Take a Look at This Custom Champion’s Tunic Pro Controller

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The pro controller is, by far, a favorite for the Nintendo Switch console. It is comfortable, easy to use, and, to a lot of fans, worth the money. I’ve yet to see any items aside from clothing inspired by the Champion’s Tunic, so I’m excited to share this with you all. 

This custom pro controller is built by Paradox Props, an Etsy store based in Chiefland, Florida, that specializes in custom painted items. It is carefully airbrushed to resemble the Champion’s Tunic from Breath of the Wild. It can be finished in a matte or gloss clear coat, the photos displayed in this article display the sleek-looking gloss coat. 

According to the listing, the controller is limited edition, as the shopowner will only be making ten of them. You can currently purchase it for $180. Feel free to check out more details at its Etsy listing here.

I personally really like the Champion’s Tunic in Breath of the Wild. With the game being so refreshingly new, I think this brand new outfit fits the aesthetic of the game perfectly. The color scheme it holds is appealing to the eye, in my opinion, so I’m really digging this. What are your thoughts on this neat looking controller? Do you own any custom controllers? Feel free to share your comments with us below. 


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