Top 5 Things That Make no Sense in the Zelda Series

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The Legend of Zelda Series is filled with oddities that just continue to puzzle its fans. Everything from the plot to your basic characters seems to be open to fan speculation at times. With this in mind, we have decided to pick the top five oddities from the Zelda series as a way to celebrate our one year birthday.

5. Why is Link so Wasteful?

In between many of Link’s various adventures he simply discards of his hard earned items. Does he not consider them to be of any use? Does he not see where the ability to jump with Roc’s Feather could be useful somewhere down the line? Does he just prefer the challenge of using a wooden sword every now and then? What gives?

skyward sword

Wouldn't This Be Useful to Keep Around?

Yes there are times when the games are not exact sequels so there are different Links who obviously would not have past Link’s items, but there are also several instances in the series where games follow each other sequentially. Take for instance the two Oracle games. They take place one after another with the same Link in the same time and in the same dimension. The two stories are after all intertwined with the events of both games working for the revival of Ganon. So what did Link do with all of his fancy gadgets from the time he beat General Onox to the point where Veran starts wrecking with the flow of time?

The same can be said for Link after the Wind Waker. After defeating Ganon Link can be seen sailing away and by the looks of things he is still equipped to a great degree. I mean what purpose would his family have with a Hookshot or even a Wind Waker baton? Nothing at all. So in the next game, that follows the events of the Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, what did Link do with all of his items? Did he just lose them somewhere on the boat? Did they go overboard? Why did he choose to start his next adventure with nothing at all? Puzzling right?

#4 Kokiri Leaving the Forest

In the Ocarina of Time there is a race of child-like people who live in the forest and is protected by the Great Deku Tree. These people are called the Kokiri. Link is raised believing he is a Kokiri, yet at the beginning of the game it is revealed that he is not a true Kokiri but rather a Hylian.

However if Link tried to leave the Kokiri Woods before progressing through the events allowing him to do so, the Kokiri guard warns him, ” We Kokiri will die if we leave the forest! You’re not going to try to leave the forest, are you?!” There are also several other warnings throughout the game that suggests that the Kokiri are incapable of leaving the woods.

Yet, at the end of the game, during the closing scene and credits, several Kokiri can be seen out in Hyrule Field celebrating. So how come they did not die? Perhaps it was just a warning to Kokiri about the dangers of the outside world? Or are they supposed to sort of wither away and die if they leave the woods? That is open to interpretation. Maybe Nintendo slipped up and forgot that they had put that text into the game. But whatever the case, this had led to many a discussion within the Legend of Zelda community.


Kokiri Sitting Next to the Zora King in Hyrule Field

#3 Is Ganondorf Really This Stupid?

Time and time again Ganondorf ignores Link during his quests to save Hyrule and falls for the same things every single time. This is actually a common theme with Nintendo produced game series. The enemies seem to let the hero wander around freely until the end. With Mario games, at least Bowser and his evil kids will jump in here and there and try to stop Mario’s progress. Even Zant in Twilight Princess made a point of trying to slow down Link by turning him back into his wolf form for what he thought would be permanent.

Ganondorf however never makes such an effort. In fact, he always knows who Link is, what Link will be wearing, and when he will be arriving, yet he makes no real effort to stop our favorite hero. Maybe if he actually sent out his army of moblins and other underworldy creatures then Link might be stopped. We saw what he was able to do to Hyrule Castle and its Town Market but he is incapable of making an appearance here and there to at least try to kill Link.

#2 Zoras Evolved Into the Rito?

skyward sword

This Makes A LOT of Sense...Not

Now this just makes no sense no matter how theorists try to justify this radical change. I took AP Biology in high school and I know a good bit about genetics and evolution. With that in mind let me ask you this. Why the hell did the water based Zoras need to evolve into flying bird creatures called the Rito? In the Wind Waker all of Hyrule is covered in water from a flood that the gods caused to stop Ganondorf from seizing the land. Yet the excess of water, which the Zoras live in naturally, somehow caused them to develop a need to evolve into a race that could fly.

#1 The Timeline

If this was not the obvious choice for the number one position then you are not a true Zelda fan. The Legend of Zelda timeline is one gigantic clusterf**k that makes zero sense. Nintendo obviously had no plans of having an official timeline when they began making the first several games, however fans began speculating and trying to piece things together which has caused Nintendo to put in more effort in recent years with creating games that seem to follow some kind of a timeline.

However, despite this, no matter what you believe or think, the timeline is filled with dozens of contradictions that just makes it seemingly impossible to place the games in proper order of progression. Nintendo has now claimed, on many occasions, that they have an official timeline document. However I am not sure if I believe this. They could just be bluffing. If there is an official document then I guarantee you that it is filled with contradictions as well because there is no fan theory out there that does not have holes in it in some shape or form.


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  • gvan

    I'm surprised Tingles not in one of these

    • Ryland


  • Personally, related to the Kokiri, I think it was because they found out the world was safe now. Plus, they had lost their leader, the sprout hadn't evolved into a full leader yet because he was still a sprout. I'll bet the sprout even told them it was okay to go outside.

  • The sprout somehow knew that it was safe, like how he knew Link was a Hylian. He may not be a leader yet but he could still have some knowledge..

  • Midnafan1

    I personally think that the Great Deku Tree never died….. He just had to re live his youth…… How else would The Deku Sprout know all about that stuff that he told Link???

  • I'm thinking that the Zora thing is due to freshwater vs. saltwater. The Zoras always reside around a river and stuff, maybe saltwater is bad for them or something.

  • Mark

    In response to the kokiri- it seems to me that kokiri forest is an allusion to the garden of eden. the children are cared for and nurtured, never needing anything. It was stated the the forest was the source of all life, so maybe the deku tree just wanted to protect the children, keep them pure, like god with adam and eve.

  • Mark


    but the blue and white zoras from oot are called sea zoras, so would be fine in fresh water. in fact the blue/white zoras actually live in the ocean.

  • Mark

    whoops, forgot to finish that last comment.

    those zoras actually live in the ocean in the oracle games.

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  • Smiley

    I'm pretty sure that Link didn't keep his gear on at all times on the pirate ship (between WW and PH), but rather put it somewhere else on the ship.

    When he heard Tetra's shout, it seemed pretty logical that he went right after her on the ghost ship, without wasting any time getting his gear, which might have been stored a few decks below…

    Other direct sequels i can remember had a sort-of explaination too (in MM, Link never got his items, LA was kind of a dream).

  • rik209

    I suppose the zoras evolved because the goddesses didn’t want to let any race have access to the old Hyrule, and free Ganondorf. But then the fishmen make no sense.

    (sorry for bad English)

    • Ryland

      i think that the ritos are just are just similar to or related to the zoras but not actually evolved from them. plus i don't believe in evolution. :)

  • Even with Biology it is simple to explain why should Zoras evolve in winged-men.

    Now that there is so much water all around, the number of aquatic predators arise, with some of them being even new species (therefore new and unknown dangers). In this case, the Zoras (at least some of them) would be forced to leave their places in order to survive, getting on islands. From here to actually have feathers is simple and well-explained in the game too. (At first they used the Grappling Hook, then Valoo gifted them with its scales)

    And sorry for my english.

  • Skylan

    1) Zoras live in fresh water (with the exception being their home in the Great Bay in Majora's Mask, even thought the water there would still be mostly fresh because it's near an estuary's mouth) and wouldn't be able to survive in the sea. 2) Their main food source, fish, would have spread out dramatically, leaving them with a lower supply of food, so the obvious path was to evolve into birds people do they can prey on the seemingly infinite supply of seagulls that run amok. 3) Nintendo logic.

  • melon

    Maybe Zora are fresh water fish. As you know, fresh watah fish dun go well in salt water, friend.

  • Splidge

    Maybe the zoras and the rito evolved from the same common ancestor? That's my take on it.

  • Well, Phantom Hourglass takes place in another dimension from Wind Waker. Link could have left all of his equipment on Tetra's pirate ship before he was taken to the other dimension.

    As for the Zora, they evolved into Rito because their gills cannot survive SALT water. The ocean is salt water, so they grew wings to stay away from it.

  • Hero of Winds

    I think the reason Link in Phantom Hourglass didn't have anything on him is the following; he most likely didn't have them on when he was loafing around on the top of the deck of the ship. They were probably just sitting in a chest or something in his cabin. I mean, he wouldn't need them on all the time would he? He wasn't expecting a sudden attack by the Ghost Ship and was as such unarmed.

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  • zeldageek

    nobody ever said that the zoras evolved into the rito… i think the rito is just a tribe that lived on the peaks of mountains and just never showed up before wind waker (since the islands in WW are the tops of mountains in hyrule)

  • Shell

    I always thought that the reason that Kokiri couldn't leave the forest was because they would then begin to age and then EVENTUALLY die. Since the forest is supposedly the source of all life it would make sense that its children would be immortal and they don't age during the seven years so…

  • Shell

    also (sorry just thought of this) maybe if they then returned to the forest they would stop aging again and thats why they were prepared to go out for the celebrations

  • noah

    at zeldageek- it was made quite clear in the game that the rito were evolved from the zora. the rito had all of the zora symbols and icons on their clothing and throughout. and then medli was revealed to be the descendent of the zora sage.

  • Linebyline

    I don't think we want to use the Laruto-Medli connection as evidence that the Rito used to be Zora, because there have been plenty of times when all the sages were human. So all the goron/zora/kokiri/korok/rito races eventually evolve into humans? I think it makes way more sense to say that it's possible to hand off your position to someone who is not your direct descendant.

  • GameLogic

    I like Zelda, but I get really frustrated at how many solutions are illogical. I realise this is a fantasy/adventure game and I expect fantasy. I like the exploration. But what I'm talking about is how some solutions can barely be solved unless you check the online walkthroughs. I'd like it much better if the puzzles/solutions could all be figured out logically.

    Is there a game out there like that?

  • Well

    Ok so in WW there are rumors that there are Zoras in the water if you get about 10 seagulls above your boat then there will be a shadow in the water then thro some bait and BAMO. I when I first started the game when it first came out got to see on of these shadows but young and stooped did nothing. had I done something I might be able to tell you but for now till there is hard evidence they do not exist :( in WW

  • phantomslayer

    the zora thing is all very confusing… In the oracle of ages, one of the zora actually tells you "This isn't the place if you want to complain about being attacked by river zora." Yet in the first game, ocean and river zora were evil. Nintendo eventually added the name "Zola" for the river zora. But in TP, river zora were good, and there was no ocean zora. Nintendo evidentaly made a few trip ups with our zora friends.

  • phantomslayer

    I'm still typing… I guess it comes down to the games.

    First: all zora are evil, ocean or river

    Second:No zora

    Third: Ocean zora are the only ones, evil, but king zora sells you flippers.

    Fourth:I'm pretty sure there are no zoras.

    Fitfh:Zora are only a good race.

    Sixth: Once again a good race.

    seventh: zoras are only evil, and only river.

    Eighth: Good zora are ocean, bad zora are river

    Ninth:Zora are mostly rito…

    Tenth: I dont know..

    eleventh:Good, but only river.

    The rest dont have zora.

    This went completely off-topic, but it makes you wonder…

  • Jott

    And what about the Gorons in Seasons? Even though you restore the seasons, its still winter in goron mountain!!!

  • The Zoras in to Ritos WTF lol, and I am sure there is no such thing as an official timeline document.

  • Jason

    I think it's funny that people try to figure out, logically, how a zora could "evolve" into a rito. First off, it's a video game, and isn't based on the realities of the biological world. Second, a rito wouldn't evolve from a Zora anyway. If the rito couldn't survive in the water anymore, either due to a change in salinity or predators, they would die, not "evolve." Last of all, the game takes place maybe 100-500 years after Ocarina of Time? That's some pretty rapid transformation to go from a man-fish to a man-bird, even given that Valoo magically have them feathers. It's a video game, we don't need to figure out how it makes sense. Just accept and enjoy it. Mystery adds to the enchantment of it.

  • awesome

    well, if you think about it, every time travel story in the world has holes, no matter how you look at it, it will have holes, since legend of zelda has a lot to with time traveling, your gonna get holes in the overall time line

  • Crim

    I don't believe there is a timeline. I think that some games are related, and others are separate stories meant for it's own series. Really, each of them are their own story anyway. Probably for the better, since not everyone is a hardcore Nintendo gamer and Nintendo tries to appeal to a younger audience, meaning a lot of new faces to the world of Zelda. Making each game its own thing lets the new generation experience it anew. As for Ganon, I think he's a power-hungry, over-confident moron, and that's why he's badass. And in earlier games, I think they were either lazy or didn't want to waste menu space with out-dated items. In windwaker, it was maybe a keepsake kind of thing. Like the shield he was given in the beginning of the game… Why do I keep ranting?

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  • Ashmic

    in regards to #3, nintendo feeds in the concept to zelda that "Greed makes you blind" and besides, In some ways Link's meddling benefited him early u, and then maybe after a while he just didn't care, like a sly in the room your too lazy to kill so you ignore it

  • Ashmic

    im sorry, typo mess, there, like a FLY in the room

  • ZeldaGurl

    Haha gvan is totally right

  • Phil

    #5 it would be pretty boring to start off with all your items… and of course games like PH and LA are dreams in the end. Though yes, OoS/OoA would be one example of this oddity.

    #4 not sure why this confuses you… they left b/c the world is safe. this explains why the kokiri never reapear in later games.

    #3 A lot of games focus on regenerating ganon, so he can't exactly intervene, and its assumed while link is doing whatever the bad guys (twinrova, vaati, shadow link, agahnim etc.) are setting up a ritual or waiting for link to open a magic door that will actually give them the advantage (like drawing the four sword or opening the temple of time).

    #2 a lot of arguing here… I agree though, it doesn't make sense for their change to be so dramatic no matter what the circumstances and a heavily water based area should benefit these awesome soldiers (have you seen zora in MM or TP? no shark or octopus could eat them!) are intelligent so no adaptation/evolution would be THAT necessary.

    #1 The timeline keeps people interested and hardly ever actually effects a game (the exception being recent in PH and ST).

    No Tingle??

  • guest

    in ocarina ganondorf said that if he lets link wander around for enough time, zelda would appear so he could capture her. thats why he doesnt just kill him…

  • Tiger

    If you go to IGN and look up Skyward sword and go to universe, there is a timeline of the Zelda games that makes sense.

  • Courageous Destiny

    About Link's wastefulness, it does not seem like a legitimate complaint. Zelda is made of many different worlds. Link is an avatar for the player and we experience what he experiences as we progress through the game. It's not being wasteful if it has a purpose. How would we feel if after ocarina of time Link still had all of his weapons? Of course he has the ocarina and the kokiri sword, but if it had much more it would have felt like a continuation of the same story line rather than a different game. Also, it seems that no matter what happens Link always has a way to improvise. There's always more than one way to kill a skulltula. (I prefer the megaton hammer.) If it came down to it Link would pick up stones off the ground and chuck them at his enemies and he could probably get through dungeons just fine. Now picking up items in a dungeon like you can only use once would be pretty cool to. And no, I'm not talking about burning deku sticks you can collect and burn out.

  • Courageous Destiny

    Also, last thing. When link first met ganondorf in Oot he probably could have taken him on with just the kokiri sword. Items have a way of maturing link and the player as they go through the games. Not having items when one begins make it all seem fresh and new. So, to say that Link is wasteful is like dying in the game without a fairy to revive you. It doesn't seem like a legit complaint. In fact, to say it's one of the top five things seems a bit much. In fact, it's quite a longshot (pun intended)

  • Courageous Destiny

    There is one thing that I believe should be number one in the oddities of zelda. and that's items. Why the hell would ganondorf place all the items Link would use to beat the game and bosses? Bomb flowers aside fighting Dodongo who the hell would place a megaton hammer to destroy a dragon in the same dungeon?! At least place it somewhere else! take away Link's longshot and see how far he could go. I guarantee you he would not be able to beat the water temple in Oot. Oot aside, it's like that in practically all the link games and dungeons! This is just craziness. That would make a hell of a better link game. Picture it: I am in the water temple, but there is no no longshot. And I have to get clear across the room. No switches. No crystals. Sigh, better check the over world and see what I can find. It would be great to have a link game where Ganon is completely obsessed with killing link. Everything he does Ganon is there and he's taking away his heart pieces, stealing items, and severing relationships.

  • Courageous Destiny

    Now, Ganon is one cocky bastard and has enormous pride, but there might be a salvageable reason besides this. Perhaps he didn't know the weaknesses of his own monsters? It's a possibility. He's out there being an evil king and all. The hookshot fighting arrghus, the helmasaur king and the hammer in A Link to the past. Or how about all the zelda items in the first one?

  • Courageous Destiny.

    Another thing that doesn't make sense. What the hell are poes? Are they evil spirits? I know what they are in real life, but how about in the zelda games? If they are evil then why did Twin Rova had halos when they died? Dampe the gravekeeper passed away to, but he didn't pass on? Did all the good townspeople turn into redeads when they died? The poe master said that the poes were evil spirits. It made sense that most poes were found in evil places. Graveyards, temples, etc. I would think they are just a manifestation of evilness itself? In the shadow temple and when talking to the poe master it sayst that they are the most evillest, greediest, bloodiest people that have passed away. It makes sense. Now that I think about it when Twin Rova dies one of them screams I will come back to haunt you. Maybe they'll come back as poes huh? Heh heh, I suppoes.

  • Courageous Destiny

    One more little thing about poes. In the forest temple one runs into 4 poes called the poe sisters. Why are they more prone to the forest temple than the shadow temple? When playing the shadow temple I don't believe I saw many poes. I hjave a theory that it has something to do with the kokiri. If they go into the forest they will become skull kids why? Are skull kids evil? They're more like indigenous tribes that hate adults. But what happens if they were bad kids? Would they turn into poes? If after 7 years the sacred meadow turned evil, it would make sense that all of the evil people spirits would be together. Hylians die or turn into wood.With the great deku tree gone and ganon's evil power permeating through hyrule it only makes sense that the evilness in the temple would become strong. Any comments on poes? I would enjoy hearing the opinions of other LOZ fans.

  • Smilactor

    The Zora evolve into the Ruto because with all the water their ecosystem was thrown out of whack, they did so to avoid predators

  • sparkles_a23

    I love it how everybody (including me) tries to make sence of these games as if they were real. But one thing I'm suprises that didn't come up – the incrediably small populations in some towns.
    Take Ordon for example – 14 people. There are no elderly, and the game implies that going out of town is a big thing… so how the hell do they reproduce!?! Going to other towns are an option, yes, but then how does that explain Skyloft? Half of them are (as far as we know) missing parents, and that have a midget graveyard. I don't see how they could have survived all those 1000's of years. Maybe Skyloft broke apart slowly, and the population is in a decline. But then the villagers would have been acting worried…
    And what on earth is going to happen to the once well-populated-kariko(spelling, sorry)?
    At least in some places there are a large amout of anonamyus inhabitents.

  • vakarian75

    Maybe the kokiri were told not to leave because it would make them age allowing them to die of old age instead of staying young forever.