Ten Things Wrong With Zelda Skyward Sword

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A guest writer on Kotaku has just released an article that is sure to get a rise out of Zelda fans. The article discusses 10 things that are wrong with Skyward Sword. Now before you get all angry, the writer admits that he is saying some of these things knowing it will cause a bad reaction. The point of the article is to see how certain elements of Skyward Sword may seem stupid to other gaming fans.

To see the 10 reasons listed in the article, click through. 

1. I don’t like the Wii.
2. Seriously, why isn’t there voice-acting?
3. The writing is pretty bad.
4. Please, please, please stop talking to me.
5. “It gets really good about six hours in.”
6. Please pick an art direction already.
7. The same old lock-and-key dance.
8. I just don’t care about the Motion Plus.
9. The default follow camera angle is too high.
10. I hate the stamina meter.

So do you agree or disagree with these points? Let us know in the comments.


About Author

Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • zeldafan64

    i disagree, because i love zelda and i think its perfect. :)

  • SilverArcher

    I was afraid when I saw the title. SS having 10 failures? I disagree all of them

    • i know! i think the same yo! <("<)

  • Jarkes

    So the number 1 reason is that he doesn't like the Wii. That's bull. Sounds to me like he's just whining.

  • juano

    Maybe he is stucked and he got frustrated…. :troll:

  • Eliska Achée

    I disagree with everything but #4. I don't really like how you can't skip what someone's saying or speed it up, but I'm so glad there's no voice acting. I see why someone might not like the stamina meter much, but at least Link can run. I think Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is perfect. There's a problem if the list of reasons to not like Skyward Sword starts with "I don't like the Wii".

  • noahglaser

    I think a lot of the points are valid. Things like the voice acting are legit concerns. Ive had people unfamiliar with the zelda series watch me play and ask wtf is with all the text. Why cant they just talk. It is not an issue and can be done right. Most games now have voice acting and most games get it right.

    As for the dungeon formula. Nintendo pretty much admitted it was a stale idea and slightly changed things up in Skyward Sword. However they did not go as far with it as they were hyping it out to be. Maybe next time

    • Chris

      I really hope they don't change up the dungeon formula. I don't want a game with no puzzles and only fighting. Although they haven't really changed it, they've made it bigger, which in this case, is better. But "Bigger isn't Better" always. Tom Thumb. Barnum. Theatre geeks know whats up.

  • Benjamin

    I disagree with everything exept for #4. Nearly everything before and half way into Sky View Temple are times where you never get some peace and quiet…… … … Fi >_>

  • cucco

    monster: I just want to become human will you help me? me thinking:ok why not?
    fi: theirs a 85% probability that heping him will be benit you too.
    Fi always states the obvious like " I calculate with a 95% chance you should go to the surface"
    or at the beginning of the game where you meat one of the creatures in the forest she says she has info on the creature. and if you choose zelda? she says " i calculate that this being zelda is a 35% chance. why so specific? i agree with #4

  • Fenn

    1. I like the Wii….
    2. Voice acting would only work in some cases. I prefer to leave the voice acting out of Zelda!
    3, I like the story. Maybe it could be a little better, but each story is different.
    4. Yes! I know Fi…. Just let me do what I am doing and I know my battery is low….
    5. I thought it was good from the start.
    6. Does not matter what art direction to me. Once I'm into the game the art does not matter.
    7. That is standard Zelda! It would not be a Zelda game without lock and key!
    8. Definatly agree! Motion plus is bad. Give me normal controls thank you. Motion plus is too sensitive!
    9. Camera angles for the most part where just fine!
    10. Agree here too. Didn't like the stamina meter. But it played the way it was suposed to for certain goals in the game.

    In total I agree with a few of your complaints but not all.

  • Andrew

    ''Please pick an art direction already.'' looks like he wants realistic or dark graphics over and over, i like that nintendo doesn't make the same art in each game

    ''The same old lock-and-key dance.'' were you expecting a shooter or racing zelda??

    ''I just don’t care about the Motion Plus.'' in my opinion he just wants the same repetitive games

  • Reminding Chaim

    Mr. Glaser, did you really just invite your readers to offer their opinions on an article based on a list of its section headings?

    And why did you not link to the article? And credit the author by name? (His name is Tim Rogers.)

    The article on Kotaku is here: http://kotaku.com/5869411/10-stupid-things-terrib

  • josh

    i disagree with all some retards need to actually play the fricking game and you'll love that in HERO MODE you can skip the long chat sessions HERPA DERP

    • Wind

      Hero Mode requires you to beat the game, and if a person dislikes the game and doesn't play it, how are they supposed to get Hero Mode? Herpa derp.

  • evan

    i already beat the game and it has no flaws

    • noahglaser

      i wouldnt go that far but it was really good

  • Moufisto

    This list is b*lls**t. I can't acknowledge such baseless reasons.

    You know, the main thing that irks me in the new Zelda games;
    is that there is no longer musical instruments, or musical challenges, or secret cool things that songs would do.. they just cut the music out completely.
    Irritates the f*** out of me.
    Bah! screw it. Back to the first game + Majoras mask for me.

    • Moufisto

      Wait a second.
      I just saw that there may have been a Harp in this.
      Did it make it in?

      *puppy eyes*

  • richshawn

    okay i was so excited to get this game am up playing it from am to pm .seems different to be on the same part .but also just seems to be to difficult am older so just imagine a kid playing .just wish it had more details ,some hint,s and when i google or call for help there,s no help so am stuck lol

    • Ender

      Use this site if you have an issue man. thing has every part of every zelda game ever made. I like that it's not as easy as it used to be, although I have gotten stuck at least twice so far.

  • how dare you say things like that? I disagree with all these things. Zelda <3

  • So… If you don't like the Wii, why even bother complaining about one game for it?
    Hating the Wii means you hate ALL of the other games for it.
    And out of all of your options, why did you choose the BEST ONE to criticize?
    And why give such frikkin pointless reasons?
    Zelda is my favorite game series, besides Mario Brothers.

  • Masked and Hidden

    Ok, so wow. You don't like the Wii? That's stupid. Why complain about the Zelda game if you don't like the Wii? It just makes your whole list stupid. It'll make people think "Well, he's only putting the game down because he doesn't like the game system." I like the game a lot. #4 Might've made a point, but if you don't like how the text goes kind of slow in some parts all you have to do is hold down the A button, and you're golden. Yeah, it's a lot of text, but you can just suck it up and play the game. Sometimes it goes to fast, I've had problems with that, too. I just read faster, or tried anyway. It might be harder for some people than others and I understand that. Get someone to read it for you if that's what it takes (not trying to be mean, if it sounds that way I'm sorry).

  • True Nintendo lover

    Only agree with #4. Camera angle has always been perfect. And If you are one of those people who hates nintendo just because they don't make any intense shooters then don't critisize their best game ever jjust to out them down. You could only think of one actual thing that was wrong with skyward sword. I mean seriously If you prefer better graphics and crap*y game play that's fine with me. however I think that As long as the graphics are comprehensible it doesn't make a difference. Different art styles are what make the series interesting. So just admit that you are only critisizing this game to make nintendo look bAD . Even you think it's a greta game since yoiu could only think of one true wrong thing with SS

  • John

    i agree about the stamina meter but everything else is awesome

  • Jason

    I hate the wii motion plus so much….

  • Hero of time

    I like the game a lot and I don't agree with all of them the only one I agree with is number 8 i hate wii motion took forever to fully grasp the controls and even then i still cant controls it.

  • The Original Hero

    ok i personally wish they would go back to controllers… not this wii motion plus stuff… dont get me wrong its a great innovation but i don't think its right for zelda… and for all you ppl that say it makes it more challenging: 1. Difficult controls don't make a game challenging just annoying 2. If you want a difficult Zelda game try playing any of them with the Three Heart Challenge…. the evasion tactics were completely ruined in this game and half the enemies can beat by wildly swinging the Wii Remote

  • Jake

    The reason for all the text is because the game is made to be played in multiple countries, otherwise instead of writing it in a different language they’d have to have mutiple actors come in and do the voice’s in all the different languages. On rayman they changed it and that ruined the game for me, Zelda’s unique and it may not be for everyone, but it’s deffinately my favorite game the whole series, and keep them coming.

  • Rob

    I think this list is spot on. I am a huge zelda fan played them all, beat them all. Ww was a huge disappointment for me, story was alright but the art style is just so wrong for what the game is really about. As for Wii oh god don’t even get me started they hyped it up so much, but nothing delivered. Ps3 motion destroys Wii and they are in a similar price range now. The motion plus does nothing but want me to throw the controler it just doesn’t respond, loosed signal ext. Tp was the only good Wii game in my eyes. When I heard of skyward sword I was excited until I saw they brought back the crappy graphics. I mean yes its a zelda game but its 2012 people your going to have to pay $49.99 for a game that’s quality is worth gamecube game. You get what you pay for but when it comes to Nintendo now days it just seems your paying for the name. I’m very disappointed…

    • Jake

      @ Rob Agreed about the system in general, but if you were a true Zelda fan than the art style would be little more than a possible minor nuisance. Have you even bothered to play the game? I agree as well that Ww was the worst of the series, but not due to the art style. I guaruntee you that if you play for an hour, you will be thouroghly hooked.

      • Link5794

        The only problem with Wind Waker was the sailing and the cannon system. And Seahats. If Ganondorf had just hung out on an island swarming with Seahats, he would have been fine. Although I suppose then he wouldn't be able to take over Hyrule than, even though there wasn't much of a Hyrule left to take over, but now I'm just rambling.

  • chrander

    I am currently playing SS. I am enjoying it for sure, but i have a few gripes. Mostly since I think Twilight Princess is near perfect, my complaints come from comparing the two:

    1. The B and A buttons seem to be switched. That is, in TP B fired the slingshot and in SS A fires the slingshot. Nothing wrong with that, but i was just accustomed to the latter.

    2. Yeah, it took friggin forever to truly 'start' the game. I love the Lore and setting and everything, but i found myself holding and tapping A in hopes of speeding up the dialog after a while. I have the same complaint for TP and even Wind Waker, though.

    3. Save locations. REALLY!? Such a downgrade from TP! It's not horrendous to find the bird statues, but it is annoying in the early training part of the game that i cannot save at anytime.

    4. Motion Plus getting out of whack. Often times does the remote get out of sync with the positioning. Of course Nintendo is great at allowing us to recenter it at will, but the point is we have to do it.

    5. I hate to say this, but the graphics are kind of a let down. Twilight had more sophisticated graphics in my opinion. And that was made for the GameCube as we all know. SS still is a great looking game and has some awe inspiring views. My hopes may have been a little too high.

  • Guest

    I think he needs to quit his whining NOT all games have to be perfect to me this is a great game and i would recommend buying this game if you do not already have it.

  • Jake

    1. The Wii is a little under powered and maybe a bit behind the other systems, but it was a revolutionary idea and needed more tuning. However, people- likely ones such as you- were hounding Nintendo to release it.
    2. That's Zelda. Like it or leave it.
    3. The storyline of Skyward Sword is by far the most captivating part.
    4. I'll give you that one
    5. I was hooked from the moment I saw the intro.
    6. Keeping things fresh and original is the foundation of the video game industry.
    7. See number two
    8. The motion plus should have been released several years ago, but it makes games much more enjoyable and captivating.
    9. Agreed.
    10. See question 6.

    I clearly see that you simply wanted an excuse to complain. If your stuck in a temple, look up a walkthrough, don't post a thread insulting the greatest game series to ever exist.

  • w-dog

    the stamina meter frickin awesome it got me out of numerous deaths

  • Bj7

    This game is great. I too got tired of the talk to me guys that come up out of the ground and Fi constantly reminding me that my hearts were low. The dowsing got a bit annoying too. I thought the makers did a great job with the mining area. I really loved that Link can run! I also love the flying beetle. Over all I would rate this game a 9 out of 10. However and by far Twilight Princess will always be my favorite Zelda game.

  • Maka

    Okay, this list does sound like whining. I question if this person even played it.
    But, I do agree with #9 the camera angle annoyed me at first, and tends to when I first start playing, but eventually I forget because I'm too absorbed in the game. I also tend to forget how sensitive the Motion Plus is and end of just slightly shaking the Wii-mote like you do in Twilight Princess, which is mimicked on the screen, and then it's "Oh, crap, Motion Plus!" but all in all I love the game.

  • Zeldafan64

    The only one I agree with

  • KonaArii

    I just think that….

    1. I don’t like the Wii. You shouldn't have bought one

    2. Seriously, why isn’t there voice-acting? Because they speak Hylian. and if there was they then have to hire, fire next game hire, fire for the next one, Link is never the same person if you dont count direct sequels

    3. The writing is pretty bad. What the hell do you mean

    4. Please, please, please stop talking to me. Okay, i agree, one does simply not have to be informed their batteries are nearly depleated.

    5. “It gets really good about six hours in.” Okay, say if we threw you ito the game at that point where it gets really good what would you know of the story what you doing and the intro and beginning of a Zelda game is magic.

    6. Please pick an art direction already. the art changes to fit the story and characters of each game imagine Zant in Wind Waker. and plus then it would become the same game different name kind of thing just temples that all look the same.

    7. The same old lock-and-key dance. Isn't that what Zelda is, if you don't like it that much just dont play it, and people got annoyed when they cut Dungeons for Triforce pieces in WW

    8. I just don’t care about the Motion Plus. Again dont buy it.

    9. The default follow camera angle is too high. Your opinion cant change that. but it seems to be fine for the rest of the world, your just coming up with exuses now.

    10. I hate the stamina meter. I do wish it just wasn't in your face but other than that it would be fine.

  • I like pizza

    1) They hate the Wii? That's more like whining than something wrong with the game.
    2) …*facepalm*
    3) Yet again, *facepalm*
    4) ?
    7) What's wrong with locks and keys? It's been going on since 1987.

  • Ailen

    I totally disagree!!!!The Legend of Zelda is the most perfect series ever!!As a huge fan I will never agree with the stupid things that people say is wrong about the game!

  • Sarah

    Zelda is NOT a race/shooting thing. It's a zelda game.

    I hate that stamina bar.
    Nintendo, go screw the stamina bar.

    The writing is pretty good…(please dont hate on me,)

  • Link3453

    Voice acting…? Dude come on, voice acting would kill the game. Zelda does just fine without it. Do sort of agree with art direction. Getitng sort of annoyed with all this "cant make up our mind" with graphics. Dont get me wrong, I love the cell shaded graphics and realistic graphics, and I understand why they change it so much to appeal to different audiences, but they need to pick just one and master it. Preferably realistic graphics because it fits the zelda games so well, in my opinion.

  • Kaleb Langham

    I COMPLETELY disagree except for maybe #4 I do get a little annoyed when it tells me what I got every single time but with the voice acting rant I feel like the voice acting would ruin it just an opinion