Under Twilit Rain – Twilight Princess Fan Composition

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As if there weren’t enough beautiful pieces to the Twilight Princess original score, this fan creation is one of the best that I have heard, and adds such value to the many fan made personal scores everywhere. Created by a talented artist, Rozen, takes Midna’s lament and turns it into something deep and emotional, and certainly inspiring to say the least. Rozen has previously created some awesome Zelda inspired remixes such as “Waiting for the Dawn” and previously “Termina’s Demise.” This piece by Rozen is just one more truly worthy of Nintendo’s best-selling games.

When you first listen to “Under Twili Rain,” you hear “Midna’s Lament” as one might expect to hear with a title like that, but then takes a dramatic turn to “Midna’s Desperate Hour.” You start to feel the real emotion and the nostalgia of Twilight Princess when Midna’s life was on the line and whether or not Link would be able to save her. After this movement, the song starts to goes back to its storytelling feel from earlier. You start to hear a more revised and triumphant version of Midna’s Lament. And the efforts and teamwork of both light and shadow beings has saved both worlds. But as being two different sides of the same coin, it is time to part. But finishing off the song as an echo, a mental image of Midna, voicing her own lament, and thus the final piece of the epic song is performed by Reven.

This is certainly going to be one song that I will be buying. The overall feel of the song just brings out so many emotions. Victory, sadness, loss, but also a slight happiness at the end. Remembering back to the hardships of playing Twilight Princess, fighting impossible odds, listening to amazing background music, meeting new people strange and colorful. But more importantly the feel of the game and how engaging the story was. It was truly one Legend of Zelda game that shaped the current events of modern Zelda gaming.

What do you think fans? Is this another hit by Rozen? Tell us in the comments below.

Author Jordin Orr is a guest contributor to The Hidden Triforce.


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