Reddit User Manages to Move Paya from Kakariko Village to Hyrule Castle

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Out of all of the Breath of the Wild shenanigans I’ve seen, this is probably one of the most impressive ones I’ve seen up to date. From making Guardians fly with rafts, to “taking Kass to meet another Kass,” players have had an enjoyable time messing around with enemies and NPCs.

Roughly a week ago, Reddit user BOOXMOWO uploaded photos from his hilariously entertaining journey, where he moved the bashful Shiekah, Paya, from Kakariko Village to Hyrule Castle. According to his post, BOOXMOWO’s goal was to bring his favorite Breath of the Wild character to his favorite location. (How romantic.) By gathering multiple metal crates, and taking advantage of the pathfinding AI the nonplayable character possesses, he spent around 7 hours fetching crates for the maze he would then build around her. 

Reddit user BOOXMOWO, guiding Paya and controlling her path thanks to many metal crates.

Everything from Bokoblins, to Guardians, to Cambo and his donkey posed a threat to the guiding process due to the possibility of Paya disappearing. Needless to say, lots of planning occurred in order to pursue his experiment, and the outcome was impressive. The Imgur post, where he uploaded his journey, was a wild and entertaining rollercoaster. You can check it out here

What are your thoughts on BOOXMOWO and Paya’s adventure? What kind of shenanigans are you up to in Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear.


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