New HD Zelda Revealed for Wii U

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It has been almost two years since Nintendo revealed a HD concept for Zelda at E3 2011. Since then there has been no new information released…until now.

Eiji Aonuma, Zelda producer, has provided us with some insight into the upcoming Zelda Wii U title. While declining to give full insight into the game, he did provide some other great details. He stated that Nintendo is, “rethinking the conventions of Zelda.”

This means concepts such as dungeon completion order or the game being single player or multiplayer. Themes like this are being set aside as the development team will return to the basics. The goal of these ambitions are to create a “reborn Zelda.”

Aonuma then began to discuss the game’s graphical style. While he refused to give any specific information, he did state that the style is far different than the one shown in the 2011 E3 tech demo. He says this “new style” as been developed as the Zelda team has been working on bringing Zelda into HD.

No release window has been provided as of now.


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    Still right handed, huh? They need to go back to him being left handed. I don't even know why I care so much, as I'm mainly right handed, though a bit ambidextrous as well, but it just bugs me that he's not left handed anymore just because of the Wiimotes.

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    I hope they won't change it too much…multiplayer would be nice, but not too many changes. Too many changes would ruin it for long time fans.

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