The Worst of the Worst Super Smash Characters

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Super Smash Brothers may move units in the millions and empty out our wallets on controller adapters, amiibos, special edition controllers, etc.,  but despite being a global fan favorite that has spawned a huge competitive scene the game has also spawned a series of fighters/characters that were absolutely lazy and pathetic. Here are the top 5!

1. Ganondorf:

ganondorf in super smash

We can all look back and fondly remember the the classic N64 hit, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Perhaps the most iconic and famous scene in this game is of course the instance where Ganon powers up a punch and crushes Link in the face. His mighty punch is as iconic as it is powerful. Oh wait… nope. Never in the history of the franchise has Ganon ever used such a move. As a matter of fact, the Smash Brother’s move set features literally nothing that has ever been in a Zelda game for this fighter. Despite the countless times a  Zelda game has featured a battle where Link and Ganondorf reflect balls of light at one another, the Super Smash version of this mighty villain is totally devoid of projectiles. This design was lazy, and was quite literally just a clone of Captain Falcon.

2. Captain Falcon

captain falcon super smash

We have a character from a franchise so revered it misses over half of Nintendo’s consoles, and one that has not had a new entry in over a decade. In fact, the first F-Zero game did not even show faces of the racers. I would even venture to say that most gamers, even die hard Nintendo fans do not even know the plots of the F-Zero games or could even name another character from the series other than Captain Falcon. Despite the obscurity of the character, we would at least justify his inclusion for the sheer purpose of making the franchise more recognizable, similar to the Ness and Earthbound situation. This character choice could also be made halfway relevant if they at least gave him a move set that was in any way related to the F-Zero games. As a Ganondorf (see above) clone, with zero moves related to anything that ever happens in the F-Zero series, this character is a waste of a roster spot.

3. Mewtwo

mewtwo super smash

Mewtwo is one of the most well-known Pokemon, and is  arguably the most powerful entry in the entire Pokedex
(Arceus?). Despite being known as a competitive uber in the Pokemon games, he is a lazily designed Smash character. You’d think the powerful psychic Pokemon would at least launch a powerful psychic attack. Nope. His most recognizable move is Shadowball, a ghost attack. Go figure.

4. Lucina

lucina super smash

Simply put, Lucina is nothing more than a Marth, Ike, and Roy clone, and a blatant advertising feature. Fire Emblem games are brilliant, but tends to suffer from lower than phenomenal sales (do everyone a favor and go out and pre-order Fire Emblem Fates). Lucina was seemingly included only to show off that she exists as a character so that gamers would perform a Google search to see from which game she came. Nintendo kept their fingers crossed for every Google search that they’d move an addition unit of Awakening. Again, she is literally just a bad Marth clone (even disguises herself as him in Awakening) with a  very slight modification to her attack power. We have a ton of Fire Emblem characters as is, we did not need a fourth materially identical Fire Emblem clone.

5. Dr. Mario

dr mario super smash

Speaking of lazy clones. Why isn’t Doctor Mario just a costume option for Mario? Was making the Doctor form going to take away from that ridiculous red, white and blue option? The Mario character move sets are pathetic as is already, giving us a 3rd variation (Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario), was just beyond lazy.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Did any of these duds make your “main” list? Who should have taken their places on the roster? Or am I just totally off base?



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  • Tyler Kritter Rivera

    Ganondorf is actually a clone of Captain Falcon since Captain Falcon came first in Super Smash Bros. 64, Mewtwo is still more powerful than any of the other pokemon in this game(except maybe Charizard), Lucina should be number 1 on this list as she’s the only one here I completely agree on. Dr. Mario could’ve been a good alt. costume for Mario too but for this game I’m ok because at least he still has his tornado spin as a down b attack which is more effective than regular Mario’s new FLUDD one. There are more characters in this game who’s moves are’nt cannon to their own series as well as others who could’ve been replaced by better choices for new slots as well.

  • How fucking dare you put Captain Falcon, the hype man himself, on this list!?

  • Taylor Olsen

    Nice “rant”. So where’s your solution? Oh that’s right, you don’t spend half of your waking week actually developing this game, you just play it. Get a job at Nintendo, be put in their shoes to try to create balanced characters, then come back and make a big-boy article okay?

    • Noah Glaser

      People are allowed to have opinions

  • Zilby

    1) Clones are very easy to make and take less than 1/8th the development time as a new addition to the roster, hence why there are quite a few
    2) Captain Falcon had very little in the games to work with when making a moveset, so in the void they gave him an incredibly hype moveset which many fans have grown to love, and has become the most iconic character in smash because of it. Additionally, at the time of his release (smash 64) he was a relatively well known character from his popular franchise. Hardly a failure or bad character by any means.
    3) Mewtwo has several iconic moves in his arsenal and most notably uses his psychic powers to pick up and throw his enemies. That combined with the fact that he feels very unique as a character have also made him a fan favorite.

    Basically, this list is garbage. Duh doy

  • A Dreamt Monochrome

    I agree that Dr. Mario should’ve been treated as an alternate costume, but the majority of what you’ve said in this list is hardly applicable as sound reasoning as to why these characters are bad.

    This list is overly objective shit.