Meet the Artist: Legend of Zanon

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“Meet the Artist” is a subsection of articles written by The Hidden Triforce administrator and writer Hannah Fortney. Any reviews written have been authorized by the artist indicated in this article. If you would like to be featured in our “Meet the Artist” segment, please message the Facebook page directly.

I have been a fan of this guy’s props for quite some time, so I’m super excited to show off his work! Meet Tyler Zanon, a prop builder and owner of the Legend of Zanon. The Legend of Zanon is an Etsy store, established in 2014, dedicated to creative replica props. Zanon combines his love for carpentry and video games to bring iconic Zelda items to life! Some of these items include the Majora’s Mask, the wooden Deku Shield, the Kokiri Sword, and even the Razor Sword. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Zanon and would love fellow Zelda fans to get a look at his absolutely fantastic replicas. 

How long have you been creating your awesome props? What made you decide you wanted to build and sell props?

Zanon: “I’ve been building these props now for 3 whole years now. I started up my kickstarter project back in May after my retail job at a local mall closed down.

I wanted to build and sell props because all through high school I had such a passion for making out of the ordinary wood sculptures and projects from the rest of my peers. I was always the one that wanted to make something different than just a book shelf, chair, or table. Through playing video games I’d always be that kid that was like “I want that in real life.” And I know so many other like-minded collectors are like that as well. I also have to thank my best friend for getting me into prop building, we have always been huge anime and video game lovers, so cosplay replica building always intrigued us from going to conventions when we were younger. We just had the time to make these things in woodshop class back in the day and our teacher was super supportive of that. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my teacher or my best friend to help motivate me with my work.

As the years have gone on, I like to think I am slowly improving and it’s still so surreal that people have cared enough to purchase my work over the course of time. For that I am forever grateful.”

Zanon’s Kokiri Sword prop, which is currently available for pre-order.

That is so cool! It warms my heart to see that both your best friend and shop programs in education, such as woodshop, have benefited toward your awesome props. What’s your personal favorite item you have in your shop? 

Zanon: “My all time favorite item in my shop has always been the Majora’s Mask Mirror Shield. I think that was always one of the props I’ve been fascinated by the most. Majora’s Mask just holds such a special place in my heart. I love all the fan theories about it, every hidden message, and all the depressing aspects behind the meaning of the game. There is just something about the shield, I feel like it ties in with the themes of the game, how there is also this mask on the Happy Mask Salesman’s traveling bag with a creepy similarity. Finding it down the well in the Ikana Canyon and using it in the Stone Tower temple… Just a super cool, fitting design for the game.”

Zanon’s wonderfully accurate Mirror Shield from Majora’s Mask.

Your Mirror Shield prop, as a huge Majora’s Mask fan, is also my favorite prop in your store! So, how many Zelda-inspired props do you sell in your store and what do they consist of?

Zanon: “I have roughly about thirteen different Zelda items in my shop… Really, my whole shop is just Zelda based! [They’re] mostly just built out of wood, fiberglass resin, and bondo putty! I hope to expand my shop one day though when I’m not so booked up and have more downtime to build more different items.”

Do you have any Legend of Zelda-inspired props or crafts you plan on building in the future?

Zanon: “I should have the rest of the transformation masks out this year in the shop! I’m currently working on an order of the Goron and Zora mask for a long-time customer and supporter of my work. So be stoked to see those out eventually!”

Various views of Zanon’s awesome Razor Sword replica.

I love how unique and eery the transformation masks are, so I am genuinely excited to see them! Lastly, do you have any words for our Zelda fans reading this article?

Zanon: “[I] pretty much just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart if you have ever seen my work, heard of The Legend Of Zanon, purchased something from me over the years or just been a friendly supporter of the art I make. Just know, you helped someone live out a huge passion they’ve had for years and years. For all the patience any customer of mine has had, the understanding and love: Thank you!”

If you don’t see your favorite Zelda item, or are looking for props from another series, Zanon also offers commissions for props, replica weapons, sculptures, and more. You can check out more of his items below in our gallery or through his Etsy shop. 

What are your thoughts on his replicas? What would you like to see Zanon build? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. 


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