Zelda Elements that Should be in Super Smash Bros on Wii U

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In a rather unexpected turn of events, Nintendo recently announced that Bandai would be playing a large role in the development of the next “Super Smash Bros.” . This will be the first time that Nintendo involves a third party developer into their Super Smash Bro series. With this in mind, one cannot help but wonder what kind of changes are in store for the series. Each entry to the franchise has been largely similar, with gradual gameplay advances.

With Bandai behind the wheel, there will most certainly be an expansion to the character roster. I suspect that there will be several new game modes and even an expanded arsenal of items and stages; perhaps a deep level of customization will be possible.

With these potential changes to the series, it’s easy to get lost and forget about some of the smaller concepts that made this series unique. For instance, as a huge Zelda fan, there is a lot that I would like to see implemented regarding Zelda. Of course Bandai cannot tailor to every fan niche and make every change, but one can dream can’t they?
This article will explore some of the Zelda related concepts that I would like to see in the upcoming “Super Smash Bros.” games for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.

Return Sheik’s Power

For me, one of the most disappointing parts of “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” was the changes made to Zelda’s alter-ego Sheik. In “Melee”, Sheik was a force to be reckoned with. She was not only fast, but also fairly powerful. Many saw her as an unbalanced character so Nintendo tried to rectify things. As a result Sheik’s power was severely downgraded. Ironically, this was done in an attempt to make all of the characters more balanced, yet the addition of Smash Balls only helped to take things in the opposite direction.

sheik in super smash bros brawl

What I ask is that Sheik’s strength be returned to her. Zelda herself was improved in Brawl, but it would be nice for Sheik to be improved as well. I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Ganondorf Needs Overhauled

No character frustrates me more than Ganondorf. His attributes and attacks are a perfect example of developers being lazy. For those of you who are not aware, Ganondorf is nothing but a slower albeit more powerful form of Captain Falcon. Instead of giving Ganondorf a unique set of attacks and skills, the game’s developers merely put Captain Falcon into a Ganondorf costume and put some purple effects around his attacks.

ganondorf brawl


Why does the villain of Nintendo’s vastly popular Legend of Zelda series get such poor treatment? With a new Super Smash Bros. game coming out, it is finally time for Ganondor’s redemption. Fans of the Zelda series know Ganondorf as an excellent swordsman and user of dark magic. Yet none of his attacks includes any kind of weaponry or actual magic. Let’s get this fixed, and while Bandai is at it, why not give Ganondorf treatment similar to Zelda? Let him transform into Ganon with his Down + B attack for a whole other set of physical based attacks.

Zelda Characters that Need to be Added

In an effort to keep roster size limited and to keep the game from being bogged down, many characters that we would like to see are left out of the Super Smash Bros games. However, that does not mean we cannot hope for certain characters to make their way into the fray. This quick list will take a look at potential Legend of Zelda themed characters and attributes that would be nice to see in the game.

  • Link Transformations – Zelda can transform into Sheik even though her alter-ego has only made one, albeit, a non-playable appearance into the franchise. Wouldn’t it make more sense to bring some of Link’s many transformations into the game? Link has been transforming into different objects and characters dating back to the Adventure of Link. Some of the more obvious transformations would be any of the Majora’s Mask transformation Masks (Deku Link, Goron Link, Zora Link, Fierce Diety Link) or Wolf Link from Twilight Princess. Either set these as separate characters or allow Link to switch in a fashion similar to Zelda and Pokemon Trainer.
  • Zant – The estranged usurper King of Twilight would be an excellent fit for a Super Smash Bros. game. As we saw in Twilight Princess, Zant definitely has some tricks and unique fighting tactics. Creating a move-set for Zant would not be too difficult as he naturally had an assortment of magical and physical attacks in Twilight Princess.
  • Ghirahim – Never in the Zelda series has there been such a unique and personable villain to the game. Ghirahim’s personality has easily made him one of my favorite bad guys of all time and this creepy and crazy persona would easily fit into the Smash series. Ghirahim could feature his signature sword for physical attacks and this demon knew his fair share of magic too. I am betting Bandai could easily find some interesting moves to implement for Ghirahim.
  • Ganon – Earlier in this article I mentioned the possibility of Ganon being a transformation for Ganondorf. However, Ganon could easily serve as a stand-alone character as well. This gigantic pig-like monster has certainly given Link a run for his money in his various appearances to the Zelda series, and I would love to see him in Super Smash Bros. Wii U in some form. I do not care if he is a transformation or a standalone character, just make it happen.
smash bros wii u roster

No complaints here

More Zelda Themed Stages

Lastly, and the most likely to happen, is just the mere addition of more Zelda themed stages. The Zelda series spans such a wide range of environments and areas to explore that it is shocking just how few Zelda themed stages there have been. There could literally be a stage for every dungeon and area in the games.

zelda smash wii u stages

So many possible Zelda stages

Of course that is not realistic to expect, but how much fun would it be to be dueling it out with your friends while in Kakariko Village or the Twilight Realm? There are so many themed stages that could be created. If Zelda stages are not available as preset options, I would at least like to see the stage builder get expanded to include more Zelda textures and options so we can create them ourselves.

If Only

Will these ideas make it into any of the next Super Smash Bros. games? Probably not. However, it is still fun to think about the possibilities that exist. I am thinking that Nintendo will finally jump on board the DLC train and Super Smash Bros. is a perfect game for additional downloadable content. While we may not see these ideas in an original release, we may end up getting more characters, stages, and features through paid DLC down the road.

So what do you think? What would you like to see in Super Smash Bros. Wii U from the Zelda series? Let us know in the comments.


About Author

Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • yamsman123

    I want Groose! >:U

    • Sun-Wukong

      Using the Groosenator as an assist trophy, or… Dare I say, Final Smash?

  • Gene


    • Merchiodos

      and it would be like Delfino Palza where you can visit the whole island

    • Merchiodos

      and it would be like Delfino Plaza in Brawl where you can visit the whole stage

    • chids

      Skyloft stage is in the game

  • noahglaser

    Fierce Deity Link!

    • Kayla


    • Colin

      yeah fierce deity link

  • Cryxok

    MM Link, Zant and Ghirahim would be great characters, but Ganon should stay as a Final Smash for Ganondorf, or turn him into a boss battle (like Ridley)…also, IMO it would be better (and more logical) to add either Vaati or Impa, after all, they are recurring characters.

  • Red

    100% agree about sheik, loved sheik, she sucks balls now.

  • Mike

    Putting 1000 more votes in for Fierce Deity Link.

    • Link

      Me to man fierce deity Link would make the game on links side a hell of alot more fun and i love the Zelda games adventures and more so much that i will new ever in my life trade sell or give up on zelda even if they didnt make the a great zelda my house is like kerkies forest

  • Grezvangbe

    Lol @ master chief in the bottom left of the character selection screen

  • Hunter

    More Majora's Mask representation would be nice :)

    • Merchiodos

      Like a Clock Town stage and bring back Great Bay from Melee

  • lulles

    You forgot to add Midna to the list ;)

  • Shishimaru

    I want MM Link, who should be able to switch between Deku Link, Goron Link, and Zora Link the same way Pokemon Trainer switches his pokemon. Pressing Down + Special should make him remove his mask and put on the next one, and Final Smash should of course be the Fierce Deity Mask.

    It would be VERY cool if both Ghirahim and Zant would be playable, but if they think it would be too many Zelda characters, they should make Ghirahim and Zant alternate costumes of the same character, just like Classic Wario and Bike Wario.

    I think it would be cool if many characters had alternate appearences, that way they could return Dr.Mario as a new costume for Mario, Pichu as a new costume for Pikachu, Mewtwo as a new costume for Lucario (But they would probably add Zoruark instead), and who knows how many else?

    AND of course, Ganondorf should use the Blade of the Ancient Sages and have his own moveset of sword techniques and magic… and murder. His blade should have the most hitting power of any character in the game, even more then Ike and Bowser (and if they did do all that, they could add Demise as a new costume for Ganondorf, you know why).

  • Advance

    I think you guys are wanting too much Zelda in this game. If there were more Zelda characters, stages and items then all the other franchises would get them too and then we'd be back here asking for more Zelda. There's no way they'd add Zant or Link's transformations as much as we'd like them to. Ghirahim seems almost likely and Ganon would most likely be a transformation if they included him, which in itself is plausible. They only add 1 or 2 characters from each franchise in every new instalment of SSB.

    • MEEEE!!!

      They should make Ganon from OoT to be a transformation because he is about the same size as bowser plus making it a transformation will save space for characters

  • Anon

    Lots of good ideas here, but for me, Midna is a must. Possibly in combination with wolf Link? Like Ganon, wolf Link and Midna offer different movement attack styles. I'm seeing the move used to defeat groups of shadow beasts being very cool. Also, enormous orange spider final smash. Let's see how Ganondorf fares against it a second time around ;)

    The fact is that there's so much awesome Zelda stuff that could be included but would make the game unbalanced. What would be cool is if they released a big Zelda-themed expansion pack with characters, stages, items, and music straight out of the full line of Zelda games. Then the main game stays balanced yet the bigger Zelda fans get all the things they want!

  • Skybird

    If Ghiraham appears in the next SSB then I'm going to scream in frustration. I strongly disliked him. On the other hand I would be very very pleased if Midna appeared–heck developers could have her transform between her imp form and true form and her final smash could be using the fused shadows. Other than adding Midna, I would actually remove one of the Links, because I mean, seriously? Do your really need TWO Links? Otherwise I know that SSB is a fighting game for ALL of the Nintendo franchise, so I wouldn't add too much Zelda in.

  • Keimori

    A Skyloft Stage that operates sort of like a stage from Dead or Alive Dimentions, were with a fighter is knocked off the edge of the level instead of falling to their doom, the transition the stage to another area.

    Not all the time of course, but have the pillars of light randomly open up at the edges of the stage for breif periods.
    That'd be fun.

  • blarf

    I agree with everything you have to say my article writing friend! MM Link's transformations would be epic, and a overhaul of Ganondorf's ability is very much needed.

  • karson

    i want the happy mask salesman for a creepy feel

  • karson

    also add links elegy of emptiness aka BEn

    • Tyree

      oh no, he haunted my dreams just by glance.
      if i got to look at him the enire game, im gonna go mad

    • Emily Phoenix

      Why are we still talking about this?!

  • karson

    also you guys do know fierce deity link is adult link with a more powerful biggoron sword right

  • vaatidorf

    These are pretty cool ideas. How about instead of Ganondorf they include Demise since he essentially is Ganon, or at least part of him is.

  • Merchiodos

    It would be pretty cool to see young Link back in the roaster, but instead of just being a clone he can change forms like Zelda & Shiek and Pokemon Trainer to his mask form from Majora's Mask (Deku, Goron & Zora) and have Fierce Diety Link has his Final Smash.

    And with Ganondorf, his moves / attacks should change. Nintendo did that with Falco and Luigi because they didn't want clones in Brawl, but why not Ganondorf. In SSB4 Nintendo should use his moves / attacks from the Zelda games because they would be really good to use instead of making him a clone

  • Michael (Majora)

    Vaati or The Skull Kid

  • Anon

    Add Ghirahim, make Link and Zelda in their SS forms, replace Shiek with SS Impa, add maybe another item or so from the series, two new stages, then call it a day

    • knowledgeable guest

      In a way I agree, everything would fit in the old formula while being a new twist. Some things I agree with more than others but anything, if done right, would be amazing.

    • knowledgeable guest

      Im not sure how many fans would like switching Sheik for Impa, even though Impa is so cool. Plus, the colors may be too bright of a palette to match the rest of the guest stars in SSB4. But If they tried alternate costumes like Wario then maybe. Which dress would you want to see Zelda fight in? The princess-like Skyloft outfit or Spirit Maiden white dress? I say both: the pink one with a SS styled Sheik and the white one with Impa for transformation. Add Ghirahim, Link, and Ganondorf with an appearance somewhere of Demise.

    • knowledgeable guest

      Items? The whip might work for hand to hand combat. Second item is up for options. But Scrapper should be an assist trophy who drops items on opponants like the objects he carries in game. I'd love to see Bowser get splashed by the water basin!

    • knowledgeable guest

      Lastly stages, which are easy. The Surface and the Air. One of Skyloft with loftwings flying overhead and the beams of light occassionally fade in the backgound. And to be on the ground, why not a stage with 3 tiers, one in each province? better yet make it in each Silent Realm, and Fi appears in the background floating over the starting circle of light and sings the songs for each goddess (Din's Power, Nayru's Wisdom, Farore's Courage) to transport the players to the corresponding province. Easy. Piece of Cake. Just keep the children away from viscious remlits.

      All those ideas took 10 mins to type and barely 1 to emerge from the subconscious

    • Thomas

      If you check around on the internet using things such as the Homebrew channel and Gecko you can alter characters, stages, items and alot more. I used it to go toward my personal preference (Zelda themed) I put Zant in, along with Midna, Toon Zelda, Goron, Zora, Ghirahim, and Demise. I also changed Zelda to SS Zelda, and Link to SS Link. Sadly groose can only go over Ganon, who I’m already using for demise, so I can’t add groose.

  • karson

    fierce deity link is epic so add him

  • MyName

    "We may end up getting more characters, stages, and features through paid DLC down the road."
    Dear god no <.< If I buy a game, I want the ENTIRE game. I don't want to download crap just to be able to play the whole thing.
    Anyway… these aren't bad ideas. I espescially think the stage builder needs more textures and such added to it. But please, no downloadable bull crap. If I buy the game, I want the entire thing.

    • Tyree

      i see what you mean , but the way the other ssb games are made, having to many characters would slow down the game. that would also get rid of the party fealing you get when playing with others.

  • Lalalala

    @my name
    acceptable DLC is when it isn’t made yet when the game comes out. The game could be out but not have DLC in development yet which means u bought the whole game and then a few months later they can make additions for more fun which is easier than making a whole new game

  • Nik

    I agree with a few people on this post: too much Zelda. No other franchises have more than four characters in the game. I am a fan of toon link, but would easily trade him in for one other character. I think Midna would be interesting. Unless its a sort of boss battle, I dont think that Zant or any of the other bosses should be included. I wouldn't mind having an extra stage. About transformations, I barely agree with Sheik. I think that if the person's not important enough to be on their own then why have them? However having the transformation between her and zelda adds to it so I'm on the fence. Anyway Link is too much of an important character to downgrade with a transformation. If nintendo did try a transformation with link, I think they would add young link in again, but only allow him to change into Deku Goron or Zora form. Like he gets one basic attack and a bow, then the rest of the special moves are specific masks

  • Anthony

    There Should Be a Stage Designed Like the Sacred Realm Where Link Recieves the Medallions!
    And/or a Stage That Starts Off in Forest Temple and as the Battle Progresses the Background Music Changes and the Characters Are Transported to Whichever Temple's Song is Playing.

  • Colton

    Man, I totally agree with everything you said! Although a good point to bring up would have been how useless most of link’s arsenal is. I mean, come on! How many bombs can anyone think of using in one match! And don’t get me started on his clawshot! It SUCKS!!! The chain is to short to do anything with it! Anyway, just wanted to say that if anyone knows more about Zelda than you I would be very surprised :)

    • Emily Phoenix

      The Clawshot is the same as a normal grab attack. You probably just suck at your aim. The range distance is the same as all the other character grabs too,

  • Joe

    you do realize this isn't a Zelda game right? what about Mario fan boys if you are gonna re-amp a game's set of characters you have to balance it out. i would actually hate to have more Zelda characters, just get good and stop making game developers put training wheels on every game.

    • noahglaser

      Maybe that\’s why it states several times that this isn\’t realistic and is just some things a Zelda fan could wish for.

  • Name

    I think one of the spirit realms or a transformation stage that features all the spirit realms from Skyward Sword should be a possible stage/s for SSB4. And have every so often one of the spirit realm guardians come and attack the players who are not in a specific spot in the stage.

  • Brandon

    …Sheik is stated as a HE sir. -_-
    It is confirmed that Zelda uses magic to turn herself into a dude.

    • noahglaser

      You\’re right. Thanks

    • Zelda fan#1

      Then why doesnt she stay as sheik? (she'd be much happier lol)

    • Pete

      Wait! Who and where is it confirmed that Sheik is a dude? I won’t believe it til I see it.

      • Emily Phoenix

        In OoT , Sheik is obviously a male until Zelda actually states that she used magic to transform herself into Sheik. Sheik is definitely a guy. I don’t see how you wouldn’t know that.

        • Pete

          So, I just watched the sequence where Sheik is revealed as Zelda and she doesn’t say anything about using magic to transform herself into Sheik. She appears to use magic to change her clothes and says that she has disguised herself as a Sheikah for seven years but never is there a claim that she used magic to make herself a different gender. To me, that is a messed up theory. I know many women that can disguise themselves as men and pull it off, without magic. Why can’t Zelda? And why would Nintendo then change this concept of Sheik being a guy in later games and artwork? So, unless Nintendo has a public comment about Sheik originally being an actual guy, I stand by my opinion. I do understand that Nintendo has seemingly changed characters genders in the past, so I’m willing to accept this but not without proof.

          • Emily Phoenix

            She uses magic to do a lot of things. PS MANGA SAYS SO. IM WRITING LIKE THIS CUS THE BUTTON IS STUCK.

  • Zelda fan#1

    I think they should add an equal amount of Zelda things, to make it fair for the other franchises, like for characters, probably 1-3(maby 4 if were lucky) for each franchise to make things fair, for stages, once again probably 3 or 4 for each franchise. Although a very cool thing that they could add is alternative costumes, like remember Wario in brawl, he had his biker outfit and overalls outfit, they could add that to all characters like for Mario, he could have Doctor Mario, shadow mario, (from mario sunshine) Paper mario. And a cool item that they could add is the poltergust 3000 (the vacume that Luigi uses in Luigi's mansion) like whenever someone grabs it they'll be able to suck the person up and it will automatically spit the opponent out VERY HARD. I think this item should be like the home run bat to where it's a one hit KO(depending on high your life precentage is,is how far the vacum will launch you)

  • KaeporaGaebora

    I vote fierce deity Link!!!!

  • Ryland

    I don't think Zelda should get all this treatment unless Mario and Kirby and other popular Nintendo franchises also get this treatment too. Though I will admit the add-on content is an excellent idea and I would love to see this, especially on the 3DS as other 3DS games have already gotten add-on content.

  • mbulteau

    If we keep asking just for Zelda stuff, we should just ask for a separate game called Super Smash Zelda. I'm still waiting for Megaman! xD

    Also, dat character list.

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  • Sarah

    Link is already a beast, (no pun intended, lol,) But he really SHOULD be able to transform into his Wolf Self.

    Fierce Deity should be his final smash thing cause he's a freakin' god.
    You remember how fast Majora was taken down?
    Same thing.

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  • The Skull Kid

  • Matt Carroll

    agreed with you on everything except the additional stages and Ganon/Ganondorf transformation. their are already plenty of stages to play on and most Nintendo series in SSB only get 1-2 stages per series; also most people(as far as people I’ve met from different colleges etc.) always, ALWAYS, play on Final Destination anyway. as far as the Ganon(dorf) combo goes, they did it for his final smash in Brawl, so it has been done, and Ganon has ALWAYS been percieved as this giant monstrous beast(as seen in TP, SSBB, and OoT) and to make him a regular character is a bit much. making it perhaps a Final smash playable seems do-able, much like giga-bowser, but his own character would be too OP. I do agree with you that Ganondolf needs his own moveset, but shouldn’t be changed too much, because there is A LOT of people who love his current moveset even though it is a rehash of Cpt. F. those are my thoughts on the piece

  • Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this

  • Jeremy Jordan

    I only wish that those things were on the game