Zelda Lon Lon Milk Candles

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Isn’t Etsy grand? Where else can you find such cool crafted items from The Legend of Zelda, among other franchises?

Etsy shop owner Blankoo has crafted these really nifty scented Lon Lon Milk candles, inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Goblet of Fire for scale

Complete with a cork, small jar and scented candle wax (Fresh Linen or Vanilla – Holiday Spice is currently out of season), this is a neat way to show some sweet Zelda décor while also adding a nice fragrance to your home.

Blankoo offers a few variations on the Lon Lon Milk candle ranging from two big jars that feature different logos and the small jars. The large jars sell at $30.99 ($24.57 USD) and the small at $19.37 AUD ($15.36 USD), and does look to ship world wide.

Browsing Blankoo’s shop wouldn’t be a waste of time, either. There appears to be quite a few Zelda inspired items for sale.

If there is a Zelda fan in your life and they have a birthday or anniversary coming up, this just might be the way to go!


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