The Character Development of Princess Zelda and Why She Deserves Her Own Game

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Zelda, princess of Hyrule and bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, despite being the titular character of The Legend of Zelda franchise, has never been the lead protagonist in the series. Link has always claimed that honor, and Zelda, even in her some of her “stronger” roles, has always at some point played the damsel in distress (and this obviously does not count her appearances in the CD-I games or the animated series). That may not be the case forever.

At E3 2013, after being inquired multiple times about if Princess Zelda will ever be playable in her series, Aonuma expressed interest in making it happen “if people have strong feelings about it”. The subject was raised again at E3 2014 due to Zelda being a playable character in Hyrule Warriors and the confusion about the gender of the character in the Zelda Wii U reveal (who turned out to be Link after all). In an interview with IGN, Aonuma states,

“I’m interested in seeing something like that, but I think one of the charm points of this particular franchise is that fact that it’s called ‘Legend of Zelda’ but Zelda is not the main character,” Aonuma said. “She’s not the protagonist. But if you ask me what that is, I don’t know. I can’t really explain it. Maybe if she’s the main character, then maybe the title needs to change.”

Aonuma is definitely not saying “no” to the possibility, so it is time to look at the value of Princess Zelda starring in her own game.

In The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link, Zelda seemed to function as nothing more than a plot device. The ultimate goal of the player was to save her, but she did not drive the story during the course of Link’s journeys. Zelda was static, and she remained trapped in the same spot from the beginning to the end of the games. We never really get to know who she is beyond what the prologues of the games tell us; the background explains how she acts selflessly, a trait she always displays. She tries to hinder evil by splitting the Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces or refusing to reveal the location of the Triforce of Courage, but these are actions we are told, not shown. We learn very little about her personality; her character.

Zelda's only dialogue in The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure. Still says more than Link ever did.

Zelda’s only dialogue in The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link. She still says more than Link ever did.

The following games received a variety of Zeldas, and we got to know her more and more, and each iteration of the princess had her own character. While some had a less active role and screen time, as in Twilight Princess and A Link Between Worlds, others were very involved in the story. Princess Zelda in Ocarina of Time was the first to show emotion on screen. She led Link to open the Door of Time, and in the end, she regretted her actions; the regret is visible on her face. Her remorse is very telling of what kind of person she is; it is her remorse that brings her to send Link back to his own time, causing the infamous timeline split. This act goes beyond her strong sense of royal duty; this is something she did for Link.

The Wind Waker gave us Tetra, a much sterner version Zelda than we have seen before; also, she is a pirate captain with a loyal crew that follows her every order. Spirit Tracks’ Zelda was quirky and a little high-strung, mostly because her body was stolen to be used as a vessel for Malladus, leaving her as a spirit to accompany Link on his adventures. Zelda has now become dynamic; who she is—how she acts and looks—seems to depend on her circumstances, which in turn depend on the plot, setting, mechanics of the game. Zelda’s most notable incarnation is probably the one in Skyward Sword, who is a culmination of all the Zeldas seen before her. She is Link’s childhood friend, and the opening of the game does a great job of letting the players feel as if they have known her for years. What is important about her is that not only does she have a huge impact on the outcome of Skyward Sword but she changes how Zelda is seen throughout the series.

Calm down, Zelda. Getting worked up is bad for your complexion.

Calm down, Zelda. Getting worked up
is bad for your complexion.

The reason for establishing the characterization of Zelda is that it separates her from Link. She is not meant to be the malleable avatar that Link will always be. While some will argue that Link has his own character, and I am inclined to agree, the player is meant to shape who he is. Zelda, on the other hand, is most often the princess of Hyrule. She has an identity, and unlike Link, she has her own voice, and that is something that should never change. Her quality is wisdom. She is a leader. If Zelda is to be the lead protagonist of her own game, she needs to speak. It makes one wonder that if Link is meant to be the player character, is there any room for him if Zelda is the leading woman?

A ruler has to make difficult decisions, like whether to surrender or die. Or what fashionable black cloak to wear.

A ruler has to make difficult decisions, like whether to surrender or die. Fighting should be an option.

There also has to be a justifiable reason to play as Princess Zelda; not necessarily for the sake of plot but for gameplay. The Legend of Zelda games focus on gameplay before story, after all. Playing as Zelda should feel different from controlling Link. It is hard to imagine how because Link can pretty much do anything. The developers at Nintendo make it their job to find new gameplay mechanics to make each game in The Legend of Zelda series feel new, like riding birds and turning into a drawing, so Link is always expanding his repertoire with every entry. That is not to say that Zelda cannot do everything that Link can; she just has to have her own style and mechanics that make her unique.

Skyward Sword's Zelda knows it is not polite to point. She does it anyway.

Skyward Sword‘s Zelda knows it is not polite to point.
She does it anyway.

Looking back, Zelda has never been playable in a core title of The Legend of Zelda. She has been playable in Super Smash Bros., in which she has specialized in using magic, and will be in Hyrule Warriors, fighting with a rapier, the Wind Waker, and the Light Bow. In Spirit Tracks, Zelda can be controlled when she possesses a Phantom, but she functioned more like an item; like a unit in real-time strategy game, who is commanded to go where told. Controlling her was less direct and more of a means for puzzle-solving. Still, Nintendo can take cues from how she is represented in these games to give Zelda a set of abilities that would work for her in her own title. Whatever they do, it should feel like The Legend of Zelda.

Obviously, I find the prospect of a Zelda starring as the main character is truly intriguing, not that I need a break from playing as Link; it is not about depicting strong female leads to expand to a different audience. I feel that after the long history of The Legend of Zelda, Princess Zelda deserves to have her time in the spotlight. She is one of Nintendo’s greatest characters, and the company owes it to her. Zelda’s time to fight for herself is long overdue.

If you have any thoughts and opinions on the subject, say so in the comment section below.


About Author

Garrett's first Zelda game was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which he first played at the ripe age of four. Since then, he has made it his mission to save Hyrule and other lands until the end of time.

  • I’m all for tradition in the Zelda franchise, but I think it would be really cool to have a full playable Zelda title. She has enough back story now to really drive her own adventure.

    Hopefully Hyrule Warriors paves the way for this. With any luck, maybe they’ll test the waters and give us at least one playable dungeon as Zelda soon to see how it goes! I mean, if Tingle has his own game, Zelda should be playable in hers.

  • Noah Glaser

    My favorite form of Zelda was in Skyward Sword. She had a real personality and was also shown to do anything to help. She was brave and selfless

  • Joe Mammano

    I think like princess peach in mario the title should change and the game shoulf be all about zelda. That would be cool

  • Daniel Beam

    I would love to see a stealth based game where you see Zelda joining the Shiekah. I’d rather play as Shiek than as Zelda. Maybe that’s just me.

  • Jenna Kawa

    It would be amazing to play as Zelda for a change. It IS called “The Lgend of Zelda” and not “The Legend of Link” which assumes Zelda is the main character, even though it’s all about the hero, Link, trying to save Zelda, the princess, or his best friend (in SS). In SSBB, she was one of my top 4 characters every time I got to choose them so I really think playing as her in different games would be awesome.

  • Kyle Lipsey

    That would be an epic win. Especially if they went with an RPG esque platform.

  • sam

    Zelda definatly has the charactor background to work in her own game, but would we have to call it Legend of Link then?

  • Tiffany Johnston

    I enjoy Zelda as a support character, but it’d be really interesting to see her being able to be the protagonist. My only concern would be about the story. Would it be about her family, and her side of the story? Would it be something completely new and original?

  • unikardo

    It would be interesting but i think someone may mess it up

  • Summer Rae Binns

    I think zelda deserves her own game but only if it was the side story of how she became sheik! all the side event of what happened while you were saving hyrule as link. It could show what happened on the down time between those seven years link wasn’t there, how sheik got the songs For link or showed the cutscenes from when you met sheik as link. Or the game could be an entire prequel to ocarina of time. Or maybe just the time where link was in the spirit realm and ganon screwed over hyrule. Maybe it would be the things Zelda was trying to do to help save hyrule or prepare link for his long battle.

  • Nate Mckee

    I’m mainly here for the pin, but have we all forgotten? Zelda already has two of her own games. They’re called “Zelda’s Adventure” and “Zelda: Wand of Gamelon.”

  • Ryan Stephens

    theres so many things that could happen with this :D

  • Justin Landon

    It would make for a very interesting game! I think it would be great for a character like zelda to expand. We never get the chance to see her do much.

  • Brendan Imlay

    I couldn’t agree more. I am also a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and many others like me would like to see Kairi as a playable character in the new game said to be coming out soon. Like Kairi, I would like to see Princess (or Queen) Zelda in the very least, be playable. I know she is in Hyrule Warriors but in a more traditional Zelda game. If Zelda had her own game, and it was done correctly, I could 100% see myself purchasing, playing, and loving that game. We know that some incarnations of Zelda have stood out above others (mainly Ocarina of time and Twilight Princess). These Zeldas were strong and didn’t just sit idly by. I completely believe that if Link were to fall or whatever else happen, Zelda would not hesitate to take control. She would make an awesome pro

    • Garrett Austin Boyle

      Do not get me started on Kingdom Hearts. I love that series. I know what you mean about playing as Kairi, too. When I played Birth By Sleep, I thought I would enjoy the powerhouse character, Terra, given that his build matched my usual play style. I did not expect that I would find Aqua way more interesting and likeable as a character, but she was more fun to play as, too. I like Sora and Riku a lot, but I would really like to see what Kairi is all about, especially given that she has sat on the sidelines, and yet she is such an important character.

  • Andrew Ziesemer

    A lot of very good points! I’ve played and beaten all zelda titles since I was a little kid, and I have to say, the prospect of having a game with Zelda as the main character would be a nice change of pace. (And not some cheesy side game either!)

    I do agree, she should feel different from
    Link. Perhaps playing from a stand point where she’s out braving the labyrinths, wielding her version of the master sword, and saving Hyrule. Heck, even have her working in tandem with Link. Either way, I think it would be interesting to see a game from her view, and hopefully they start branching out and being a little more daring with this amazing franchise.

  • Cearra Taylor

    I am actually quite excited to play this, and I think Zelda having a bigger role woukd be a nice change. Its a very different from the usual link, kicking ass and taking names, but hey. The switch might be something to bring old Zelda lovers back who weren’t as interested or have lost interest in the timeline. I can’t wait to see how this works. Zelda lover for life :)

  • Jasmine

    I think it could work. we could see how she met Impa and see when and how she develops her godess powers. it would be pretty cool.

  • Pete

    I’ve been talking about using Zelda as a playable character for a long time. I’ve come to my own conclusion that the best way to introduce this, would be to have a two player co-op Zelda game where Link is still the main playable character but Zelda can be pulled in as a second player. There are many ways of doing this. I’m not going to go into details as I don’t want to write that long of a post, but it sure would be exciting to have Zelda as a playable character, either in co-op like Hyrule Warriors or in her own game altogether.

  • Michael Spafford

    I think we should have a game that run parallel to Ocarina of Time where we see how and why she became Shiek. I feel like that could be a really fun game to play.

  • Cheyanne Pease

    Maybe a dual adventure game where you can play both as Link and Zelda. Where the two are always with each other and you can switch between the two whenever you wanted. And some parts you can only open the door with Zelda’s ability and maybe they get separated so you only play as her for a bit. But I’d be stoked to play a game just about Zelda as well. Well written article btw :)

  • Chandra Graham

    I would be all for a Zelda-centric game, every time we get a new game, we see a little more about how different the Zeldas are… But we really only have that to work off of. I think this The Legend of Zelda: Clockwork Empire – Dresden Codak would be just one possible option, with there being many others. The advantage Legend of Zelda has is that its not fixed in what the setting/time is, we have had oceans, trains, twilight realm, the sky, even traveling via painting. There are still countless directions that the franchise could go in.

  • Oscar

    If Peach can, Zelda can too. :P

  • JOanna Honey

    I think the charm of the game stems from the fact that zelda is somewhat in the background on all of the games even though she clearly doesn’t need to be. Link is the hero and always has been. Though it would be nice to see her in her own game maybe switching roles with link and using her powers to help him for once lol

  • Jacob Hand

    I think that, while she doesn’t need her own game, some deeper development would be nice. Like *Ahem* Voice acting.

  • Daszelda

    I feel the zelda game would have to vary in game type possibley focus more on magic and fast movements as sheik

  • Sebastiaan Hanssen

    i think that Zelda needs a own game, because in ALL zelda games she needs to be saved, how about switching roles now, Zelda is the hero and Link needs to be saved

  • Taylor Palette

    I’m not sure how I’d feel as Zelda as a main character because Link is a tradition for this gaming franchise. But if Zelda became the main character, I feel as if she would have to have a whole new story. As most of you already know, Demise cursed Link’s descendants to always be involved in the conflict between his descendants and Link’s descendants. This means that Zelda has no room to be the hero when it comes to Ganondorf. It is Link’s destiny, not hers. So if they were to create a new villain or story, I can see her as the main character. I think it would cool if there was a game that revolved around Zelda ruling Hyrule and the decisions she has to make. That might be interesting. But I do not see her becoming a bigger character in this specific storyline because again, it is Link’s destiny. Not hers.

    • Noah Glaser

      I do not know if I agree with you on that. He cursed their descendants but he did not give them roles. What is they only have girls? I doubt his curse would wait around for the genetics of a cursed family to sprout a boy. Under the curse of Demise the hero could very much be a girl

      • Taylor Palette

        I never said it couldn’t be a girl. That would be a refreshing twist actually. I just said it can’t be Zelda.

  • skeevy

    I think it could be interesting depending on how they did it.

  • Daniel Henderson

    I would love to see her star in her own game

  • Sydney

    If Nintendo can come up with a story that Zelda can fit into as the main playable character, they should go for it. I think it would be interesting.

  • Ruddie Marques

    A Zelda playable would be amazing!
    I don’t think there’s a reason she should speak. Keep the gameplay the same with different weapons and such to reflect her… different story though.
    Maybe she saves Link. ;) “Legend of Link: the Point of Courage” (Arrow wordplay? No?)

  • Hector Ramirez

    I think If they did a playable Zelda, it would be interesting to see something having to do with the Sheikah tribe. Maybe something that depicts why Kakariko village was founded, and why the Shadow temple is there.

  • Eryn

    I love the idea of Zelda having her own game, and yet, at the same time I really enjoy having Link around. It may be The Legend of Zelda, but Link has always been the hero. I don’t think that Zelda isn’t capable of fighting by herself and fending herself, but she has always known her place to be the figure-head for Hyrule and to stand strong with her Hylians while going through any sort of turmoil. I would love to see more personality from her though and they are really doing a better job at that in the more recent games.

  • Branden Barton

    I definately feel that princess zelda should get her own game. She is a great supporting character with alot of background but I feel that a game based around her would fill in any holes and answer any questions us fans might have about her.

  • I agree Zelda should have a game of her own. However, I don’t want another CDi game and Super Princess Peach game.

  • Matthew Bergquist

    I believe that it can be done. I’ve always thought when I was younger that the piece’s of Triforce meant something. Ganon has power, so that means he’s powerful. If Zelda was the main character, does that mean puzzles would be harder? ;)

  • Gerardo Andres

    Zelda should have her own game, on my opinion as the title states her name, its her Legend. Her quest can be about her defend Hyrule because the Hero of Time was never choosen or awaken. She roams Hyrule and many of its region as she stops evil.

  • James Brough

    I’m just here for the triforce giveaway… also I would not be interested in a game starring Zelda… maybe as Sheik

  • kerrie_30

    I think having a similar situation to spirit tracks but where the tower instead of both just have Zelda only being able to go in, it could be because she’s royalty or because she’s a woman that she can pass a barrier which stops link :D

    But have the other dungeons/temples for link :D

  • Tucker Tate

    i think that was very interesting :) and i think she should

  • José Ashley Farias Lara

    Nice article on Zelda. I too feel that as things have changed over 25 years, Zelda’s role has grown from merely a goal or plot device into a really fleshed-out character. However, pulling off a unique gameplay for her will be tough, but not impossible. They could even have both Link and Zelda in a RPG-esque party using items and working together (unlike ST which I loved by the way). Who knows, it is up to the guys at Nintendo to figure this out, and I have my hopes up that they’ll succeed.

  • Abbygale Dermont

    I agree with this article. But, there are also Zelda spin-offs already out there that are years old and didn’t sell very well, let alone work very well. But, now that the Zelda franchise is higher than ever, a Princess Zelda game with her as the playable protagonist sounds really cool, so it should be given another chance. Very creative article, guys! Cheers!!

  • Dom Wilsher

    I’m personally a fan of the SS Zelda, since it explained a lot about how her incarnations (which in the game timeline were after) each showed a different part of the original, as is said, dependent on situation. one thing though- the games in the series are meant to be spread out over time, right? does no-one in hyrule stop to question why the woman on the throne is always called zelda, always looks the same, and never seems to age?

  • Ayesha Kadri

    New storylines are always attached to the main games we all play. Zelda, in a sense, has been on our minds since starting to play the series- why not give her the chance now when individuals are more willing to change things around a bit? Maybe even a teaser mini game that could show the possibilities of what it would be like to play as Zelda.

  • Robert Cochran

    The thing that makes the Zelda series so good is that in every game they find a way to add to an existing formula while keeping the good parts there. Rather than rebuilding a robot from scratch, you would remove parts that didn’t function as well and upgrade. A link between worlds demonstrates this in an obvious and nice way. The simple new mechanic in the game IS what made it so good. Without it, it would be a link to the past (no complaints there though).

    This would not make a good game for the Zelda franchise. However, it would fall under the same category as hyrule warriors. As awesome as it would be to have a game like this, it would need to be a spin off game. The most obvious for this choice is a game that shows what Zelda/shiek did during links sleep in OoT, but that’s just my opinion.

    I would love for this to be a thing, just as I’m excited for hyrule warriors. But to the same token it can not be a part of the main franchise. Pieces wouldn’t fit all too well.

    • Noah Glaser

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      • Robert Cochran

        It won’t let me send an email through the contact section, so I sent one through my personal email.

  • Marvin

    It’s true, she does have capabilities to fend for herself in Hyrule. I mean, we had Super Princess Peach, so why not having Zelda star in a game for once?

  • Nico Jamǝs

    I agree she should star in her game but I think fans would freak out if it isn’t done the perfect way. But yes Zelda is a very great character and we have more information on her than Link, don’t we?

  • Adam_Rodriguez

    It isn’t that people don’t want to play her a hero in some form. It is just that we want to play Link since he is a badass. If we are playing as Zelda, we will be wondering where is Link and why aren’t we playing as him.

  • bmtracer12

    I think Zelda should get her own game. Princess Peach got her own game so Zelda should too.

  • takexi

    I’ve always thought Zelda should have her own game. There was a little April Fool’s joke awhile back with that concept and people went wild about it. Nintendo would definitely profit from it.

  • William Goss

    I would love to see Princess Zelda with the lead role. But I have to admit that link needs to be an important asset at the least. Like maybe Hyrule castle crumbles and link is Zelda’s companion instead of the alternative like in Spirit Tracks. He could be an archer to fight by her side or he can give her ways to kill opponents based on his experience in Hyrule… Maybe a sequel to a game for that matter. Or link gets captured because the antagonist needs the blood, or soul of a hero in order to become the ultimate life form or revive some ancient evil… That isn’t Ganon this time. (Perhaps the Majoras mask, or the one who created it) any kind of evil that is more menacing and different from wanting to just rule the world. Something that means desperation to get it. Not just destroying or taking over the whole world. Those are my thoughts. Zelda should have a protagonist role. But Link needs to be in there somewhere.

    • Garrett Austin Boyle

      I admit I would miss Link if he is gone, but I would not want his presence to overshadow Zelda’s. I played Pikmin 3 after having played the first two Pikmin, and I missed Olimar for a while. He is in the game, and when he finally makes an appearance, it was really rewarding. So you see my point in asking if there is room for Link is basically me leading people into questioning what capacity Link should in a Zelda-focused game. It is not my opinion that he has to be altogether absent. Some people seem interested in co-op, and while that is intriguing, it is not the point I want to make. I am trying to say that Zelda needs some independence from him.

  • FP

    I think zelda should star in a game, would be nice to play something different

  • Collin Elmhorst

    I believe in my perspective that letting Zelda have her own game would be an interesting idea and would get players to possibly buy the game and perhaps make more games set on Zelda’s own story line.

  • Ethan Hunt

    My favourite version of Zelda is the one from Skyward Sword. As far as her own game, I don’t really care for that idea

  • Erwin Carlsson

    I’m glad that we as the gamers are now able to see why Hyrule’s leading ladies are made of, but I still would like to see at least one more male character in hyrule worriers.

  • Jade Goodwin

    I wouldn’t mind Zelda having her own game, it would be nice to get to know about her personality some more as she often can come across as quite dull. Also it would be interesting to find out about any problems relating to her inheriting powers and what preparation she has, if any, of how best to control and use them. She could be such a complex interesting person, her life certainly seems that way! I want a more robust, rounded Zelda!

  • zayne

    Well this does have some valid points amd good support so yeah

  • Kkittenface

    I think it would be cool, especially in a game where her adventure seems side by side like OOT or SS, if Zelda’s adventure was also playable. She has to go before Link and pave the way for his adventure a lot of the time. She even saves Link in certain scenarios in some of the games. I love playing Link and I’d not want to give that up, but if they are already creating the world and the story how hard would it be to add in the option of playing Zelda’s perspective? What if Zelda plays an even bigger role in paving the way for Link and saving the day than we even imagine?

  • Lisa buentello

    I would love to play as zelda :D but I feel like it would be boring to have a game as her as the main character, because she doesn’t seem like a fighting type which is why I would just prefer having link as the main character

  • Keith Speidel

    I believe this could work. While Link is off in Termina field distracted by the imminent doom of a falling moon, or off in some other distant land not yet known. Hyrule could fall in turmoil as usual and with no hope and no sign of the hero of time. Zelda/Shiek would have no choice but to step up to reclaim her land. As well as the inhabitants. Mayhaps even infiltrating the Gerudo teaming up with key members of the elite group. Ganondorf may not be a threat at this time but Zant or Vattie certainly may be.

  • Craig HouseMusic Earnest

    I’m all for being able to play with Zelda in a game, but not as a main character. Link is the star, and always will be!

  • Triforce Power

    I think it’s not a bad idea to include Zelda as a character that we can play! She is not a «normal princess» and she wants to tell us. Zelda doesn’t want to leave Link alone with the mission. She wants to fight for her kingdom!

  • Yuuko Kaede

    I would love to see Skyward Sword Zelda, or a similarly written Zelda get her own story.

  • Robert Mclean

    I don’t know, I feel like if ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • Garrett Austin Boyle

      The Legend of Zelda is great, and while it is not broken, each new game adds something the previous titles did not have. This is about doing something different and continuing to expand into new territories. It is better than becoming complacent.

  • Cristopher Ayala

    Zelda isnt just some princess like in other games. She knows how to kickass and thats why she can do what she does, and deserves her own game

  • Johnny Adia

    Yes show us how she gets a head of link with out collecting everything link has to collect lol

  • The_Legend_Of_Zelda

    i love what u said

  • Derek May

    If Super Princess Peach can be it’s own game, then I’m pretty sure Zelda should be able to easily get a game of her own.

    • Garrett Austin Boyle

      Not only that, but Princess Peach has now been playable in two Super Mario games, even the SECOND (US) one. She got a chance before Zelda has even been considered.

  • Garrett Austin Boyle

    I have read through the comments, and I am glad to see so many in support of the idea. I think I can understand some of the concerns about Zelda being the star of the show, but I would like to add my refutation. When it comes the desire to play as Link due to tradition and the love for the character, I would like to say that there will always be more games starring Link. He is already confirmed for Zelda Wii U, after all. Aonuma has talked about breaking tradition, and stepping away from our favorite character is one way to do it. He also said in the quote I started the article with that a game starring Princess Zelda may not be called “The Legend of Zelda”, so I do not believe a spin-off would detract from the main series. It seems “The Legend of Zelda” will always star Link.

    The point of having Zelda as the lead is not just for the sake of having Zelda as the lead. I mentioned gameplay as a factor, but I think I would like to see Nintendo continue to expand on her character. Skyward Sword solidified Zelda’s importance more than ever, and that only makes me want to know more about her; not just that Zelda but all Zeldas. For those who have played Skyward Sword most of the way through, I am sure you know what I means when I say I am equally interested in learning about her “ancestry”, too.

  • Noelle Nordin

    Zelda being a main character would be interesting. I love the idea, I’d love to see how unique her game play would be. Id love to see her use mainly magic to kick bad guy booty!

  • Jamie Sites

    I wouldn’t mind for a more useful Zelda in the games, and maybe her own game. Hell they gave Peach one…

  • Grinfinity

    The Zelda series has come a long ways from it just being a boy who has to go dungeons and do all kinds of bad assery to save the princess.

    The Zelda series has gotten deep in story, development as well as its fan base.

    Some might say we have seen all Zelda has brought to the table but the one thing we haven’t is a game where Zelda isn’t the one being saved (mass majority of the games this is the set plot).

    I personally would like to see it branch out to where the Nintendo staff would take care of the, if the most important character of the series. Hell it wouldn’t even have to be a story that impacted the time line(a little but of the theorist nerd came out) something irrelevant like Tingles game? It’s a least something it would give people a whole new perspective on a character and maybe view Zelda as a whole new character instead of “oh, save da prinsus n beat ap ganun wen da geams yay!”

    Any opinions on this?

  • I’m not so sure I would like another princess getting her own game after what became of Princess Toadstool getting her own. It didn’t really feel like a Mario game, so I wouldn’t be excited for something seemingly alien to the franchise. Maybe if it was an actual action packed game instead of swirling an umbrella or something, yes.

    Her story is almost as convoluted as anyone else’s, so I assume it would be possible to make a game from it, if we can continue making games about Link, anyways. Would it be called the Legend of Link? I think that’s a thing that made the series so known. The fact that the protagonist was in fact NOT Zelda. Though she has ancient lore regarding her, she has no real basis for beginning a game. But leaving it to Nintendo, I would be anything but surprised if they built it from scratch.

  • Ryan Hammond

    I’d play the hell out of a game that had Zelda as a playable main character, although I believe that Nintendo enjoys its tradition of Hero Saves Princess. One of the best plans of action is to have Zelda’s variant of the games so for example playing as Zelda in Twilight Princess would be interesting with her own special moves etc, it would take work but a ‘Zelda’ game should be in the making soon in my opinion

  • Herbie Herbert

    Let’s have Link get kidnapped for once. Or maybe a side story about the gerudos?

  • Curtis Hanson

    I’m all for Zelda having her own game. I very much like Skyward Sword because it made a reason to save her, making her a very unique character. My reasoning for wanting her own game: instead of having the silent protagonist Link (although I’m a very big fan of the Legend of Zelda as it is), having Zelda as a sass-filled protagonist with her own adventure would be a very good game!

  • Kedar Miller

    It would be nice to see a game fully playable as princess Zelda. The franchise after all is titled with her name. It would be interesting to see a strong female such as hers.

  • Emily Boyle

    Zelda hasn’t just been a damsel in distress in all of the Zelda games and has often played a role in saving Hyrule. It would be amazing to be able to play her in her own game so we can truly see this strong independent woman who don’t need no man!

  • Jamie Duerksen

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • Michael Molitor

    I like how she took a more active role in Ocarina of time as Sheik. She mostly just edged link along, but she was always a step ahead of him! It would be neat to play her (even as Sheik) in a similar role. You have to assist Link in saving Hyrule, leading him towards the goal the whole way. She’s got to be doing SOMETHING in the background!

  • Matthew Gilbert

    she has been in almost every game

  • Andrew Drum

    I think a Zelda title would be great but the real challenge would be fitting it into the timeline. If made, there’s no way it could be passed off as some non-canon game, but rather than expand on the timeline, what if one of her previous in-game slumbers was told from her perspective; like a dream, similar to the quest in Link’s Awakening.

    I might even go as far as to suggest a full Midna title, further explaining the origins of Zant and the Shadow Invasion, as I feel that Zant was used somewhat minimally, though he remains my most favorite villain in the franchise.

  • I’ve been thinking this for years. Her name is in ever game, it’s been made obvious she can fight after Zelda 2. So why then can’t she be the star of at least one game? I mean, for the sake of argument, they even gave Peach her own game where she saves Mario from Bowser. Yeah. PEACH.

    Fan’s know she’s not a damsel, so why not make a game to show that?