Take a Look at This Impressive Custom Link Amiibo

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With Breath of the Wild releasing a little over two months ago, custom merchandise has been popping up all over the place thanks to artists and small business owners. Deanna Brydson, owner of Pixel Collie Crafts, builds and modifies different kinds of amiibo, with many of them inspired by Breath of the Wild. Check out this custom Link amiibo Brydson is selling through her Etsy store. 

It features Link, from Breath of the Wild, donning his Hylian Tunic and Hood. He is also holding the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, along with his quiver and bow, which can be seen on the back of the figure. 

The figure is reposed with beading wire while modified, resculptured parts are built using polymer clay. It is then painted with “artist grade acrylics for a scratch resistant finish.” Because it is a modified version of the Archer Link amiibo, you will still be able to scan it for its in-game goodies. 

A front view of Pixel Collie Crafts’ custom Link amiibo.

According to the item’s listing, Brydson only has one of these Link figures available for preorder. It sells for $69.70 and can be shipped worldwide from Canada. 

Aside from this Link figure, Pixel Collie Crafts’ also sells other custom Breath of the Wild merchandise, including a Rider Link amiibo with a repainted horse and repainted Bokoblins. I, for one, am digging her Silver Bokoblin figure.

A closer look at Pixel Collie Crafts’ custom Silver Bokoblin amiibo. Despite them wanting to kill me, I can’t help but think they’re cute.

What are your thoughts on Brydson’s custom figurines? Do you own any custom amiibo? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear. 


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