Symphony of the Goddesses Concert in Orlando Pictures

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Back in January I purchased 3 tickets for the Symphony of the Goddesses concert in Orlando, Florida. And after a 14 hour drive down from Ohio, I finally got to attend the show. As you all know, I managed to score free tickets to the show in LA during E3, but this time I got to bring my girlfriend Rachel, and a fan off my Facebook page.

Before the show, I was able to meet up with the producer of the show, Jeron Moore, for a quick behind the scenes tour. Here are some quick pictures I took.

symphony of the goddesses

symphony of the goddesses

symphony of the goddesses orlando

I then took a couple of pictures from my seat. They had a very strict no camera or video recorder policy here at the venue so I was not able to get very much. At the Greek I got almost the entire show recorded. Here I was not able to get anything but a couple of pictures.

symphony of the goddesses

link cosplay

I also shot a couple of impressions videos. I will be uploading those later to our Youtube channel.So stay tuned!


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  • Ryan

    I got your SP tag, Noah! Thanks for Ohio! ;)

    I'm Ryan with the sunglasses and blooper hat. My 3DS friend code is 4081-5511-8854 if you want to add me.

    Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did! Safe travels.

    • noahglaser

      Oh thats awesome! Ill defo add you!

      • Ryan

        thanks, where can I find your friend code? :)

        • noahglaser

          I will get it and post when I get my 3ds to an internet connection. The hotel I am staying at only has wired connection so I cant get online to add you or anything. Ill get you my code tho.

          Feel free to email me at [email protected] as well

    • noahglaser

      my fc is 1246-9461-7890