Zelda Lego Project Fails to Become Reality

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A while back a large community effort was established to petition Lego for the development of a Legend of Zelda themed set. While the movement garnered more than 10,000 supporters, Lego has decided not move forward with the creation of this set.

A statement has been released by Lego in regards to the matter. You can read it below.

First and foremost, congratulations again to MINGLES for reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, and toward everyone for all of the support of the Legend of Zelda project! The Summer LEGO Review has concluded and the LEGO Review Board has arrived at its decision about the four projects in review.

The Legend of Zelda project shows broad support among gaming enthusiasts. This project has provided great inspiration and concept work for what could be a very nice product.

However, multiple new element molds would be required to create the minifigures for such a product, and the expense of these molds means that the Legend of Zelda project unfortunately does not pass the LEGO Review on the basis of the business case.

MINGLES has been a pleasure to work with throughout this process and has shown a lot of passion and enthusiasm for his idea and LEGO bricks. We also recognize the intense interest of all of you who supported this project, and we are sorry to deliver this disappointing news.


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  • dielga1

    lets do it again!

  • lee swords

    No hard feelings, but. YAY!! I’m sorry, but with the whole ninjago, and chima crap, they’ve ruined a bunch of series with lego imports. First they would release the toys, but later it would invite a series, and soon a game, I’m sorry, but zelda is a lego free series, and me plus probably the rest of the zelda comunity would like to keep it that way.

  • lee swords

    First off, lego series is a poor way to inforce animation, chima could have been a wonderful series, ninjago could have spelled jitsu right, its spelled jutsu, and the action could have made a lot of fans, but the down side to it was just that, lego. Maybe if the series had actual good fighting senes. Too bad it was just a bunch of blocks being thrown around. One word to piece the rest of it together. Pathetic.

  • Mew

    New molds seems a bit of a BS excuse for not making Zelda Legos, considering some of the other stuff they've done. I imagine Jack Sparrow's head required a new piece be made, and that was a freebie when you preordered the Pirates Lego game.

  • Joe

    I agree jack sparrow had a molded head piece. And that was more detailed then the hat required to put on link. And the hair for Zelda and Gannon and a few other mini figs. This just goes to show they only fund what they assume they can afford they don’t try enough.