Next Zelda title to be released in 2014

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Yeah, you read that right. The next installment of the Legend of Zelda might be hitting Wii U consoles around the world in 2014! Now, this is only a rumor as of right now, but there could be some legitimacy to it. According to Wii U Daily (, a generally reliable source, the legend will continue sooner than expected. But enough hype, let’s talk about the game!

Now, the writer says that the game will use a similar art style to Skyward Sword. Their source claims to have seen the new Link from this game and he appears to look like an older, more matured version of our hero from Skyloft. The game will also take use of the Wii U’s larger discs and is said to be the biggest Zelda game yet! Dungeons are speculated to take hours rather than an hour and the game will take use of the Wii U’s new Gamepad.

With all of this said, and assuming it’s true, I think that this could mean a sequel to Skyward Sword. Why not? Skyward Sword was extremely well received by fans! Most importantly though, many believe that the game surpassed Ocarina of Time and claimed it’s spot as the greatest Zelda game of all time. The last time Nintendo had a success as big as this, they created a sequel to it. Back then, it was Majora’s Mask. Now, it’s Zelda Wii U. That’s my theory for why the graphics were kept the same. Now, I can understand why you wouldn’t believe this since, at the end of Skyward Sword, it doesn’t really leave it open for a sequel. For all we know, it could be a prequel or an entirely new Zelda game!

So what do you think? Are you excited about a new Zelda game? Are you disappointed that it’s using the same art style from Skyward Sword? Or do you think this is all fake? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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  • Cococrash11

    I hope they show a Left Handed Link in Wii U.

    • Dipzilla

      agreed i want a left handed version i cant even play skyward sword thanks to my lack of mobility in my right arm

      • sparkles_a23

        They should make it optionable, because I'd probably spend hours convincing my mind that Its my right hand not my left hand I should be using. =)

  • Relabim

    How about a 3DS Zelda game ? Is that for later than 2014 ?!

    • Kayla

      Dude. Ocarina of Time 3D. Or do you mean something completely new? Cause that would be pretty sweet!!

    • There was an article on IGN about the next Zelda 3DS game. It was written in 2011 around…November? But anyway, it is confirmed that the next game will be on the 3DS, it is NOT a sequel to PH and ST, and it will not be a remake. It will be original. There hasn't been really any news since unless I missed anything.

      • rhindon7

        I'm playing through OoT3D right now. LOL In fact, I got my 3DS from my girlfriend for Christmas (I'm such a blessed man! LOL). So I'd be even MORE stoked for a new 3DS Zelda. Remakes are welcome, though.

    • AwesomeLink

      I know! Can I have more than 1 Legend of Zelda game for my 3DS please?!?

      • rhindon7


  • Jarkes

    Yeah, the folks over at Zelda Universe are fairly certain that this is fake. It's just too good to be true.

  • Chimicherry

    I hope its Fake. I'd like a new Zelda game as soon as possible but I want to move away from that art style. Lets have a New Link or a Link based of the art style of A Link to the past. I Like the Idea Of a Longer Zelda game. Make me work for my victory. I can't Believe People are saying Skyward surpassed Ocarina of time. Perhaps in marketing. It was indeed a fun game but it was not the Best in the series. I hope the Next Game is more Mature like Twilight and Majora's was. Its High time.

    • MisterFox

      Move away from Skyward Sword's style but go for A Link To The Past? If ALttP was translated into a 3D-game, I would have thought it would look like Skyward Sword, maybe a bit less colourful but definitely still as popping and "cartoonish" (which I love, even if the word is terrible to describe it.)

      So what exactly did you have in mind?

      • rhindon7

        I was actually JUST imagining what a revamped ALttP would look like in 3D akin to how OoT broke the entire series into 3D in the first place. I have always loved ALttP due to its length. A truly majestic journey…and epic in its own right (accounting, perhaps, for tech limitations). But oooh what glory would we behold to see ALttP have new life breathed into it. I can only just begin to imagine how awesome it would be. … I have the giddiness now. LOL

    • Link21911

      i hope they make a more similar game to majoras mask, ocarina of time, and twilight princess. thats games that made me shake with bosses. play music with notes and find and explore things. and not like find the triforce, cus then i would have been like: haha i can destroy the world ive did my thin whats the point of me goin around and do stuff. and OOT MM and TP is alot bether than ss. that game was far to easy. make the game long and more difficult. and add som storyline!!!!

  • Zelda fan#1

    im disappointing that there going with Zelda SS artstyle, BUT this IS just a rumor, it hasn't been proven true or false, and Miyamoto has said numerous times that he plans on taking advantage of Wii U's power for this game, and I believe somewhere he said that they weren't gonna do SS artstyle for the next Zelda game {:/
    im kinda confused but this is once again just a rumor

  • blablepblop

    I wonder if it is true. I actuallt hope it is, though i probably won't buy it because whos gonna spend for anothe wii thats only slightly different? well maybe thats just me. I like the idea of a longer game… but taking hours on a dungeon might suck unless it has some amazing saving skills that bring you right to the room you were in. I'm kinda think its real, but like JARKES said its to good to be true really.

  • anonymous

    Well, the art from Skyward Sword is more eye-catching than the realistic stuff that they showed off on the Wii-U. I am glad they are (hopefully) pulling a Wind Waker on the hard-core n00bs. I hope it is true, but we don't even have any public concept art yet! I think if it is true, it will be released at the minimum towards the beginning of 2016, taking game size into account.

  • Dipzilla

    as long as it has a mode for us leftys im ok with it

  • guest

    I hope the game has dragons involved! they only had valoo so far from Wind Waker!

    • Awesomelink

      They also had Volvagia from Ocarina of time.

    • Guest

      and the Dragon boss in Twiliight Princess and the three dragons of Skyward Sword

  • Jason

    Seriously? Surpassed OOT? No, although the plot/storyline was great was a horrble gameIMO(the only bad Xelda game IMO) because of how finicky the controls where. Even if they had good controls I dont think it would have surpassed OOT. But it would have been a great game IMO if not for the wiimote issues.

    • blah

      You're fucking retarded. Skyward sword was a great game. I had NO problems with controls.
      I understand it was your opinion… but you are wrong.

  • Kayla

    Option for left-handed controls is a must, and honestly I wasn't crazy about the Skyward Sword art style, I'm more of a Twilight Princess art fan, but I must say, it's pretty amazing how good the graphics look on those teaser pics we got a while back. I'm very excited for it, I want another Zelda game, but then I'd have to go buy the Wii U…….

  • zomgbilly

    OMG skyward sword is NOTHING compared to ocarina of time/majora's mask , its not an oppinion its the trueth.

    • MisterFox

      Care to elaborate?

    • eman7602

      your argument is invalid, that infact, is a opinion. Case closed good chap.

  • Connor Bonin!!!

    How is SS better than OoT? Was anyone else pissed off that they recycled the freaking areas, and did anyone else get tired of flying on the Loftwing, and would have rather been able to teleport because you feel like you're getting nowhere on that thing? And really, how many times did we have to prove ourselves to that freaking Water Dragon?

    • pendragon

      yes and yes… i quit after replaying the first dungeon. i'm not going to replay through the entire game and same dungeons, with slightly different tasks

      • somecrazyguy

        actually, the first dungeon is the only one replayed.

  • What What in the

    Skyward Sword was one of the more disappointing Zelda titles, in my opinion. I quit playing late in the game because I was sick and tired of fighting Demise and Ghirahim over and over again, but the fact that the player essentially played the same three dungeon types twice really killed the game for me.

    • Kayla

      Ditto dude

      • sparkles_a23

        The game itself was good – the enimies were tougher and all that, but yeah, the dungeons were easy and reptitive, the first few being almost the same, and the bosses looked scary. But thats about all they were good at.

    • pendragon

      yes. once i replayed the first dungeon i looked up online to see if it would get any better. only to read you played through the entire game over again. no thanks. first zelda game i've ever quit.
      i did like that it was a bit harder. and i am fine with the graphic style. even a decent story, it was the gameplay (and the flying of the bird) that ruined it. the monotony and small task after small task was annoying.
      how could it ever top oot?

      • somecrazyguy

        again, the only dungeon you replay is the first one. the three main areas you revisit (sort of… you actually find new areas within those three areas, and new dungeons) so no, you dont play through the ENTIRE game over again. play through all the way before you start giving reviews on the game.

  • kyle

    I hope they make the game on the wii ands wii u for people who dont have a wii u. also I want to see an older link rather than a younger one

  • Jigaboo

    Modern Zelda ftw
    Make it more open and less puzzle-based. Make it harder. Basically make it more like the first and second as far as open-world and difficulty.

  • Noah

    You do realize that the sequels to SS are already made right? lol. CONTINUE THE HERO OF TIME'S STORY FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! Also, just because they said SS artstyle does NOT mean graphics. Take the basic drawings and add all the 3d rendered effects of the tech demo and you get an amazing looking game. (a more updated version of the tech demo's engine, UnR3 believe it or not) So stop griping about art style as if you know something. If you weren't old enough to play OoT when it was released, you need to stop talking.

    • Selene_Mare

      They meant direct sequel, like Majora's Mask is to Ocarina of Time, Link's Awakening is to Link to the Past, Adventure of Link is to Legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass is to Wind Waker, etc. Most Link's have 2 games (though according to the Timeline, LttP Link has 4 (the Oracle games happen between LttP and LA), The following Links have yet to receive sequels: Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks (technically a 'close enough' sequel to Phantom Hourglass), and Four Swords Adventures (Four Swords (GBA/3DS) takes place with the same Link as Minish Cap).

  • Xahemwolf

    I couldn't agree more!


    I want a new zelda game i will buy a wii u the second the game comes out

  • Luke

    I didn't read any of the other posts, so if this thought was stated already, sorry.

    Am I the only one who sees the similarities between the ending of Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time? Both had a time travel sequence where some great evil was stopped in the future and then something was changed in the past. OoT was the split for three different timelines because of their use of that time shift. What's to say they don't try and do something similar with the Skyward sword franchise, sort of like OoT if Gannon wasn't the villain because Demise was killed.

    I think the new game is going to be like a "discovering the world" after landing from the skies. This could provide an expansive world that could be completely different from all others. And it could give background to how different towns were formed, say Clocktown.

    That being said I think they could do some really good things with this game, and I look forward to dropping as much of my money into Nintendo's pockets.

  • FluffyZelda

    Omg i so hope this isnt fake…And…Is it just me….Or did Link just get as hot as hell?

  • JZGamer

    No way, no how, was skyward sword better than OOT !!! If you were around when OOT was released you'd understand. Nothing like it had been seen before, and for me nothing since has been as inventive and imaginative, everything else has had maybe better graphics as innovations continue but none have had the "feel" and storyline of the earlier Zelda games.

  • Sarah

    I sorta hoped for a more TP art style-I was a big fan of it.
    Anyway, HOW IS SS BETTER THEN OoT?! (My opinion,)
    Even if this game isn't what I'm expecting, you can count on finding me the second that game is released to buy a Wii U,

  • kingalanpoo cat

    I agree with Sarah and Kayla! I AM DYYING for a twilight princess style game! As for the puzzles, they need to stay. It’s part of what makes the games fun, so I would hate if those go. I WANT A TWILIGHT PRINCESS SEQUEL SOO BAD!!! I KNOW IT’S IMPOSSIBLE BUT PLEAAAASE! Another thing, “Skyward Sword surpassed OOT?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’m sorry, I didn’t hate SS, but it’s most definitely not the best Zelda game, let alone better than OOT. I’m just hoping for a Twilight Princess sequel and midna’s return!
    P.S- at the end of TP Midna says “see you later”. That means something right? RIGHT? *sob*

  • zelda is cooooooool

    i hope it comes out in wii to

    • Zelda212

      It wont because this game is will heavily use the gamepad and the graphics will be in HD which are to much for the wii to handle and I don’t think they could fit it on a singular Wii disc.

  • i love epona

    I would love a brand new Zelda game myself either on the wii or the 3ds.
    maybe a sequel to twilight or Oot would be great!
    the main thing i would love is one that doesnt have so much water to go over or so much flying.
    i loved having a horse to ride on. i always wondered why they dropped the horse idea after twilight.

  • Are you disappointed that it’s using the same art style from Skyward Sword? Yep, I think so

  • I love this game. It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I hope the Next Game is more Mature like Twilight and Majora's was.

  • Catstrawberry

    I hope the next Zelda game is like SS or Twilight
    Princess!! And the history renew like Zelda oracle of seasons or oracle of time. How will be the new design in a old game?

  • Moon

    I'm pretty excited for the new title. No more remakes, time for a new title!
    I'd love to see Twilight Princess's feel in the game though.

  • DiaperFox

    Majora’s Mask HD is better than 3DS!

    • Mikey

      OMG Majora’s Mask HD on the big screen is where it belongs! How things are looking though, it doesn’t seem like that’s where they’re heading :P

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Total nonsense. If it is true RIP Zelda for yet another generation for me.

  • BigNateRocks

    YES this is the year of the great Wii U / 3DS Majora’s Mask (hopefully)!