Wind Waker HD Remake Headed to Wii U

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Nintendo revealed a ton of Zeldanews today in their Nintendo Direct broadcast. As we mentioned earlier, Zelda Wii U was officially announced. The news did not stop there. In the same video it was revealed that there will be a HD remake of the Wind Waker for the Wii U. What makes this news even better is the quick turnaround, as the game is slated to come out this Fall.

The Wind Waker HD will allow gamers to play on the GamePad, or the television. The game will also feature upgraded graphics and Miiverse integration. It was stated that Nintendo is planning on tuning up the original gameplay experience, but it is still not clear what they mean by that.

Visually the game will remain essentially the same., but there will be improvements on some visual aspects to give the game a more vibrant appearance.

wind waker hd

This image above, highlights the adjustments to the graphics.


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