Zelda Reference in Wreck it Ralph Photo Op in Disney Land

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Wreck it Ralph, the video game inspired Disney flick, has spurred a ton of awesome Nintendo and gaming related references. Several iconic characters from gaming’s biggest franchises made it within the movie. Now the Zelda franchise is getting a cameo of the sorts.

While this is not within the actual movie, a photo opportunity at the Disney Land theme Park has a pretty funny Zelda reference.

This picture, of a sign at the park, indicates the Zelda based ride is closed because it is “Missing a Link,” which is obviously a reference to our favorite garbed hero.

zelda wreck it ralph


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Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • Maka

    thankgoodness I want there… I would have either a. Started hyper-venalating, and pointing franticly, gasping,"Zel… Zelda… Zelda refrence…", or b. Started laughing loudly, continuing for a long time (or until I was carted off to the shrink)=)

  • jim

    I just saw this movie a couple weeks ago. I wish there were more Zelda references

  • Guest

    I'll be right back…I have to go watch that movie,