Take a Look at These Adorable Breath of the Wild Buttons

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Does your backpack need something to add some flare to it? Do you need something to spruce up that lanyard of yours for an upcoming convention? Looking for a way to tell everyone that you’re in love with a fictional fish-woman? Well then you should take a look at these adorable Breath of the Wild buttons made by Sam Baldwin of JustM3h Studios on Storenvy. The shop features buttons and charms from many different fandoms. In my opinion, the art on every single one of these screams individuality and personality. Each button is about 1.5 inches and are pin back so they’re easy to put on clothing or backpacks.

The Champions of Hyrule: Daruk, Urbosa, Mipha, and Revali.

I think Sam has an incredible art-style. It’s cutesy and soft, the colors between the characters and the simple backgrounds on these buttons blend seamlessly. This art is simply pleasing to my eyes. My favorite buttons out of this specific set would be Mipha and the Toon Link dressed in the Hylian Tunic. I personally think that Sam has done a great job on every single one of these buttons. Each one displays so much character emotions with their eyes and its unbelievable. I mean, just look at how jolly Daruk is and how cocky Revali looks. 

Link with his hood down, Toon Link in the Champion’s Tunic, Zelda with a Sheikah Slate, and Hestu with his maracas.

Feel free to take a look at everything that Sam and JustM3h Studios has to offer. I hope you all enjoy these buttons just as much as I do! I’d love to hear what your favorite buttons are from this set. Feel free to share your comments below!


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