Three Things We Want in Zelda Wii U

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With Skyward Sword being out for just over two months it may be a bit premature to start thinking about the next Zelda title. However, after the incredible E3 tech demo for Zelda Wii U I just can’t help but think of what potential that game has. Nintendo took a gigantic step forward with Skyward Sword and progressed the series in ways unseen since Zelda went 3D in Ocarina of Time. And judging by comments made by Zelda developers, during the entire process, this was just the beginning.

The Zelda Wii U tech demo has left fans wetting their mouths wanting more. Seeing Zelda in stunning HD visuals was an incredible feeling, and a vastly improved Twilight Princess style graphics only helped to bring out its beauty. This graphical representation of our favorite green-garbed hero combined with the innovative new technology of the Wii U, helps to bring the anticipation for the next Zelda to an extraordinary level.

With such a high level of anticipation I cannot help but think of ways that Nintendo can continue to advance the Legend of Zelda series.

HD Zelda

zelda wii u

This may bring out some rage with hardcore gamers, but I personally did not like the graphical style of Twilight Princess. Though I appreciated the effort from Nintendo to create a realistic Zelda, I just felt as if it was improperly executed, and did little to provide support to the overall game. In my opinion The Wind Waker was an overall much better game, and the cartoon visuals helped to propel the game in many different ways. For the first time in series history, Link and his counter-parts were emotionally expressive thanks in part to the graphics which allowed characters to express emotions in a rich and vibrant way.

With all of this in mind, I could not help but get excited after seeing the Zelda Wii U tech demo. I am a believer that graphics should be used to enhance a game, like it did with The Wind Waker, and with Zelda Wii U I think this realistic style of graphics could do so. The realistic graphics of Twilight Princess served no purpose beyond being a way to please the fans. With Zelda Wii U, realistic graphics, albeit upgraded, could really bring out elements never seen in the Zelda series.

The Wii U is of course Nintendo’s first HD console which brings out tons of visual possibilities. One of my biggest complaints with Skyward Sword is how dated the game looked. Graphics normally play a minute role in my reviews, but with Skyward Sword I could not help but feel that the Wii did not give the game what it truly deserved. In Skyward Sword edges were rough, scenery from afar blurry, and textures were all over the place. For a game in which Nintendo touted graphics as being a major role in the game-play, it was sort of a letdown.

However, with a HD console Zelda can finally get the visuals it deserves. At CES of this year, the Zelda tech demo made another appearance. This time however the presenter had much more control over what was happening as it was more than just a prerecorded video. Using the Wii U controller he was able to change the scenery from night to day, change angles, and switch the view from television to tablet. During the demo every aspect of the environment stood out in some way. The lighting and attention to detail was by far one of the most impressive bits I have ever seen on any console.

If Nintendo is able to give its best franchise a game with a superior attention to details like this, then I totally support this visual style and hope to see it put into place. With this in mind, I would also like state that I would be open to any other graphical style pending it can bring something to the Zelda series. The Wind Waker’s created a vibrant expressive world. Skyward Sword’s highlighted and improved the use of the Wii Motion Plus controls. And perhaps a realistic Zelda Wii U can finally bring the fantasy to life in ways that Twilight Princess failed at doing.

Downloadable Content

wii u zelda dlc

Maybe this will be part of the upcoming Nintendo Network

Word on the street is that Nintendo is finally warming up to the idea of allowing downloadable content for their games. Japan has already received a game that supports this feature and it would be insanity for Nintendo not to follow through and bring DLC to America as well.

The Wii and 3DS eShop have all been good starts to Nintendo’s virtual services, but a fully supported DLC platform on the Wii U would be icing on the cake. Every other console on the market has embraced downloadable addons to their games, and gamers eat this additional content up as fast as they can. The potential is there and enabling downloadable content only brings forth another platform in which Nintendo can make some money.

Now Zelda on the Wii U could be the perfect cash cow for Nintendo’s DLC market. Zelda games always score highly in reviews and despite the open exploration that the series provides, fans are often left begging for more. Skyward Sword was just released and fans are already highly anticipating Zelda on the 3DS and even on the Wii U.

Typically speaking Zelda games have a very long development cycle which leaves a large gap in series releases. This problem could be fixed by offering simple extensions to the games via downloadable content. The lore and history of Hyrule itself offers up tons of side-quest possibilities alone. Developers could add on new game modes, new areas to explore, extra dungeons, extra content similar to what we saw with the Oracles (via game linking), and much more.
To get an idea for what I mean just look at the Fallout series. For a fairly low price, gamers are able to acquire several more hours worth of game-play brought via new quests and areas to explore.

I know I would love to see some downloadable Legend of Zelda content. Matter of fact just say the word and I will throw ten dollars towards the download now.

Nintendo Needs to Get it Right

zelda wii u  expectations


When the Wii’s motion controls were announced many envisioned immersive 1:1 gameplay that would innovate the series for the first time in many years. The Wii was released in 2006 and little did fans realize it would take 5 years for the Wii’s first Zelda game to even be released. Yes Skyward Sword ended up being a wonderful entry to the Zelda series and yes one could say it was worth the wait. However, when looking back one can realize all the wasted time and potential. The Gamecube saw 2 full-length Zelda adventures and Four Swords Adventures. Both The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were fantastic games that changed the series in their own unique ways.

On the Wii, Skyward Sword was supposed to be the game that would innovate the Zelda series. There was going to be a drastic overhaul of the overworld to dungeon formula and many other staple elements from the series were supposed to be revolutionized. However in the end Skyward Sword was not able to bring this change to the level that was expected.

The motion controls were almost flawless and I cannot imagine playing a 3D Zelda game without them anymore. However, Skyward Sword has taken its fair share of criticism for the small overworld, its abundance in fetching quests, and for not pushing the envelope far enough.

With Zelda Wii U, I would like to see things done right. Nintendo cannot take 5 years to push out a product that was barely better (up for debate) than the two previous Zelda games. Nintendo needs to use the Wii U’s unique tablet controller to its advantage and get things done right, the first time.

Other Thoughts?

Have another idea for Zelda Wii U? Something else you would like to see? Let us know in the comments. Also do not forget to check out our latest video from our Skyward Sword Walkthrough.


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Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • noah

    Downloadable content is the number one thing I would love to see. More sidequests and dungeons would be great. Ways to expand the plot would also be fantastic

  • Raichu

    Downloadable content would be fantastic and I'd love to see what Nintendo would be able to do with a Zelda adventure by extending it in that way.

    I'm also very excited about the HD graphics. Personally I loved the Twilight Princess graphics, but they weren't perfectly realistic, and HD would bring the level of detail possible through the roof. The demo is absolutely beautiful.

    On the last point I'm not sure if I agree completely. I don't really care for Skyward Sword's motion controls; I think they're kind of awkward and much prefer Twilight Princess's controls. I hope they move away from having it being completely motion controlled and instead focus on accuracy of control. I like the camera angle thing, but Zelda games already have pretty good camera systems. So I'm not sure if I think controls are the way to go with trying to add something new to the game. I think focusing on the dual screens is the way to go if you want to be innovative in terms of gameplay.

    • Link5794

      The thing with Skyward Sword's motion controls is that you really need a more full range of motion than sitting on a couch can provide you with. You need to get off your ass or get a wooden chair from your kitchen or dining room. You should also probably bring a throw pillow, because it's going to be a long ride.

  • To be honest, DLC would be amazing. But the main problem with your article is that you claim that the Wii-U demo is hyper realistic. Look at that face. Now look at yours. Realism simply would not work for Zelda, for you cannot create a perfectly realistic Zelda game without losing credibility. Imagine you wearing the Link costume link is wearing in the Demo, while running around cutting down grass and climbing ledges and ladders while jumping off cliffs. With some realism, people want all realism. Just ask Skyrim's attempt at being realistic. It doesn't work. Also – the e3 demo had all the features of CES. Did you even watch the IGN vids after the presentation?

  • Random Person

    DLC would be interesting but unfortunately it would most likely be stuff taken OUT of the game for additional sale. Or RL$ for in-game items or can-also-be-unlocked stuff.
    I agree on HD and better motion control, though.

  • Geaux Zelda

    i dont agree with wat u said about skyward swords graphics AT ALL! if u let things like the distance being blurry affect how much u like a video game, u dont even deserve to play it at all because complaints like that are PATHETIC! i cant stand people that say stuff like that. in the end, a video game is supposed to be about having fun, and even though skyward sword messed up in some places, u cannot deny it was the most fun uve ever had in playing a zelda game for a LONG time… maybe ever _

    • noah

      Wind Waker was way more fun than Skyward Sword ever was in my opinion. You have such an extreme opinion…

      • Alex

        I don't compare them because they each have amazing features. I like them both for the unique styles they brought to the table.

    • Steven

      I got more pissed at Skyward Sword than I have with any other game. The only reason I finished the game was because of the story and character development. The gameplay was tedious and stressful. There were more negatives than pluses for the motion controls, and awful fetching quests. I may never play it again.

    • Link5794

      If you expect to be taken seriously, you should put a little bit of effort into your typing. At least capitalize your "I"'s and take the extra half second to type out the word "you".

      That being said, I also enjoyed the game, and the graphics were supposed to be blurry from a distance. It's supposed to be reminiscent of Impressionist paintings.

  • Chris

    Wait a sec….
    "The realistic graphics of Twilight Princess served no purpose beyond being a way to please the fans. With Zelda Wii U, realistic graphics, albeit upgraded, could really bring out elements never seen in the Zelda series."
    Does HD graphics really make that much of a difference? Can they really bring out elements never before seen? You didn't like the graphical style of TP, yet you're wetting yourself at the possibility of the same graphical style…. only in HD? Huh.

    What I'd like to see in a new Zelda game is more of an open world with quests, equipment upgrades and towns galore. Basically Elder Scrolls, only Zelda-fied. Keep the core gameplay and story structure, just give me more stuff to do.

    • Icy

      You didn't get the point of the article or that part of the article. He said he liked that they tried to make it realistic but it wasn't executed well. HD TP style would work.

    • Squirrelspellboy

      well… if you think a little about it, it's true that TP "realistic graphics" weren't the eight world's wonder -.-''
      But that's the same! you can't speak of the Zelda series as a pile of crappy good graphical games! -.- they're much more! I think that good games don't need good graphics! >:U
      Ok an HD Zelda would be awesome, but the Zelda series taught us that they could replace those good graphics with wonderful OSTs, lovely playing, incredible stories…!!!
      I don't think graphics are that important .____.

  • Ver

    I agree the Tech Demo's style should be adopted, it does succeed where TP failed. And the capacity to support more visual effects can make it just as effective as Skyward Sword on helping motion controls Even more, Skyward Sword showed that The Legend of Zelda can be amazing with cinematics. Now imagine them in HD!

    DLCs are also an excellent idea, considering it could even lower the production time before release (I mean they sell the main adventure, but faster because the many sidequests could come after for those who want them). A thing that had always annoyed me about Zelda is that once the adventure is complete, you've got nothing left to do than grabbing piece of heart and killing moblins. DLCs could change that!

  • ZeldaTetraSheik

    I can think of several things that I, personally, would like to see in LoZ Wii U.

    I will begin by saying that I have played every LoZ game, most of them I have played through more than once. I am a very avid fan. It is my favorite series. I enjoy it because it is a different kind of franchise from all of the other available content in the gaming world. I was a fan back when everyone else thought that Zelda was Link's name. Thus far, I am not absolutely abhorring the wii u LoZ graphics. They seem bright, but more realistic in a sense. Love the Gohma- which is what I assume that "coup de grace" is that Link is fighting. But I see Nintendo being able to utilize these graphics into making their characters personalities and expressions very colorful and diverse. I mean, it's evil looking, which is what I want, personally. Not quite evil to my standards, but we can't all be Majora's Mask now can we? I love the way they incorporated Zelda and Link's relationship together into Skyward Sword. I loved it right at the beginning when Zelda's Loftwing chucks Zelda's note at Link as he slept lazily in bed. I thought the comedic points of Skyward Sword were excellent. The graphics were vastly outdated. It appeared as though they hadn't taken detail into any kind of consideration. Zelda's hair is a bright shade of unfaltering yellow, and then there is Link in his Aladdin pants… Objects are fuzzy from a distance, etc. The controlling bothered me because although it was with a wii mote, the wii mote didn't work like a normal sword would work, and that bothered me. I kept trying to "turn" my wii mote over to ensure that the pointy part on the sides of the blade sliced the deku baba. Didn't work. The wii mote did NOT work like an actual sword, so I resorted to using other items that just didn't bother me as much due to the handling. Thank God for bombs. The final fight was a joke. They let you save between the two end boss battles. That is a joke. haha. Please. I found the final Twilight Princess Final Battle to be MUCH more challenging. I played TP for my GCN. Three different forms of Ganon, one of them is in which you have to ride with Zelda on your horse. THAT is awesome.

    What I would like to see in LoZ Wii U:

    1. The return of Sheik. Seriously? What happened TP? Had to cut the budget short?
    2. Better music. I would like the original dungeon theme back. I want a full choir singing acapella in the background with a huge orchestra. I want booming, incredible music. The harp music is Skyward Sword was not that cool. You didn't actually play the harp. You just kind of waved your hand back and forth. It was a step back to the recorder and ocarinas of a LONG time ago that we don't need to go back to because of better technology for more in depth gaming. The opening for Twilight Princess with that music gave me GOOSE BUMPS. None of Skyward Swords music was all that reputable. Ever since OoT, Zelda games practically revolve around music. Maybe it's time to take a different direction away from music, and focus on the quality of the music that's actually in the game that you don't just play on this, this, or this instrument, or a slew of them as in Link's Awakening.
    3. Better motion controls. I have never sworn more in my entire life.
    4. MORE AREA TO EXPLORE. MORE SIDE QUESTS. The dinky island mass, lack of places to explore, and lack of side quests just makes me want to turn on the Skyrim instead.
    5. Does Link really need a partner? Really? I'm sorry. Link is not dumb. He doesn't need Navi. He doesn't need Midna, or Ciela, or Tatl, or a hat, or a sword lady, OR ZELDA. We are not dumb. We don't need someone constantly tagging along and telling us what to do and where to go. He didn't need it in the first LoZ games and he DOESN'T NEED THEM NOW. Figuring it out for yourself is what makes it fun and challenging. If you can't figure out a zelda game, play a very straight forward game. You know, like an FPS.

    • Steven

      Yes. Yes. Yes. I've never sworn in my entire life either. Or have had a more hoarse voice, and I yelled my face off when I saw Slash and Miles Kennedy live! And I don't think any of the Skyward Sword music even had a real melody. Not memorable in the slightest.

      Also, why, when you need a hint, can't link just THINK, instead of have someone point something out. It would give him more voice, and he wouldn't look like such a tool!

      Thank you for not being afraid to call out faults to this game. I was so disappointed I don't think I'll play it again.

      • noah

        I agree with you about the music. Skyward Sword only had 1 song that I liked and it was only okay. None the songs had anything memorable in it. I can hum songs from every zelda game but cant even think of one from skyward sword that stood out to do so

    • noah

      Great list here. I wish there was not so many fanboys thumbing you down for legit valid points. I agree with most things. The motion controls did not really bother me 99% of the time but a lot of what you mentioned is right on.

    • I recon another multiplayer would be good, a sort of split screen type thing with a shared health bar.

  • James

    Try to focus on Zelda Wii U, this seems like a Twilight Princess hate article

    • noah

      Hardly. Twilight Princess is only touched upon in detail in 1 point out of 3. And was not even the main focus in that one point. The rest was totally about zelda wii u.

  • asdf



    • noahglaser

      Youre wrong. As simple as that. Not to mention an immature idiot for your reaction. Have a nice day

    • Link5794

      Constant swearing, all-caps, and basically being completely rude and unprofessional will not get you to be taken seriously.
      I think Nintendo should take their normal approach to making a game, and release DLC to add in new features based on gamers' reactions. For example, I would have loved a fishing minigame in Skyward Sword, as well as a way to breathe and walk underwater. I also would have liked to be able to move up and down on the Clawshots like in Twilight Princess. The Clawshot thing could be free DLC.

    • Ryland

      gees don't have to be harsh if you don't like it.

  • CJ!

    part: 2
    all good things in moderation and keeping things in balance. though one thing I'd like from a Zelda game, a slightly, and I say "slightly" here, deeper story. now really, I'd like alot more story in it thanks. but like I said before, all good things in moderation and balance. because although alot more story in it could be a good thing, doing it in the wroge way or takeing it to far can deffinetly be a bad thing to. right amount, right balance. perfect game. thank you.

  • Jim

    Agree with everything you post. My only real want is an aesthetic aspect, but I really want to see some more steampunk-inspired elements, and perhaps some RPG-gameplay

    • Squirrelspellboy

      NEVER! >:U
      We're talking about Zelda! If you want an RPG game you can simply get a Golden Sun, a Pokemon or a FF …
      TLoZ has its own style, I don't think that they have to learn anything from anyone but from the evident fails in their games, like THAT TINY CRAP OF OVERWORLD IN SS!!!
      And I think that is not bad to have a companion in th games. I particularly love Ezlo and Midna, though I agree that Fi is such a pain in the neck -.-''. I'm 98'7838% sure of it

  • Joe

    I agree with you. Nintendo needs to get it right this time. I loved Skyward Sword, but it let me down in lots of ways including the ones you mentioned. I don't know how it would work, but I think it would be cool to somehow use the tablet as a shield that you draw things on to do various things in the game.

    • Perhaps it could come with a grip of some sort that you could place on the bottom of the controller, and hold on to as if you were holding a real shield (the controller is the perfect shape for it). But that raises the question as to how you would go about viewing the screen on the controller. It would probably have to be a tv screen-only feature.

  • Tye

    1.I would love to see tp graphics in hd for wii u. The graphics in tp were good, but I feel like they failed to really add to the game play. In ss, the graphics were okay, there were some problems with the edges, what added to the game was the facial expressions from all of the charcaters. Like in the beggining when link read the letter from zelda I thought that really helped the player connect with the characters.

    2. better music. There were only two good songs in ss and one was the main theme for the series. I can remember all of the songs from tp even the short ones.

    3. I liked the “darker” feeling in tp. It really added to the story. Ss really didn’t have a vibe to it and took away from the story.

    4. They really need to have more exploring areas/towns in the game. When you win a game there is really nothing else to do.

    5. I was so frustrated at the end off ss they really didnt reveal much as far as the story goes. I want to be satisfied at the end of the game not left wondering what happened or what will happen.

    • Link5794

      You want a game with a "dark" vibe? Try Majora's Mask.

  • ZeldaPlaya

    You guys are idiots. All of you. DLC? Realistic Graphics? I'm seeing hate on Skyward Sword everywhere I look? You assholes call yourselves Zelda fans? Also, Skyward Sword? No memorable music? I can think of ten great memorable pieces from that soundtrack.

    • Jon

      I agree; I loved the SKYWARD SWORD soundtrack. I am completely baffled at how anyone can possibly say it's a terrible OST, let alone the worst in the series. It just baffles me. It's one of the best in the series, not just for being orchestral, but for sounding breathtaking in scope. Seriously; reading these complaints are a complete waste of time.

      • Tacuaal

        ^Jon is cool.^

    • Squirrelspellboy

      I agree with you that DLC is not a good idea for the Zelda series and that graphics are not too important but… SS's OST wasn't good. Excuseme, but it's the truth :-p I played OoT and TP little before than SS and… when I remember those soundtracks… THEY are rememorable, but… I think SS's OST was superficial (except for 2 or 3 themes).
      And another think..s Skyward Sword itself was little superficial -.-'' that teenage love story… Groose… I want a ZELDA, not Disney Channel -.-

      • Tacuaal

        I think half of SS's songs were simple amazing, such as the final demise and final ghirahim. I personally am obsessed with boss battle music – and I like the individuality of bosses, so I like bosses that get their own personally battle theme.
        The other half…meh.
        I want all of the themes to be good enough where I'll just stay there at the entrance to an area the first time listening and running in circles.

      • Link5794

        Are you kidding me? Groose was an amazing character! I read an analysis of his character development somewhere, but I'm too lazy to go find it. I think Nintendo should release a Legend of Groose spinoff, even if it's just as a joke. I mean, if Tingle got a spinoff, I think Groose more than deserves one. Yes, Tingle was better received in Japan than in America, but have you seen how popular Groose is?

  • S. Groves

    All incredibly good arguments. But personally I think it would vastly improve the series if the player could… choose the course of the story. Allowing the player to make choices that could affect the plot would make the game deeper and much more engaging with the threat of making a wrong choice looming over your head if you catch my drift. The back story and legends that surround the game could be used and manipulated in way that would draw out the absolute best in the Legend of Zelda. I remember while I was playing Skyward Sword, every time I made it to a new area or beat a dungeon the same thought crossed my mind. "I hope there's more to this story." Constantly finding something I had not finished drove me nuts, but the thought of being able to enter a new dungeon and possibly find a new weapon to add to my arsenal was daunting and intriguing! But… being a fan of this impossibly amazing series since the release of A Link to the Past, I must say that the puzzles in Skyward Sword were almost predictable, but that is not a bad thing. It made my experience all the better because I felt like I was familiar with the story. If Nintendo is planning a new innovation for The Legend of Zelda… I welcome it. I say let the adventure continue. LONG LIVE LINK!

  • J.Elias

    Well , HD Zelda would be Awesome ! No more little kiddy game -.- and some blood when you kill enemy should be nice ! Zelda is not a Kid games ! Download content should be nice for more dungeon etc And afger game done ! Let us play after the game ! Exemple : we kill ganon and the game continue ! When you finish a game and you see a end and this ask you to save then you restart to zero this suck we want to continue our game ! Like skyrim ! And maybe a Online mode ? Should be great ! ( open world like Gta Iv) or tdm ? ( like call of duty but Medieval ! )

    • Squirrelspellboy

      If you want blood and an online mode… just play call of duty -.-
      Zelda is not a kiddy games but it isn't an adult game either. It's for EVERYONE!!!
      Yes, I liked that dark feeling when I played TP, but I also loved the lovely WW! There's no need of blood. There're beautiful sotires, there are good OSTs… doesn't need online mode or blood -.-

  • Zeldamaster

    This I agree with the Zelda game for the wii u looks amazing! And I hope they can make this system affordable to people not to high not to low just right. And I hope they will bring out that Zelda potential that I know it has! Wonderful seris keep up the good work Nintendo

  • One thing that can be done is the ability to go through the dungeons in whatever order you want, with a flexible storyline to fit. The more dungeons the better, and going to them in the order of your choice would be rather interesting. The only thing that would remain concrete would be that you have to go through three dungeons before you can obtain the Master Sword and the stuff you get after you beat the bosses, such as the fused shadows and Twilight mirror pieces from Twilight Princess. That would be awesome! Come to think of it, Wind Waker allowed you to do that somewhat when you were restoring the Master Sword. You could go and awaken either the earth sage or the wind sage first. I’d like that, but with every single dungeon in a Zelda game.

    • Courageous Warrior

      The same also involved the LOZ: Ocarina of time after you beat the forest temple. You could either get the water medallion or the fire medallion. Making multiple trips to a dungeon would be cool to. Like how Zora's domain was water and then turned to ice. Something a little more than what Oracles of Seasons accomplished you know? Master quest did something like it in order to get all the gold skulltulas. Now that was fun.

  • Courageous Destiny

    There's only a few things I would like in the Wii U Legend of Zelda game.
    1. A very difficult Zelda game with more challenging puzzles. And very difficult bosses. I am sick of bosses I can beat within thirty seconds. To date, the hardest boss I think in the legend of zelda
    2. More emtion, and a deeper story. Although I must admit, I don't know how that could be accomplished. Zelda games have been getting better if we ignore the aesthetics of graphics. Zelda dances around with different graphics and creates new entire worlds. You got to love the diversity. Cartoon windwaker, improvised real life Twilight princess, beautiful water colors of skyward sword.
    4. Get Better music. Zelda's lullaby wasn't around yet because its the first game, so that's okay. But it needs more feel to it. I would rather have the same song like the dungeons in Legend of Zelda for Regular Nintendo than many songs, but few that are rememberable. Just a few suggestions.
    4. Some

  • Courageous Destiny

    I almost forgot, the hardest boss in the legend of zelda I think is that dam blue phoenix in the last dungeon of the adventures of Link. Seems like one can't defeat it and then take on dark Link. Thank goodness if you do die fighting dark link you don't have to fight it again! I would be very interested to see a boss battle that requires Link to use all of his weapons, take a hit to get an opening, and utilizing the environment to defeat his enemies. Tag team battles would be pretty cool as well like how Windwaker did in some of the later dungeons. However, fighting a boss would be cool to that waty. The closest thing I've seen to that is Zelda helping link fight Ganon. Everyone, I'd be very interested to hear what you guys think the hardest boss fight in legend of zelda is (if you think there is one) and explain why.

  • johy

    i just want for zelda to come out already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cococrash11

    They absolutely must have Link left handed in Wii U. Since Wii U is just as powerful as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and more powerful than Wii. Surely Wii U can have Link Left Handed.

    • Mew

      Agreed. He needs to be left handed again as he's meant to be. However, him becoming right handed had nothing to do with what the Wii could or could not handle. The idiots at Nintendo felt that that with the majority of people right handed, nobody could figure out how to play with him being left handed, so they mirrored Twilight Princess and then just made him right handed for Skyward Sword. It's annoying as hell. I don't even know why it bugs me so much, as I'm right handed, but it pisses me off that they turned Link into a righty just because of the stupid Wii mote.

  • Zelda fan#1

    As long as it has the tech demo graphics/artstyle then i'll be the happiest person alive, please Nintendo give us what we want!

  • sparkles_a23

    I don't really care what they do, as long as its a nice, dark game with epic music, and a sorta Twilight Princess style art, but just better quality (I found it really hard to see in the twilight… that sounds so stupid, being dark and all but it really strained my eyes.)
    And Link may not be that tanned.
    It looks terrible with green.=)

    • Link5794

      Play Majora's Mask and kick your graphics obsession to the curb, because it doesn't get darker than Majora's Mask!
      And what do you mean "It looks terrible with green?" What looks terrible with green? The terrain? That couldn't be further from the truth. Link's clothes? That just doesn't make sense. What else is green? Was the sense vision green? I don't remember. And why does a game have to be dark to be good?

  • sparkles_a23

    Haha, sorry, my comment was really unclear, I was pretty tiered, and I entered at a strange point making it all wrong.
    What I ment to say is that the Link in the trailer looks tanned, and I don't think it looks good with green.
    I personally don't think purple grass is, um… Hyrule-style. But then, who knows what will happen?
    And I'm saving up for Majora's Mask, don't worry. I only just discovered that I could play it on the Wii, and not have to buy a gamecube. The moon looks scary. And if that didn't make sence… just imagion I am a weird kid with strange opinions on life, the universe, and Zelda. And really bad spelling.

  • Jose

    i am a big zelda fan and something i would love to see is more challenging quests, puzzles, dungeons and specially boss battles. More interactions with the character in where you actually become one with the character when it comes to being in battle. I would also like to see new weapons and weapon upgrades and kinda of different story line that nobody would expect. I would love to see a dark link in this new series or even something similar to majoras mask. I might be asking for too much but you know its possibe lol ^___^

  • Ryland

    DLC in a Zelda game would be awesome! Also I think they should use the idea shown off in the tech demo of using the game pad touch screen to select and possibly use the items with the game pad.

  • Noah

    I just want a LoZ game that doesn't have an imp riding me.

  • Mew

    All I want is a left-handed Link, as he's meant to be.