Sidequest Sunday: Anju and Kafei

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was the 6th Zelda game to come out, originally releasing in 2000 on the Nintendo 64. However, in 2015, the game was remade on the Nintendo 3Ds, expanding the game greatly to younger audiences. 

The game had so many side quests for it’s time, but none are nearly as nostalgic and memorable as the Anju and Kafei quest. It’s a story about lovers who have fallen apart under the most mysterious of terms, and as you complete each part of the lengthy quest, the story unfolds it’s self. 

For this Sidequest Sunday, for those of you who have yet to complete this quest/need help completing it, I will help you step by step. Whether you are playing the original on the 64, or on the 3DS, I can help! You can read it here with screenshots, or watch our video tutorial on YouTube: 

To start, make sure it is the Dawn of the First Day. In order to complete this quest, it is required you have: the Hookshot, the Romani Mask, the Garo Mask, and Epona. You may have already done the bomb bag side quest at this point, or maybe you haven’t, but either way it is strictly important you do not save the old lady on the first night. If this is done, the Anju & Kafei quest will not be able to happen. Also, I recommend playing through the game fully first, as it is easier to have all the items, hearts, songs, and owl statues.

Once your new day loads up, you’re going to want to head over to East Clock Town, making your way to the Mayor’s Office. Once into this building, the closet one to the bomber’s hideout, you will be going through the room to your right. Here, you will most likely be introduced to the side quest, as well as the Maoyr’s wife. She tells you about her missing son, Kafei, and how she has been searching for him. She will gift you the Kafei Mask after mistaking you for the detective searching for her missing son.

From here, you will leave the Mayor’s Office, going straight to the bottom of stairs, turning right to enter the Stock Pot Inn. You may talk to Anju at 2pm to get the room key to the room upstairs, The Knife Chamber. This key will also allow you to enter the building after it closes. (If you are playing the 3DS version, you must have wear the Goron Mask to receive the key.) Once you’ve done this, wait for the Postman to deliver a letter to Anju; you can wait until he leaves, or listen in on a funny little conversation.

After the Postman leaves, speak with Anju another time, only this time, wear the Kafei Mask. Now, Anju will act shocked that you are too in search for him, and informs you to meet her at 11:30pm in the kitchen (which is located at the back of the Inn). At around midnight, Anju will stroll into the kitchen. Speak with her once again. She finally informs you that she got a letter from Kafei, and how strange it is to get a letter from a missing person. She is convinced the letter is from Kafei, and after giving Link a letter for him, begs you to mail the letter and follow the Postman and see where he delivers it to Kafei. Mail the letter, and wait for Dawn of the Second Day. 

Now, for more waiting. Today, at 3pm, the Postman will run to the Laundry Pool. After ringing the bell, the Postman waits for the small child the emerges from the other side of the water. While the Postman and this child talk, you can listen in (or not) then head to the door the child came from. Go in, and head upstairs

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It will take a second, but eventually the child will return to the house. Upon speaking with him, you learn that he is in fact Kafei himself, cursed into the form of  a child by the Skull Kid, and had his wedding mask (the Sun’s Mask) stolen by him as well. He only revels this after he reads Anju’s letter. As she decried you as a boy with green hat and green clothes, he knows he can trust you, as she does. He gifts you with the Pendant of Memories, a pretty necklace-like item, as a symbol to Anju the Kafei is still alive. 

When spoken to again, Kafei asks you to view the shop below where he is hiding, the Curiosity Shop, and mentions stolen items will make their way here. Take the Pendant of Memories to Anju, which will make her decide to wait in town on the final night until Kafei returns. 

At 9:30 that night, you may enter the Knife Chamber and view an optional cut scene between Anju and her mother, but this is not required. (Nor is getting the room key) If you’ve done the quest correctly, Anju will tell her mother she is waiting for her love. If done incorrectly, her mother will convince her to flee the town with her the next day, leaving Kafei behind. Here, you get a nice view of Anju’s wedding dress, so I recommend you watch the scene.

Image result for anju and her mom majora's mask

Also, another optional scene takes place in the Curiosity Shop at 1am, where you can see Sakon trying to sell the bomb bag stolen from the old woman. The shop owner offers 100 rupees, but when Sakon calls him a miser and demands 200, he threatens to tell the bomb shop he stole the bomb bag. Sakon ends up selling it for a mere 50 rupees. If you recall, Kafei can see everything happening in the Curiosity Shop from his hideout room. Now, Kafei knows it was Sakon, and has the opportunity to follow him. 

Wait for Dawn of the Final Day, and head over to the laundry pool. You may enter Kafei’s hideout, (1pm) but he will not be found. The Curiosity Shop owner will be give you a message, informing you he had known Kafei since he was a youngster, and he gives you a letter for Kafei’s mother. (You will also be awarded the Keaton Mask) The shop owner tells you the thief’s name (previously said, Sakon), and that he can be more than likely found near Ikana Village. 

Play the Song of Soaring, and head over to Ikana Canyon. Rather than going to the village, go right down the water. Kafei will already be waiting behind the rocks. If you’re having trouble finding it, there is a sign labeled “Sakon Hideout” (real smart right?) and the rocks will be to your left. Kafei will explain that he is waiting for Sakon to return, so he can follow him into his hideout. You have to wait now for sun down for Sakon to return (3D- play song of double time)

Image result for sakon's hideout majora's mask

Run in after Sakon, staying out of his view, before the door closes. Kafei will run in himself, shortly before finding his mask and setting off an alarm. As the mask goes further into the hideout, he tells you to step on the switch yourself. This will trigger a “mini-game” of sorts. You will control Kafei, and must move block on top of switches in order to open Link’s door. You will have a time limit, and as Link you must fight off enemies. (Note: the blue switches are the goal, the red switches will speed the mask away)

When Kafei and Link are both standing on the switches in the final room, Kafei will finally be able to acquire the Sun’s Mask. He will run back to Clock Town. When you finish this quest, it will automatically be midnight. Warp to Clock Town, and go to Anju’s room in the Stock Pot Inn. 

OPTIONAL: Give Mama’s Letter to the Postman and he will deliver it to the Postmistress (Kafei’s mother). If this is done, you follow him, and speak to him outside the Milk Bar, you will obtain the Postman’s hat as he runs away from town. 

Image result for postman's hat majora's mask

Back in Anju’s room, you get to witness the lovers reunite. Kafei will come into the room at about 1:30:00. Anju remembers when her and Kafei were children, by his scent, and says “welcome home”. As they embrace each other, you are gifted the Couple’s Mask, and they hold each other as the moon falls. 

Image result for anju kafei majora's mask

Please make sure to save before you reset time, as if you do not, YOU HAVE TO REPEAT THIS WHOLE QUEST

With the Couple’s Mask, you will be able to go to the Mayor’s office while wearing it, and see an alternate cut scene. Everyone will decide it is for the best night to fight, but you should see the scene for yourself. 

If you had some trouble, be sure to check our video walkthrough: 


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