Hyrule Warriors Grinding: How to Get Zant to Level 255 in Less Than 9 Hours

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Since the release, I have always enjoyed the amount of post-story mode content in Koei Tecmo’s Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. At first glance Hyrule Warriors did not look like the kind of game I’d normally enjoy, but after playing for a few hours, I knew I wanted to thoroughly complete this game.

Around four hundred hours into this game I realized that one of the biggest challenges would be raising all of my warriors to level 255. The “Twilight Princess” and “Majora’s Mask” maps were particular hard for me as most of my warriors were around level 130. The most effective way to make the games in these maps easier was to max out all of my warriors, which seemed like a horribly tedious method at first, until I unlocked Zant’s fullest potential through grinding one of the “Master Quest” map tiles. Keep in mind that most players use Young Link to grind for experience, but I used Zant, as his last combo and “dizzy meter” moves are both enjoyable and advantageous.

With that, you are going to want to head on over to the “Master Quest” map. The “Master Quest” map is included in the “Master Quest Pack DLC,” which is available in the Nintendo eShop. This map is considered more difficult than the original “Adventure Mode” map. My walkthrough will take place in the bottom left tile of the map and is a “Rack Up Your KO’s” game. I would like to mention that it is best to have all badges on your warrior before grinding. They are effective when they stack to the third rank, or level, whatever term they coined for that. For this particular strategy, I used Zant with all of his badges and possible heart containers. Keep in mind that most people use Young Link as an outlet for experience grinding, but I enjoy using Zant’s kooky combos and “dizzy meter” more.

“The Grinding Process: (Grinding with this strategy gives you an amazing amount of materials, rupees, and weapons.) Stay on the left side of the map at all times because there are more enemies on this side. If you are playing as Zant, it is crucial to take advantage of his last combo and “dizzy meter” moves.

This game starts with two Dark Ganondorfs and a bunch of little enemies for around two minutes. Immediately kill the first Dark Ganondorf and use the focus spirit jar he gives you. Use that focus spirit jar to get 50 kills before killing any of the bigger enemies (ones with a health bar) because the first 50 kills will give you an EXP bonus, then rid of the second Dark Ganondorf and the enemies around him. The next minute will consist of destroying Dinolfos and Redeads that you can use to fill your special meter. Around two minutes into the game, the three bosses will appear. Argorok will be nearby, so take him down and use the three special gauges and a few “B” combos to knock him out. Since the Manhandlas are slower and should not arrive immediately after, use the focus spirit jar from Argorok to rid of the enemies nearby to refill your three special gauges once more. Use the same process on one of the Manhandlas. You can kill both if they’re near each other, just use the special moves [the ‘x’ ones] in-between them. It inflicts damage to the two of them at the same time.

After you’ve defeated the big bosses, you can use the focus spirit jars to kill all of the enemies around. Around a minute or two later, a group of maybe six Shield Moblins will appear. Use the focus spirit jars from the enemies around you and get through them before Agitha shows up. There’s a “Stalchild Captain” that appears near the outpost every two minutes, killing him will get you a big focus spirit jar, so watch out for his respawn. A key part of this process: Make sure you have focus spirit jars around, do not pick them up when you do not need them, because this part is crucial for gaining experience. Use the focus spirit ability and try to get around 50 kills before attacking Agitha, then you will get the EXP bonus after beating her. You probably won’t be able to beat her in time when that particular focus spirit runs out, so pick up another one when you’re low. Once you beat her, you can repeat the same process with Lana and Ghirahim and the many Shield Moblins around them. After that, which is usually the last minute or two, just get through the little enemies until the game is over.”

Screenshot of Zant from Hyrule Warriors

I averaged around 2,200 to 3,000 kills per game and would level up around five or six times depending on how effective I was with the focus spirit jars. The morning before I had found this successful grinding strategy, Zant (and my other warriors) were around level 136. On and off grinding for roughly eight hours has successfully helped me hit his level cap. As I mentioned earlier, I used the “infinite rupee glitch” to max out my other warriors through the Training Dojo. All of my warriors, including DLC, are now at the maximum level. This makes gameplay significantly easier, especially for those who may not have the free time to traditionally grind for days.

TLDR: I used the bottom left tile of the “Master Quest” map to achieve this grinding strategy. It is a rack up your KOs game with Argorok, two Manhandlas, Agitha, Lana, and Ghirahim. It’s great for farming for missions, materials and EXP. Each of the games are ten minutes long and I averaged around six levels per game with Zant. With EXP+ on his weapon, the EXP replenisher from the apothecary, and effective use of the focus spirit, I averaged around six levels per game with Zant. I kept using his last combo, the stomping one, then used his dizzy meter, and repeated this process on and off for eight hours.

What are your favorite Hyrule Warriors-related accomplishments? What are your thoughts on the series? Let us know in the comments below.


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