Nintendo Underwhelms at E3 2015

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Note: this is an opinion piece and not a direct reflection.

With Sony and Microsoft hitting the ground running with huge announcements, Nintendo answers with …Mario Maker.

Sorry, Super Mario Maker.


Yes, it’s the 30th anniversary of Mario. Yes, we owe so much to our gaming fandom to Nintendo and the Mario franchise. But not revealing a new 3D adventure for the mascot of Nintendo and still holding off on updates regarding The Legend of Zelda Wii U paved the way for a very underwhelming E3 performance from Nintendo.

The muppet intro leading to the full look at Star Fox was grossly overshadowed by the Mario Maker nonsense. I also feel too much time was spent on Yoshi’s Wooly World again when we’ve had a lot of info about this title for a year now. Star Fox is still missing the TLC that it needs.

Maybe I’m bitter because I was really hoping for that Zelda secret sound effect and a new trailer showing off some updates on the pending Wii U title (that is still on schedule for WiiU, not NX).

The announcement of two new Zelda related titles is exciting, sure. I think Hyrule Warriors Legends will be a great addition to my 3DS, as with traveling as often as I do, that’s one game that I feel to unlock everything requires some time. Triforce Heroes looks like it has some appeal, although the King needing new clothes plot? Pass.


Who knows? Maybe in the coming weeks they’ll realize this mistake and start blowing our social feeds up with updates that we’re excited about.


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