Zelda Cameos

The Legend of Zelda has made cameos in so many games. We have had to make a section dedicated to all the cameos The Legend of Zelda has made. Click on the Game to find out how to find the Cameo in the game and more.

» Super Mario Bros 3
» Tetris

» Donkey Kong Country 2
» Super Mario RPG
» Kirby Super Star
» Donkey Kong Country 3

» Super Smash Bros
» Mario Golf
» Pokémon Stadium 2
» Yoshi Story

» Super Smash Bros. Melee
» Animal Crossing
» Soul Calibur 2
» Donkey Konga
» Donkey Konga 2
» Donkey Konga 3
» Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

» F-1 Race
» Mario Picross

» Mario Golf

» Warioware, inc.: Minigame Mania
» WarioWare: Twisted!
» Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

» WarioWare: Touched!
» Another Code: Two Memories
» Kirby: Canvas Curse
» Daigassou! Band Brothers
» Tetris DS

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Super Mario Bros 3

There’s a cameo?
Yep a cameo a few people have picked up on is the flute. The flute is used to warp to different worlds in Super Mario Bros 3. It is the same Flute from The Legend of Zelda it even plays the same tune and uses the exact same whirlwind to take you away.

How Do I find this Cameo?
Toad houses in Super Mario Bros 3 sometimes contain a Flute that can be used to travel to other worlds. Check them all out and see if you can find the Flute.


There’s a cameo?
Indeed you see Link playing the flute in a Russian themed party along with many other Nintendo Characters.

How Do I find this Cameo?
Complete Game B on speed 9, height 5.

link_donkey_kong_2Donkey Kong Country 2

There’s a cameo?
Indeed he is found in Cranky’s Video Game Heroes in 3rd place.

How Do I find this Cameo?
Complete the game collecting less than 19 coins as getting more would knock Link out of the Hall of Video Game Heroes.

zelda in mario rpg

Super Mario RPG

There’s a cameo?
Indeed he is found sleeping at the Rose Town inn and if you talk to him it will play the classic zelda discovery theme.

How Do I find this Cameo?
Play Super Mario RPG until you get to Rose Town then he should be at the Inn.

Kirby Super Star

There’s a cameo?
On the level Great Cave Offensive, The final treasure on the list is the Triforce. Note also that when Kirby gets the sword ability he has a green hat and uses Link’s sword techs.

How Do I find this Cameo?
1) Look on the treasure list on the Great Cave Offensive.
2) Get the Sword Tech by sucking up a enemy who has the tech.

Legend of Zelda cameo in Donkey Kong Country 3Donkey Kong Country 3

There’s a cameo?
Bazzar tells a story that involves Link possibly the Link’s Awakening Link as he refers to Shells being the wrong shape and as we know seashells are key items in Link’s Awakening. In the story Bazzar talks about Link asking where the castle is. Bazzar also mentions that Link didn’t have enough coins so he let him pay with Rupees instead.

How Do I find this Cameo?
Buy the shell from Bazaar’s General Store, After that talk to him again. Ask him about the castle but refuse to pay up.

Super Smash Bros

There’s a cameo?
Link is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Not only that, but Hyrule Castle is also a stage that can be selected/ Super Smash Bros has several Legend of Zelda items as well.

How Do I find this Cameo?
You can choose Link and the Hyrule stage during a match set-up. Then random Legend of Zelda items will appear throughout the matches. Here is an image of Link fighting a match in the Hyrule Castle stage.

Mario Golf 64

There’s a cameo?
Several Legend of Zelda character names can be seen on the score chart.

How Do I find this Cameo?
Every so often, various Ocarina of Time Zelda character names will show up on the score board. So just keep your eye open!

Pokémon Stadium 2

There’s a cameo?
The original Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past will sometimes show up on the console in your room.

How Do I find this Cameo?
After collecting a console for your room from Pokemon Gold or Silver, just connect that game into Stadium 2 with the Transfer Pak. After doing so, choose the My Room option in White City and you can add your console. Your console will then display random Nintendo games including two different Legend of Zelda games from the past.

Yoshi Story

There’s a cameo?
Link and Zelda’s name appears on a newspaper background.

How Do I find this Cameo?
Stages 2-3 and 2-4 underground sewer stages are made of old newspapers. While walking through the level, you can see many different Nintendo based character names on the papers. Link and Zelda’s name alike both appear.

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