Timeline Misplacement?

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In my latest episode of Sheikah Stones, I take a look at the controversial Legend of Zelda Timeline. Due to the nature of the timeline, the debate continues long after the official placements have been released.

In this episode, I focus more on the idea of alternate endings and paths within the timeline. Perhaps some of the games could have led into the other entries better than Nintendo has things organized? You can be the judge.


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Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • Sora

    The Oracle games and Link's Awakening are placed where they are because the Link in those games is the same Link in A Link to the Past.

    • noahglaser

      Is there any indicator in the games to confirm this?

      • MrCold

        Actually it seems to not be the same one, as Link and Zelda don't seem to know each other. In this case, OoS/OoA and LA are the same Link but LttP is another one.
        However, them not knowing each other might just be a bad translation of the text. The Oracles are badly translated anyway.


    Nintendo just created a timeline so there would be one. A timeline was never even considered before Eiji Aonuma who never really had much say until he was made director of Majora's Mask. He was involved on Ocarina of Time too, but only as a dungeon designer. That's why there are so many inconsistencies. But they placed it together as best they could. Ultimately, I have no problem with inconsistencies. I would rather have inconsistencies in the timeline than inconsistencies in a game. As long as the games continue to be amazing, the timeline is inconsequential.

  • MisogynistLesbian

    The Hero never appeared in the story in the intro to WW because it takes place in the Hyrule that Link left behind. The Hyrule that Ganondorf ruled for 7 years. When Adult Zelda sent Link back in time to before Ganondorf ever entered the Sacred Realm (Child Timeline), it was so he could warn everyone and the Royal Family could capture him before the events of OoT could take place again. This leads to his failed execution, being sealed in the Twilight Realm, and Twilight Princess.

    When Adult Zelda sent him back, it left her era (Adult Timeline) without a hero. The reincarnation cycle, hero chain, whatever you want to call it, ceases to exist in the Adult Timeline since Link left it. Ganon comes back, Hyrule doesn't have a hero, the goddesses flood it, etc. How could MM happen in the Adult Timeline if Link is a child in MM?

    The "Link Defeated" timeline makes more sense with the time physics of the game if you consider it to be the Adult Timelines that Link abandoned whenever he had to go back to the Child Era (like for the Spirit Temple). He wasn't defeated, but rather never challeneged Ganondorf. This isn't canon though.

    ALttP Link, Oracle Link, and LA Link are all the same Link. This is canon. Those games must happen in succession. I think this has more to do with timeline retconning by Nintendo than actual in-game context, but canon is canon.