Take a Look at This Adorable 3D-Printed Statue of the Goddess

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Need some stamina? Perhaps an extra heart container? As we trekked through our journeys in Breath of the Wild, without a doubt did the Statue of the Goddess help aid our quests. Etsy shop 3D Central builds and sells miniature Goddess Statues, which make adorable pieces of both indoor and outdoor decor. 

These 3D Printed statues come two finishes, a white, unpainted one, and a stone one. The unpainted one sells for $40 while the stone one is $80. It stands 7 ½ inches tall, which is roughly 19 centimeters, and is made of PLA plastic, one of the two primarily-used thermoplastics in 3D printing next to ABS plastic. Check out the Etsy listing here

I wrote about 3D Central’s hookshot replica back in February and am happy to see that they’re still producing Zelda-related items. If you’re interested, check out their latest video on how they achieve the stone finish. The video features one of their 3D printers creating their rendition of the Skyward Sword Goddess Statue as well. 

Interested in 3D printing yourself? Some educational outlets like libraries and universities allow access to community 3D printers, so you can print out this statue on your own. In case you’re interested, you can find the downloadable Goddess Statue design here

What are your thoughts on this piece of decor? Do you have any experience with 3D printing? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear. 


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