Meet the Artist: Rogue Bard Media

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Fyl and Krystal Frazee are fellow Legend of Zelda fans who wrote their own Legend of Zelda-inspired book called The Legend: Garden of the Dandelynel King. This children’s novel features a princess, based off of Zelda, as the legendary hero: a perfect pick for video game-loving parents.

“Even princesses like to go out on adventures. Who wants to sit in a castle all day when there’s fun to be had outside? Our little princess sets off on a journey and faces the challenges that come with venturing into the unknown.” Aside from the short description that can be found on the Amazon listing for The Legend: Garden of the Dandelynel King, Fyl adds that the main character and her friend “naturally bother some chickens and get themselves into trouble, but deft sword play, a dose of magic, and some wisdom allows them to overcome the challenge.” The couple even created an adorable fan film with their two daughters. This fan film became the foundation of their recent children’s novel.

Fyl and Krystal are working parents whose daughter, after picking up the Nintendo 3DS remake of “Ocarina of Time,” became fascinated with the nostalgic and epic series. It was then that the Legend of Zelda became a hit in their household. Fyl wrote his first novella-length book during his freshman year of high school and is the author of Rogue Bard Media, the publisher for The Legend: Garden of the Dandelynel King, while Krystal is the illustrator behind Fyl’s stories.

The Legend: Garden of the Dandelynel King Cover Art

Krystal understands the lack of adventure in stories for young girls compared to boys. “I hope fans will like the idea of switching out Link for the princess for once- I know there’s lots of fans who want to see Princess Zelda utilized more in the games. I just figured, if Nintendo isn’t going to do it, why not do it ourselves? There’s a lot more that we can do with the character of Lil’ Zelda, I think. Plus, there’s got to be more nerdy moms in the world, or just moms in general, with little girls who love adventure and exploring. I think this book would be perfect for them.”

Lastly, a few words from Fyl: “I have fond memories of the early games, but with the exception of Link Between Worlds I haven’t actually played anything after Ocarina of Time. Life kind of took away the majority of my gaming time after that in a variety of ways and Nintendo consoles never excited me enough to invest in them. As a result, the world of “The Legend” is built largely around what I have played, since my knowledge of everything in between is limited at best. I’m glad the series has continued to grow over the years and hasn’t died off like so many other classics in recent years, though. Obviously, the series has touched me enough that I spent two years working on a fan film and book, even without playing the newer games. I guess I’d say to the fans keep enjoying what you enjoy and be inspired by it.”

This book would be an enjoyable, colorful outlet for parents to introduce their kids to the Legend of Zelda series. Check out Rogue Bard Media’s children’s book at their Amazon listing.


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Hannah is a 20-year-old college student, avid Nintendo fan, and video game enthusiast. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Education at the University of North Florida. She fell in love with the Legend of Zelda series when her aunt introduced both her and her brother to the Nintendo 64 and Ocarina of Time. She has been hooked on the series since.