Top Five Scenes in the Legend of Zelda Series

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The Legend of Zelda series is well known for its stellar game-play, mind boggling puzzles,and captivating stories that draw in its audiences. Every Legend of Zelda game to date (cd-i does not count) is met with high praise and it is because of these such things and more. The first article of our Top 5 article series will look at the cut-scenes in the Legend of Zelda games that have helped to make the Zelda series so memorable.

Many games out there use cut-scenes as a way to lengthen the gaming experience and gamers often find this irritating. In fact, the recently released Metroid Other M has received a lot of negative reviews regarding their excessive and drawn out cut-scenes. However, the Legend of Zelda series has managed to include a lot of scenes into their games while avoiding this criticism because every scene in the Zelda games serves a vital purpose and helps to draw its fans into the game.

This article will now look at the top 5 scenes in the Legend of Zelda series and explain why they are so great.

Link’s Awakening – The Wind Fish Awakens

Number 5 on our countdown is the ending scene to Link’s Awakening. This cut-scene was a brilliant way to wrap up a fantastic game. Link’s Awakening was the first hand-held game in the Legend of Zelda series and it was a huge success in all regards. In fact, Link’s Awakening was the very first Zelda game I ever played and its touching story is what got me hooked to the series. Once defeating the Nightmares and waking the Wind Fish, Koholint Island begins to disappear because the island and all of its inhabitants were nothing but a part of the Wind Fish’s dreams.

This ending has led to many fan debates about whether or not the events of Link’s Awakening did or did not actually happen as Link awakens at the end on the tattered remains of his raft. However, a figure that looks highly similar to the Wind Fish flies above Link’s head suggesting that it was not just part of Link’s own dreams. So it is up to you to decide. Was the entire thing just the dreams of Link? Or was Link part of a dream and actively involved in the awakening of a powerful Wind Fish?

Either way, the ending to Link’s Awakening is one that is highly memorable and worthy of number 5 on our list.

Darunia Shows He Can Dance

Our number 4 choice is the classic Darunia Dance from Ocarina of Time. For those of you who have not played Ocarina of Time (shame on you) and seen this, then you are in for a treat. The Goron ruler, Darunia, is feeling a bit down and he is needing something to get him moving. By playing Saria’s Song, Link promts Darunia to start what may be the funniest moment in Zelda history.

Darunia’s dance moves makes this scene our number 4 choice.

Is Sheik a Guy or Woman?

The question that many Zelda fans to this day are still unsure about. Is Sheik a guy or girl? For those of us who completed Ocarina of Time, we know Sheik was in fact the alter-ego of Princess Zelda making her a woman. However, this was a big deal back when Ocarina of Time had just came out. Throughout Link’s adult adventures, the rather manish Sheik would appear and offer Link words of wisdom.

It was not until late in the game that it was revealed that Sheik was actually just a now grown up Zelda in disguise. This shocking revelation earns the number 3 spot for being a huge twist in the game that fans today still talk about.

Ganondorf Goes for the Gold…and Fails

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was a game that was filled with vibrant and incredibly well done cut-scenes. However, this scene from the final segment of the game is the one that most stood out to me. In this scene, Ganondorf, for the first time in the series, is actually given some depth. In all other games he is primarily presented as a power hungry tyrant who is just out for blood and glory.

In this scene however, Ganondorf finally explains his motivations. Being part of the Gerudo tribe, Ganondorf and his people live in the dry and barren wasteland of Gerudo Desert. Ganondorf merely was jealous of the rest of Hyrule and to keep with the theme of the game, he coveted the wind of Hyrule.

Then to make this scene even better, Ganondorf has finally acquired all three pieces of the Triforce and is ready to bring Hyrule up from its underwater grave and claim it for his own. And just when he is about to do so, the king of Hyrule steps in and quickly touches the Triforce, claiming it as his own and wishes for Hyrule to be washed away for eternity. Ganondorf at this point begins to lose it in hysterical laughter as he seemingly starts to go insane with his wish falling apart right in front of him.

The combination of the Triforce being put together and Ganondorf showing some actual character makes this cut-scene our number 2 choice.

Midna ****’s Link and Seals Away the Twilight Realm

Our last, and number 1 scene in the Legend of Zelda series is the ending scene to Twilight Princess. In this final cut-scene, Midna, Zelda, and Link have gathered and are saying their good-byes. At this moment, Midna begins to say something to Link that has led to fan speculation and many a fan-fic.

Is she saying that she loves Link? Maybe. Who knows, as she quickly censors herself and sheds a tear. That tear then floats into the mirror, which connects the Twilight Realm with Hyrule, and shatters it into thousands of pieces. Midna leaves Hyrule forever with all connections to the Twilight Realm seemingly gone.


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