Miyamoto Played Harder Version of Skyward Sword

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miyamoto on skyward sword
Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly. In this interview he spoke about several things including his feelings on Toad, Pikmin 3, and Skyward Sword.

Perhaps the most interesting and relevant piece is of course what he had to say about Skyward Sword. The interviewer from Entertainment Weekly complimented Miyamoto on Skyward Sword’s usage of the Wii Motion Plus controls and asked about the development process of the game.

Miyamoto then stated that the version he played during development was actually harder than the one that was released to the public. He mentioned the idea that developers generally have more gaming skills than your average gamer so they make bosses and puzzles harder so it feels like a challenge. However, they then have to tone things down for most players.

Interesting isn’t it? So let us know what you thought about Skyward Sword. Was it too easy or too hard?


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  • Breg

    Zelda Skyward sword was way to easy I would have loved a harder version.

    • jojo


  • noah

    I too thought the game was way too easy

  • Jennifer

    I lost a couple of times in the game so in a way, it was hard and easy so SS's difficulty level is just about right to me. I mean I'm not going to complain because as long as it's fun, I love it!! :D

  • Broseph

    Regardless of how good the average gamer is…I don't see how a little extra difficulty could hurt the game. As long as they don't make it retro-game-hard (Contra, Ghosts and Goblins) or unfair-hard (CoD on veteran, many fighting game bosses), I'm sure most gamers would eventually be able to conquer the challenges. Besides that, this game has Hero Mode, which is SUPPOSED to be hard – they might as well given us this hard version instead of the Hero Mode that we got.

  • venusleaf

    I want to play the harder version, it is not cool that they actually get all the fun by playing the game in the harder mode :(

  • Hotpocket36

    The normal enemies I think were at a good level but felt like boss fights and puzzles could of been more difficult.

  • chiuch

    After completing the game, hero mode was much more fulfilling

  • Alyssa

    Too easy=)
    TP as much more easy and that made it more fun.