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You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you? Well nothing will relieve those weary bones more than what we’ve got in store for you today! I’ve scoured all ends of the internet looking for Zelda related items that will get your Halloween spirits to rise from their graves. BUT BEWARE! Some of these items may be haunted.

Our first item is a rare hand made replica of a boss key chest. This ornately decorated item is made of wood then painted over and the inside is covered with blue felt to keep your very important treasures comfortable. Upon opening this chest a little tune will play which is chosen by its buyer. The shop recommends the standard jingle upon Link opening these chests but will also take requests. I recommend picking through your yard for rupees now because there is only one of these chests available! You can order it here on etsy and the store name is BygonesandPowerUps.

This next item is an obvious choice for any Zelda fan in the midst of October: a replica of Majora’s Mask. This mask is able to glow in the dark using luminescent paint that can be charged up during the day. The shop explicitly states that this paint is non-toxic. This mask can be used for decoration suiting your Halloween needs but can also double as a cosplay item as it is made comfortable enough to wear around. (We’ll ignore the fact that it might possess you and bring the moon down on us. I mean there’s no way it could happen again, right?) You can find this item on etsy and their store name is LumiMasks.

Remember that part of Majora’s Mask where there was the creepy Link statue you could summon by playing the Elegy of Emptiness? Well now you can relive that horrifying moment by placing these little guys throughout your spooky pad! You’ll never be alone with these guys around and isn’t that an opportunity you just can’t pass up? These cuties can be found on etsy and their store name is VersirisApparel.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a chilling October.


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Hello all! I am a huge fan of the Zelda series. I've been playing with my family since I was basically out of the womb. I discovered my love for writing in my later years of high school, more specifically argumentative writing. I hope to be as constructive and fair as possible in all of my articles. I am very excited to be a part of the Hidden Triforce team. Happy reading everyone!