Nintendo Plans On Releasing Movies

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Even after Nintendo’s film flop with the “Super Mario Bros.” movie, fans have long looked forward to the idea of watching movies involving their favorite, beloved games.

Nintendo CEO and President Tatsumi Kimishima reveals through Japanese news site Asahi Shimbun that Nintendo is in the process of working with different partners in creating movies. Kimishima is aware of the immense demand for Nintendo movies and plans on including Shigeru Miyamoto in the production process, as he has worked on developing these kinds of projects before. In the article, he states that the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda series will inevitably be involved in these projects.

It will unfortunately be a long time before fans hear about any upcoming Nintendo-related movies. Aside from Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda, I think the Metroid or Star Fox series’ would make great movies. What are your thoughts on Nintendo entering the film industry? What games would you like to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below.


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Hannah is a 20-year-old college student, avid Nintendo fan, and video game enthusiast. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Education at the University of North Florida. She fell in love with the Legend of Zelda series when her aunt introduced both her and her brother to the Nintendo 64 and Ocarina of Time. She has been hooked on the series since.