The Legend of Zelda: Link in Love

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Disclaimer: This article was written by a member of the Hidden Triforce team. The information, opinions, and beliefs displayed in this article belong to that of the author and do not represent the Hidden Triforce as a whole.

When we think of The Legend of Zelda, we think of the action adventure game with sword fighting hero, Link. Not often do we see the game as “romantic”, nor do we think of the theme “love”. However, in the newest games especially, the hidden affection of characters in the game becomes more clear. 

Link’s love life hasn’t always been out in the open, and Nintendo usually just throws little hints at us as to who or what his romantic interest is. While fans, of course, have 100’s of ideas and theories as to who Link really loves, the games themselves have hints to who he has feelings for, or who has feelings for him. These are my 3 personal favorites.

Skyward Sword – Zelda 

Skyward Sword has my favorite relationships between Link and Zelda (as many others). Starting from the very beginning of the game, Zelda sends her loftwing to wake Link up; soon after she remarks how Link has always slept in and was lazy. Along with that, her father makes it clear they’re childhood friends, mentioning how jealous she got when Links crimson loftwing chose him, having an instant connection. Zelda sticks up for Link when Groose picks on him after stealing his loftwing. Right before Zelda confronts him, he points in Link’s face, then makes it known “he’ll be with Zelda’ even though the other two have been friends forever. After whooping Groose’s behind in the Wing Ceremony, Link and Zelda have a rather sweet (& pretty romantic for Zelda) moment atop the Goddess Statue in which the conversation seems to lead to Zelda kissing Link. However, we all know now she just pushes him off a height for the second time that day, but every one of us went “NOW KISS” in our heads watching this scene. Right after, she shyly asks for Link to go fly in the clouds with her, and while they lazily glide, Zelda seems as if she’s about to admit something to Link when tragedy happens. Stopping here for spoilers, it does seem that Zelda may love Link and was about to admit it to him before this happens, and it honestly just seems as if Link has feelings for Zelda.

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Ocarina of Time- Malon and Ruto 

Starting with Ruto, we all know she is obsessed with Link. Not actually for love, but because she “gifted” him with the Zora Sapphire. As children, she says “now we have to get married!” and when you see her later in the game she literally says “You’re Link, aren’t you? It’s me, your fiancee, Ruto!” It’s actually funny. With Malon, I just fee as if she had a childhood crush on Link. Why do I feel this way? When Link plays the coccoo game with Talon, he says Link can marry Malon. I just feel as a young girl (being one once myself), she would tell her father she “likes” the fairy boy. Later on, when Link is an adult, she mentions that she remembers him as the “fairy boy” she called him in her childhood.

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Twilight Princess– Ilia 

Ilia is a good example because their love isn’t shown outright. We meet Ilia after she’s taken Epona right before Link needed her for a job. As we go searching for our steed, we see Ilia has taken her to the spring to clean her up, making her pretty. Perhaps, through taking care of Epona and practically forcing Link to take better care of Epona, she’s trying to take care of Link and tell him to be more careful with himself. She does get angry when Link hurts Epona’s leg, but after confronting Ilia she tells Link she knew Epona would choose him, seeing how he’s her master. Right afterwards, she warns Link to come home safe. Then.. the monsters attacked. Later on, meeting Ilia with no memory, Link gets excited to see her and reaches out, to have her walk by him, ignores him as well. Once Link mentions his name to her, he has a slight hope that his name will help her remember him, however it doesn’t. This clearly upsets Link, and when talking about Ilia you can almost see sadness in his eyes.  

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Breath of the Wild– Mipha

We unfortunately do not see enough of this character. Mipha was portrayed beautifully, from her looks (for a fish) to her healing abilities and sweet voice; everything could point to why Link would have feelings for her. However, it is actually confirmed by Sidon that Mipha’s heart belonged to Link when he presented the Zora Armor, fitting Link perfectly. Mipha passes on this healing power to Link after appeasing Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

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There are plenty of underlying tones of love and romance in Zelda, especially with many background characters and newest games. However, they deserve their own list by themselves. Link alone has many love interests alone, but these are my favorite supposed ones. Maybe one day in the future Nintendo will canon a Ljnk relationship! 

This was a just for fun piece! Let me know about any love interests you see in this game in the comments! Just don’t forget to leave a like to support the author and The Hidden Triforce! Thanks! – Paige (Author)


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  • My wife and I adored Mipha, and were sad she barely had a part in the story. If we could have had double the Mipha, and 0 Revali, we’d be set, because seriously, eff that guy.