Iwata: Netflix Series Rumors Aren’t True

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Well, this is a shame.

Or maybe it’s good news for some of you.

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Turns out that those rumors wildly circulating last month about a Netflix adaption of our favorite Nintendo franchise is actually untrue.

Speaking with Time magazine, Iwata had this to say:

“As of now, I have nothing new to share with you in regard to the use of our IPs for any TV shows or films, but I can at least confirm that the article in question is not based on correct information.”

Like most fans, I am a little bummed to hear this news. The concept sounded great and there were a lot of great fan speculations put together out there, but Nintendo has nailed the coffin on this rumor shut. For now.

I would have to imagine that Nintendo execs heard and felt our excitement to give us more Zelda, so I would definitely not say that it’s not ever going to happen, just that it’s not happening now.

What do you think fans? Are you bummed or are you relieved? Do you think Nintendo is just playing this close to the chest and will end up surprising everyone in a few months? Tell us in the comment section below!


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