Zelda 3DS Confirmed

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zelda 3ds

Although most of us have not even played Skyward Sword, with the game launching in a matter of weeks, Nintendo is apparently already making plans for a new Legend of Zelda game. Aonuma, the Legend of Zelda series producer, has recently confirmed that a new Zelda game is in production for the Nintendo 3DS.

Aonuma has stated that Zelda for the 3DS will be more closely related to the console Zelda games that the previous ones for the DS system.

“We are already preparing a new game, a game in the series for the Nintendo 3DS, but don’t think that it is a direct sequel to the Zelda titles released on DS. We are talking about a new game, but it takes much of what has been done on previous consoles.”

So there we have it. What kind of Zelda game would you like to see on the 3DS? A game like Link’s Awakening or a full on adventure like Ocarina of Time 3D? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • Hopefully this game will be have the graphics of Twilight Princess. The detail would look amazing on a Nintendo 3DS, and it'd give be something new for handheld Zelda games!

    • *be something new, not "give be". My bad.

      • noahglaser

        Do you think the 3DS could handle TP style graphics? If it could I think the game would be fairly short and not expansive. Does anybody else know what exactly the 3ds is capable of tech wise?

        • malik moss

          TP is a gamecube Game, Street fighter 4 is a PS3 and xbox 360 and its on the 3DS you do the math

          • noahglaser

            street fighter is also a basic arcade fighter game with minimal strain. it does not feature a gigantic world or anything

        • David Wevill

          I don't think Zeldachick meant use the exact same graphics, just the art style. It can have the same art style without having the same amount of power as Twilight Princess, I mean Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks used the same style as Wind Waker. Besides, I think you're kind of underestimating the capabilities of the 3DS, I mean considering games like Super Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus Uprising, I believe the 3DS could handle Twilight Princess graphics or even make the graphics look better (not that the graphics in Twilight Princess were bad, I think they're quite good for the GameCube), as well as being a big adventure.

  • Tralder

    How about Nintendo trying to innovate again, like they did with Skyward, instead of rehashing old graphic styles?

    • noahglaser

      I agree with you here. I would like to see another new style or even a full new game in the style of OoT 3D but with new character models and everything.

      • Mike

        i totally agree

    • malik moss

      who said they weren't going to innovate they always do so why wouldn't they now

  • Mike

    innovation would be good. and cant wait for majoras mask 3d

  • Immortal Kurei

    I heard from another zelda fan site that there was a quote from Miyamoto about adapting The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past with a layered 3D effect as a possible Zelda 3DS game.

  • Merfer

    Ocarina of Time 3D based.

  • 7DS

    should have something around the lines of minish cap, that game was the best handheld one

    • noahglaser

      Why did you like TMC so much? In my opinion it was the handheld Zelda that started to lead to the decline in quality.

      Again in my opinion, the DS games were the worse handhelds, then tmc.

      The 2 Oracles I thought were the best and then Links Awakening close behind

  • Noe camacho

    Nintendo if u gonna make a new Zelda game i will buy it if its like 3 or 4 months after Skyward Sword.I think u should make a re-make of Majoras Mask or a game that is about a big adventure like Ocarina of Time,Twilight Princess,or Majoras Mask! But please reply ok to see what u guys think.    

    • noahglaser

      i would be interested in getting the wind waker remade on the 3ds.

  • Jordan

    I want to see a Zelda RPG

    • Alex

      Zelda is an RPG.

  • QuinZ

    I can only hope they don't remake another Zelda game. I am really happy with how they are now, even though I did enjoy a 3D version of the Oceania of Time. But seeing something like a Link to the Past (my personal favorite zelda) remade would make me weep. I would however, love to see a /new/ zelda game, perferably something with toon link that wasn't super childish. I'm talking to you spirit tracks.

  • Orange

    A new adventure for Ocarina of Time Link, no not Majora, but what happens after that. His journey to find Navi would be absolutely wonderful

    • Alex

      That has already passed, and I do not believe A journey to find Navi would be at all good, no offence

  • Pink_Link

    I think something with Wind Waker style graphics and gameplay, but a world akin to Ocarina of Time, would be awesome. Despite what other fans think, to me WW was one of the best in the series and to see something like it again would be a dream come true.

  • Hylian_Saiyan

    I'm not too worried about the graphic style, it's the engine the game runs on and the Over-world the game (I hope) will have. I wanna see the OOT 3D engine used again, with a completely different version of Hyrule Field. Nothing quite comes close to the feeling of running on an open field during the day and encountering a strong enemy.

  • Becku

    The 3DS is capable of the Wind waker at a very hard push.

  • E2zD

    Paper Zelda would be awesome for the 3ds.

  • NintendoInfoFlp

    Im happy whatever game it will be aslong as it is a zelda game and does not look like phantom hourglass or spirit tracks ughh…

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  • raypist


  • Dom G

    I think they should secretly release what was "URA Zelda", and label it as a different game! That'd be awesome…….

    Unicorn Fountain, Jump Strike, Sky Temple, the old beta hyrule market, the appearance of Aria, new moves, maybe even the scrapped footprint plan from OOT!

    Nintendo could do anything! And THIS would be a groundbreaking idea!

    But of course, hardcore fans will realize what they are playing………. ;)

  • S.H.

    I'd like to have a backstory of Dark Link for the 3DS, in the style of Twillight Princess (I'm not talking about the graphics here, just the style. Loved it.) I think it'd be interesting just because… c'mon! He's the hero's shadow! There is so much you could imagine about this! I'd like to have some story around how Dark Link was "born" from everything "negative" about Link, after all no one can be such a ever so friendly nice guy as Link is (Fierce Deity excluded obviously). I could see Link getting tired of saving the princess and Hyrule and just "rage-quit" his job as hero and that's when Dark Link "rises" and everything bad about Link falls off to create this new enemy. Now, while Dark Link tries to take over Hyrule, kidnapping the princess (let there be canon~) Link gets back to his roots and starts being the hero again, fighting through some sort of dungeons from past games, given a darker look to point out the final fight will be against Dark Link. For Link an epic fight against himself. Which could be given a twist if we'd add Fiercy Deity Link once again for the final fight. As for the timeline I guess it could fit into the Child Era. I mean there's Majora's Mask (gives a connection for Fiercy Deity to re-appear), Twillight Princess (for the style. Also because Ordon Link makes a good image to what Link looks like after he rejects to be the hero anymore. Also because Dark Link has a short appearance there, to give a first hint of how Link slowly gets tired to fight. Though Dark Link is being banished there he could easily break free if he'd gain power from Link's increasing negative feelings, right?) And then we have Four Swords Adventures. Where Shadow Link appears, created from a reflection of Link by Ganon / The Dark Mirror). To fit my idea into the timeline it should be between TP and FSA obviously. In TP we'd see Dark Link the first time (in this timeline), in my ideal game we'd fight him and he gets banned again and in FSA Ganon "re-creates" Dark Link from the mirror – Shadow Link. BÄM! I'd play that. ;)