New Zelda U/NX Artwork Analysis

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A new piece of Zelda Wii U/NX-related artwork has been circulating the web today and was recently posted as the official Legend of Zelda Facebook page’s cover photo.

From what we can tell in the image below, the famous Death Mountain volcano has been debuted, but unfortunately there are no more details as they are seen from a great distance. This means there is a possibility that the overworld is Hyrule, though that is not confirmed.

I believe it is important to note the blue, glowing towers around the landscape. These are potentially warp points or structures relative to the plot. You can also see a rocky plateau, a bridge similar to the Great Bridge of Hylia in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, what seems to be a castle in front of glacial plateaus on the left side of the image, and an odd, spiral-like structure toward the back. It is possible that this structure could involve one of the dungeons. It distantly reminds me of the fifth world of Super Mario Bros. 3 known as Sky Land. The map displays a spiral tower that, once you beat that particular level, you are sent to the sky for more gameplay. Perhaps the same concept will be applied in Zelda U/NX?

The right side of the image features Link scaling the side of a mountain or cliff. He can be seen carrying his signature quiver, sword, and shield. Hopefully fans can expect to see more Zelda U/NX photos in the near future.


The above images compare the topography of the artwork to a map previously seen in the 2014 Game Awards preview for Zelda U/NX. The numbers shown match the landmarks between the two pictures. Assuming the perspective in the artwork is indeed a northward view, the glacial plateau, the lake, the river, and the volcano all line up neatly with the map.

What are your thoughts on this new artwork? Let us know in the comments below.

Legend of Zelda U/NX Artwork


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