My Top 5 Zelda Items

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Disclaimer: This article was written by a member of the Hidden Triforce team. The information, opinions, and beliefs displayed in this article belong to that of the author and do not represent the Hidden Triforce as a whole.

The Legend of Zelda has always been known for its large inventory of weapons and items, even from the very first game in the vast series. Over the years, Nintendo has gotten very creative inventing new items. From boomerangs and bombs, to spinners and beetles, it’s hard to choose one as your favorite. I have put much thought into it to come up with a list of my Top Five The Legend of Zelda items, with explanations why.

Number 5 – The Lens of Truth (Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask)

The Lens of Truth holds the 5th spot on my list. This Sheikah made item uses up magic from the magic meter to see things invisible to Link’s naked eye. The reason this item is so low. however relevant. is purely nostalgic. As a child, playing both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, I remember loving the noise it made as you turned it on. It was also found in one of my favorite locations in Ocarina; The Bottom of the Well. 

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Number 4 – Bomb Arrows (Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess was tough for me the first play through, especially areas like Arbiter’s Grounds and the sky. The bomb arrows combine the Hero’s Bow along with any bomb in your inventory, which allows you to aim and shoot the explosion. This made defeating enemies such as Gobdos (redeads) and Aeralfos simpler. The Hero’s Bow resides in the Goron Mines; the bombs at the shop in Kakariko Village. 

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Number 3 – Duplex Bow (Breath of the Wild

The newest game in the series, Breath of the Wild, introduced us to 100’s of new items, it almost seems impossible to limit it down to one item. However, when I play, I constantly find myself rearing back to the Yiga Clan Hideout, stocking up on more Duplex Bows. Though they are not very powerful, clocking in at 14 damage, they all shoot two arrows at once, and are easy to collect. At the hideout, you can usually pick up at least 4. Also, members of the clan throughout Hyrule will drop them. 

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Number 2 – Tough Beetle (Skyward Sword)

The fully upgraded version of the Beetle, originally found in Skyview Temple. This Beetle flies farther, stays in the air longer, can withstand more bumps, and can pick up/drop small items. I have to admit, I used this item for everything; seeing enemies around a corner, hitting switches, stunning enemies, and collecting rupees. Every time I would find a new upgrade to get, I would become excited, getting it done asap. It was the only item in the game I really loved, I hope for some type of return of it in the future. 

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Number 1 – The Couple’s Mask (Majora’s Mask)

I love this item not for what it does, but what it stands for. Though you can wear it for an alternate ending in the Mayor’s Office cut scene, the story behind the mask is both heart warming, but breaking, at the same time. In Majora’s Mask, the Couple’s Mask represents two people bonding in marriage; such as Anju and Kafei. Through the side quest for the mask, you learn Kefei has been cursed into a child and goes missing, leaving Anju in anguish. After a long series of events (leaving out all the spoilers), you reunite the two lovers, and as they hold each other in their arms, awaiting the moon to fall, they decide Like deserves the Couple’s Mask. So sweet. 

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