Rush:- Collect 100 Rupees in less than 30 seconds. If you have a stopwatch, then I would suggest you use it as there is no in-game clock of any sorts. If you return with less than a second left then you get a multiplier bonus.

Hyrule Castle: On the left side of the castle is a rock that can be lifted to acquire a piece of heart.

Zora River: Swim into the waterfall to the south of Zora’s Domain.

Eastern Palace: Bomb open the cracked cave south of the Palace.

Swamp Ruins: You should find a piece of heart surrounded by statues within the Swamp Ruins. To get the heart piece you will have to head south to the 2 larger statues and bomb the wall between them to reveal a hidden path.

Death Mountain: On the path up to the Tower of Hera is an area with 2 top ledges. Press yourself onto the wall and move above the slightly lower platform to reach a cave entrance. Inside is a piece of heart.

Death Mountain: Head East past the Tower of Hera until you find a sign marking the path to Rosso’s Ore Mine. Enter the cave and work your way up the platforms by using the Hammer to spring upward from platform to platform.

Kakariko Village: After entering Lorule, go into the Thieves Town portal on the ruined house. This portal will take you back into a woman’s closet in Kakariko Village. She will give Link a kiss and a piece of hear.

Thieves Town: Play and complete the Fortune House Game. This game is a matter of luck so just keep playing until you get the heart piece.

Lorule Rupee Rush: This heart piece is similar to the one in the Hyrulean version. Collect 100 Rupees in the set amount of time to get a heart piece.

Lorule Baseball Derby: Complete this mini-game with a score of 100 Rupees or more in one game. Aim for the crows which will give you the most points.

Swamp of Evil: Buy the giant Bomb Flower from the shop south of Thieves Town, and lead it to a giant cracked wall to the south of the swamp. Blow up this rock to reveal a cave.

Palace of Darkness: On the way to the palace is a section where Link has to sneak past the patrol guards. In one of these segments is a small platform with a heart piece on the end. Sneak past teh guard and grab the heart piece.

Graveyard: Use the portal in Lorule to land on a ledge in Hyrule with a heart piece on top.

Thieves Town: Take the Lorule portal on the back of the northern house in Kakariko Village. Then merge along this house on the south side.

Ruined Miner’s House: There is a piece of heart on the ruined house in Lorule. Climb the ledge to the right and use a Cucoo to reach the heart piece.

Blacksmith’s House: Use the Titan Glove to pick up the large rock south of the Blacksmith’s home.

Misery Mire: Use the Sand Rod to create a bridge from the northern wall where a portal is hidden. Bomb this wall and enter the portal to get a piece of heart.

Treacherous Tower: Complete 30 floors in this tower.

Turtle Rock Dungeon: Work your way to the outside balcony within the dungeon to find a piece of heart.

Death Mountain: Head up the Death Mountain path, while in Lorule, and use the portal on the pillar to return to Hyrule and find a piece of heart.

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