The Legend of Zelda: Mobile

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Of course that’s not a confirmed title.

But something along those lines could very well become a reality now that Nintendo has partnered with Japanese video game maker DeNA.


Though the recent partnership has not been revealed fully, we are to understand that Nintendo will be on-hand supervising any of their more precious titles, chief among them, Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon.

But what does a mobile Zelda title mean? The series has been as successful on the Nintendo handheld devices as well as on the consoles. So what can Nintendo do to make a Zelda game a reality on the iOS and Android markets?

phone accessory

Short of Nintendo creating an accessory add on to your phone (which I just don’t see happening or even selling well if it did happen), there’s no new innovation that can occur that hasn’t been explored on touch screen era Zelda titles. By innovation, I refer to the interesting way the Wii Mote was utilized or how the microphone and touch screen were used on the DS. Sure, a mobile game can include these features, but Nintendo likes to wow fans.


In game purchases will also probably be a reality in a mobile based Zelda title. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. For new Zelda game players, in-app purchases might help them with hints or getting items sooner.

I mostly think in-app purchases are a bad idea because it cheapens the Zelda experience to me. The more recent A Link Between Worlds item handling/rental system is the only thing that could be successfully ported to a mobile game to include real world purchases.

BS Zelda
BS Zelda is an example of another fun way to experiment in the mobile gaming market. Broadcast Satellite (what the BS stands for, not the other thing…) gaming was an online gaming module available even in the days of SNES. In today’s wifi ready world, a Zelda game that issues challenges and time limits akin to BS Zelda could be an interesting way to go.

Then again, who says that a Zelda game on the mobile platform actually has to be, you know, a Zelda game?

Looking at the success of Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo could easily create a quest based MMO title where you set up your own village in Hyrule, protect it, and invade other kingdoms/villages. Of course, this kind of title would only be if Nintendo is looking for more in-game purchases.

Ultimately, I believe a mobile Zelda game would probably be best in the overhead format as seen with A Link to the Past or A Link Between Worlds.

Currently the closest game resembling The Legend of Zelda on the Apple iTunes store is Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Sea. The gameplay is incredibly similar to the DS Zelda titles, and a title I recommend to any Zelda fan. Check out the launch trailer below.

If that trailer doesn’t get you excited for the potential of Zelda mobile adventure, I’m not sure what will. The gameplay, the music, and even the design screams Zelda!

Though Nintendo’s first mobile game is estimated to appear Summer/Fall of 2015, it is unlikely they will lead with Zelda. My best guess would be a new Super Mario Bros. game or even Pokemon.

What do you think about Nintendo entering the mobile gaming world? Tell us in the comments below!


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