Zelda Series is not getting any Better According to Kotaku

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zelda series is not progressing

Kotaku just published a new article discussing the stagnant state of the Legend of Zelda series. In their opinion the Zelda series has never been any better than the original game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This is of course not the opinion of us here on the site, but that of Kotaku’s and several things mentioned in the article will cause a stir in the hearts of us Zelda fans.

For instance, the article states that Ocarina of Time is not really that good of a game and that Skyward Sword the worse game in the series. However, they do state that they feel the series is still able to be saved. They then bring up 5 points that Nintendo needs to address.

  • 1. A Better World Setup
  • 2. A Dungeon Revamp
  • 3. Items and Controls Need Re-thinking
  • 4. Zelda’s Difficulty Must Be Changed
  • 5. Zelda Should Not Contain a Storyline

Several of these points are valid and I feel that the overall formula could be tinkered with. However, I do not think things are as serious as Kotaku presented things. Out of those 5 I agree with 4 out of 5. I do not agree with point number 5 as the story is one of my favorite parts to the Zelda series.

What do you think? Do you think the Zelda series needs a reboot? Are things as bad as Kotaku is making it out to seem? Let us know in the comments.


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  • JW64

    I think the difficulty of the zelda games is fine the way it is and if the games didn’t have a storyline I wouldn’t play them whatsoever also I think the world setup is fine!

  • JAK

    I enjoy the story part to Zelda games.

  • noahglaser

    The zelda story is one of my favorite parts. They cant remove that

  • The storyline is the best part. I would not play the games without it. That said, I do agree with the overworld needs to be rethought. It does need to be larger and have moe towns/ exploring areas.

  • Ace231

    i find articles like this to be bull, based on the people who play shooters nonstop, higher difficulty is appreciated but as one who is playing skywards hero mode and oot3ds masterquest, i dont have a problem, if anything, i really with there were more dungeons in most titles, but thats about it

  • Lydia

    I also agree with the first four, but STRONGLY disagree with the fifth. I would not play a Zelda game if it didn’t have a storyline. The storyline is my favorite part of the games.

  • Charles

    What!!!!!!! I todaly disagree with him!!!! Legend of Zelda is the BEST GAME IN HISTORY. Don’t listen to him. I am a huge fan!! I have played wind waker and I have twilight prinnses. They are awesome. I love the night and day change in the games. I love the story line. Keep it going!!!!!



  • Paolo Modica

    The difficulty may be a problem (It's really hard to die in Twilight Princess, for example), because the challenge in a game is always important.
    I absolutely don't agree with the fifth point! I want to now MORE of the story.
    Now I know the beginning, and i want to know the secrets.
    The world setup don't need a rethinking, maybe an expansion (the last incarnation of Hyrule was smaller than I expected)
    I would like to see a larger Hyrule…or…if not Hyrule…everything else, but larger (Skyward sword is beautyfull, but in this part…was old).
    The controls doesn't need anything…Skyward is the top, they MUST continue on this road.
    In the End, I don't think, like Kotaku, that Zelda is going to fall.
    Zelda is a great game, I appreciated all of them.
    They're not all the same thing (Just like Call of Duty) and the years passing are not destroying the spirit of the game (Just like Final Fantasy) in perfect balance between innovation and soul of the game

  • Mox

    I don't agree with any of those points…I suppose Ocarina of time is good (I haven't played it) but it's the game with the best critical reception in history!!!! And I loved Skyward Sword!!!!! , that and The Legend of Zelda Four Sword (anniversary edition) are what brought me to love Zelda,… the people at Kotaku don't know what they're talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • venusleaf

    I only agree with the first 4 points. Completely disagree with number 5, Zelda must have a storyline always and forever.

  • ZeldaTetraSheik

    I have to say that storyline is a necessity. I would like to see LoZ games turn more medieval than they have been lately… When I played the first LoZ, I always imagined that it always had more of a renaissance type feel. Now it's most definitely not medieval. It's just it's own thing.

    I would like a big world with more towns. Like, take an Elder Scrolls Game map. I'd love to see an LoZ game with Skyrim's rolling, lush landscape. Harder bosses would be nice. And by more difficult, I mean, easier controls, but difficult to figure out how to kill the boss. One of the parts of defeating a boss should be "Okay, I am here, how the heck do I kill it?" I would like it if the way to kill the bosses weren't so evident.

    With the way things are going, I am kind of wondering if they will come to a point in the timeline wherein Link is a high school punk who rides a motorocycle (license plate says "epona,") Zelda will be his high school, hipster sweetheart, and Ganon is a member of the mafia! I would not like this to happen, but I just felt that LoZ was a game that focused on medieval, but now all these add on's just make it not…

  • Car

    What he’s saying is rediculous. I admit the actual game skyward sward isn’t my favorite. But what you can do in it and the story lines are amazing. I love how they keep the same basic ideas but every game they amp it up. they do keep the same dougen themes, but what you do in them is completely different. I disagree with what he says completely!

  • Not true at all difficulty is great hard,Controls are already getting better,worlds are great,storyline is almost the best bit.

  • Zeldamaster

    They should continue to put a story line with in the series it makes it more interesting and willing to play. If they decide to not have one I will not buy the game period end of story.

  • diglet91

    i think this kotaku has some issues with the zelda game, i beleive it's a dig at the game…not sure what the fuck or who the fuck this kotaku is but him/ or it's people are mindless cod morons who have no concept of stories or of an art which is what zelda games for me have become, they are all great game sand far beyond many games , beacuase one thing i've noticed when i buy a zelda i dont rate it against other games i rate it against other zelda games, cos they are th eonly games that can compare. kotaku or whatever theyre/it's called probably can't complete them and are probably asking for an easy difficulty mode like they spend on the drove upon drove on mindless shooters that no story other than kill that but look how shiny that is.. ugh..morons

  • mr guy

    the only thing to me is that the games should be longer. I love the story line, it shouldn't be removed. longer and more twists and turns should tune it up a bit. OH AND YOU NEED MORE HIDDEN OBJECTS LIKE MORE INTRESTING OBJECTS. NEED TO TUNE UP THE WORLD SET UP ALSO……

  • Kristen

    I disagree with all of it! Skywrd sword is the first zelda game ive ever played and by far the best! The only reason i want to play the zelda series is because of the story line! I love it! The worlds r perfectly fine except maybe they could add more towns. Items are fine i actually loved the ideas of them. Contorls and dungeons are fine the way they are and also the difficulty is perfect! I didnt find it tht easy or to hard! ZELDA IS THE BEST GAME EVER! They cannot change anything about it :)

  • Alex

    Does he want to change it just to a gun shooting no plot game. I do not get how a game can have no storyline. Better items does he want guns, and grenades? I do not agree with this.

  • bgrotton11

    How is Skyward Sword the worst of all the games? It’s Honestly my favorite of the series followed closely by Minish Cap (Though that’s probably the nostalgia talking as it was the first Zelda I ever played)