New Challenges to Conquer in Breath of the Wild

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Breath of the Wild has been out for long enough that most of us avid gamers have gotten the hang of things by now but that doesn’t mean the game is dead just yet. Thanks to open world gaming we can get creative with our gameplay. Here we have a list of challenges you can take on to truly test your adventurous spirit.

Link facing his home in Hateno Village.

Inn to Win: Breath of the Wild added a new cooking feature which can result in the player relying too heavily on their cavernous stash of gourmet meals. The challenge here is to not use food at all to replenish your hearts. This will result in you sleeping at inns a good portion of the time, hence the name. Another option is to complete a shrine which automatically revives all your hearts when finished.

Fanart of Link shield surfing by Stupjam.

No Shields: Pretty self-explanatory. You can’t use a shield at any point in the game not even to shield surf. This seems like a tough one to me. Half the fun of the game was shield surfing. Can you resist the urge?

Pikango hard at work at his craft.

Survivalist: Throughout the game NPC’s will aid you in one way or another whether it be through foods, items, or rupees. This challenge requires that you become completely self-reliant. You cannot take anything from the NPCs. You’re a strong and independent adventurer that doesn’t need any NPCs!

Link living wild and free.

Eventide: This is one of the more unique challenges available. When you first start your adventure you have little to no equipment and this challenge continues that concept throughout the entirety of the game. Every time you enter a new tower’s section of the map, whether by teleportation or just from crossing the borders, you must strip yourself of all equipment and that means EVERYTHING. Another variation of this is to rid yourself of everything every time you die.

Link praying to the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time.

Standardized Hearts and Stamina: This is your classic three hearts only challenge. You cannot use your spirit orbs to increase your hearts or stamina. This doesn’t mean you should avoid shrines altogether though since they still contain valuable weapons and armor. As for the heart containers you can get from the Divine Beasts, that is up to you whether you want to include those in your challenge or not.

Sheikah armor set from Kakariko Village.

Stealth Only: A battle technique I highly favored in my first play-through where you must only defeat enemies by sneaking up on them and striking them with a sneak attack. You can also opt to avoid combat altogether and just sneak your away around Hyrule. In order to become a Sheikah you must think like a Sheikah.

Link cooking up a master piece.

Vegan/Carnivore: These are two different challenges. The vegan challenge is opting to only eat vegan safe foods and not use any animal parts in your armor or potions. Link loves animals too you know! The Carnivore challenge is just the opposite of the vegan challenge; you are only allowed to eat meat based foods. Get that protein!

Well there you are my fellow gamers! We hope you give these a try and let us know what you think. Thanks for reading. 


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