Next Nintendo Console Failure?

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No we aren’t talking about the 3DS, we’re talking about the Wii’s probable descendant, the “Wii 2” if you will. Game Analyst Michael Pachter, the man who predicted the Wii HD console (didn’t happen), has stated that he believes that Nintendo’s next console, the “Wii 2”, will fail. He believes that the console doesn’t have any actual support from a third party. He also believes that Microsoft and Sony have a giant advantage in the gaming industry.

“Nintendo can’t let Microsoft have a 20 million install base of next-gen consoles and they’re still in the last generation,” said Pachter on Bonus Round. “I’ve been vilified during the last couple of weeks for saying that. I said in ’08 [the Wii HD] was coming, because I really thought the time was right […] 2010, I think, was the absolute last Christmas they could afford to wait. They had to do it and they didn’t. Now, I think it’s too late.”

“Clearly, any of the three console manufacturers can advance the technology to the next level and have facial recognition, have Milo that actually works, that kind of stuff. I mean, they could do it, but do you think any of the third parties are gonna support that?”

“I don’t see EA, who’s barely profitable, saying: ‘We had such a great experience with the Wii last time, we’re gonna dedicate $500 million of R&D to make facial recognition stuff.’ It ain’t gonna happen.”

“So without third-party support, I think the Wii 2, if it’s truly a revolutionary device, will fail,” Pachter said. “I think they boxed themselves in. No matter what they do, it won’t be as successful as the Wii.”

– Michael Pachter

If this does come to pass then I’ll truly be sad. Personally I don’t believe that Nintendo’s next console will fail at all, the company has too strong of a fan base.


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  • handheldgamer144

    I'd say they only need one feature: the ability to plug into multiple TVs, or possibly connect multiple of the same system.

    Don't worry, Nintendo. I like your consoles' graphics, even if some people are too ignorant to enjoy Toon Link's facial expressions and Samus's face.

    Nintendo is actually leading the next generation in handhelds. Just look at their 3DS and tell me it isn't more advanced than the PSP or iProduct.

  • Brink

    This is a load of bull-honkey. Michael Pachter isn't an analyst, he's an industry monkey. He's been saying for years that, "This is going to be the year that they release Wii HD!" When that would really be ridiculous and a stupid move for Nintendo, and it's not happening.

    The Wii has a long life ahead of it. Skyward Sword coming out so late in the year proves that. Microsoft and Sony aren't going to be able to co-opt the Wii's success unless they can pull something off something truly remarkable, like bring some new, original IP that's not "Mii-like" that's half as successful as 2d Mario or as successful as Zelda to use the Kinect.

    Nintendo is on a roll. NSMB Wii sold 21 million units in just a little over a year! That's unheard of! DKC Returns is on track to sell around what DKC 1 did. Kirby is actually going to eat and copy on home console again this year! Skyward Sword is actually doing something new, and is possibly going to bring new content to the table married with good gameplay (something that the series has severely needed since OoT).

    The 3DS has the third parties on its side and it's being pre-ordered to death! Sony is just doing weird, stupid things like putting out a ridiculously priced PSP2 with HD and PS3 ports. Microsoft doesn't look like they're going to bring any exciting content to marry with the Kinect. No, Microsoft is too chained to 3rd parties to really do anything good with the Kinect.

    And expect the next Wii console not just to be "Wii HD" like Pachter is trying to brainwash people into thinking. Iwata has said that the next home console, which won't come for many years, is going to need something NEW if it's going to sell, not just HD.

    Don't trust what random people say, look at what is actually happening. Ever since Nintendo adopted the philosophy of and studied the "Blue Ocean Strategy" and "The Innovator's Dilemma" they've had unrivaled success.

    • genebit

      Yeah I didn't really like what he had to say either. It's too late to tell with other console's motion controlling technology, but I don't believe they will gain any front with the ability to switch back to a regular ps3 or Xbox controller. The Nintendo's Wiimote is really the only controller for the Wii (unless you buy the other supplied controllers or plug in a GameCube controller). Because the Wii already has had this type of controller from the start it somewhat forced companies to develop a game that involved motion sensing technology. It's for this reason I believe that Sony and Microsoft aren't going to do as well as Nintendo when it comes to motion gaming, they're just to far behind and companies have a second option for a controller (the classical option). This is what Nintendo has over the other consoles and because of that I don't think that the next console will be a failure, Nintendo developers will have already had that much needed motion controlled background that the next Nintendo console will probably have even better motion controlled gaming, surpassing that of Sony or Microsoft. Which in my opinion, is what will cause the next system to sell a lot better than what this guy is predicting.

      another thing he mentioned in the past would be the Wii HD, implying that Nintendo should focus more on their graphical front. Pacman is fun as hell… graphics are very low poly :P You don't need pretty graphics to have a good game (they're just a bonus).

  • Frank

    ok first, nintendo is not sony, they don't put a number each console so i don't think is gonna be another nintendo console with the name of "wii 2" that's dumb and second, you can't predict if a console is gonna fail or not if it hasn't even been anounced

  • David

    Loooser! ;D

  • In my opinion, PS3 leads all the way in consoles. However on the other hand, 3DS has beaten PSP.

    The traditional Nintendo games like Pac-Man and Mario Brothers are some how hard to beat.

    Moreover, the people are also moving towards the ease of Games For Free online

  • Aaron

    ^ Um… Wii has been leading #1 in sales by a landslide for the past 4-5 years and has been making GREAT profits.

    PS3 and XBox 360 have been way, way behind having MASSIVE losses, like each console has lose around $4 billion.

    How many Wiis have sold? A little less than 85 million have. How many Xbox 360s have sold? Around 50 million. How many PS3s have sold? Around 48 million.

    If anything, PS3 is in LAST, not leading.

  • Adam

    Keep in mind that the Wii has the lowest retention rates of any console. I never touched my wii in three years All of the people I know stopped playing the Wii after one month. It was obsolete before it was even produced.

    There is also NO online discussion of Wii games or youtube videos about the wii or its games.

    whoohoo, I love the wii's 640×480 rendering that still looks like shit!

    Nintendo has no mark in the gaming world any more, only in the toy industry

    • damedy

      I like how people go to all the trouble of blatantly bashing a console they sic their fanboy rage on, just to prove how stupid they are. "I never touched my wii in three years." You spent $250 to buy something you never touched, having had it for three years. Congratulations, you're an idiot that can't form complete thoughts about ANYTHING. Although to be fair, you're probably lying anyway and in fact have never had a Wii, nor known a group of people who only used the Wii for a month. My advice, if you wanna be a raging fanboy, stick to your regular shtick and don't make up stories reminiscent of grade-school playground lies.

      Also note the irony in how Move and Kinect are ACTUAL toys. And Wii looks great on my giant plasma, as does my PS3. It's not HD, but looks great nonetheless.

  • Ryushi

    Michael Pachter is a complete joke of an analyst. I personally thought it was hilarious when a big reaction to those watching the live stream of Nintendo's press conference was "Wow, Nintendo just released another handheld as a console?" And he was one of the few who actually realized it wasn't a handheld, even though the console is following the idea of a handheld, hence the controller being a tablet. I say this console will sell amazing.

    And to all saying this isn't HD–Please Shut the Fuck Up (STFU). It is full HD, and if you don't believe me go look up the official specs of the console.