Link and Mipha: A Love Story

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a Zelda game that did not mind pulling at our heart strings, and hinting towards the possible love-life of Link. Fans have taken a certain liking, however, to Mipha. 

Though she is a Zora (aquatic, fish-like humanoids) that hasn’t stopped anyone, myself included, from believing she may be the true love for Link. Though Zelda does show romantic signs to Link, I believe it would not organically happen that they fall in love. When we meet Mipha, she is healing Link; discussing childhood memories, especially how clumsy Link once was. She ends the discovered memory by asking Link to spend more time with her. 

Zelda, however, has a bit of envy for Link, angry he is able to use the Master Sword, but her powers aren’t coming. She clearly shows this, even when blessing Link before all of Hyrule’s Champions, she uses a sarcastic, annoyed tone; lacking any and all interest in the ceremony. 

Let’s theorise for a second: What if the Champions defeated Calamity Ganon? 

Obviously, if Calamity Ganon had never destroyed Hyrule, killing the champions, Link’s life would be much different. Backing up to when Mipha asked Link to spend more time together, they inevitably would. This is of course an assumption, but she probably asked Link to spend time with her so she could finally gift him the Zora’s Tunic. 

Though we aren’t sure if she would have confessed feelings to Link, he would of more than likely figured out that the Zora tradition is to gift the armor to the one you love. Even 100 years later, the armor still fit Link, so there is no denying that it was made just for him.  

What would it of been like if Link and Mipha were to fall in love and love a life together? This honestly wouldn’t be crazy; there’s a side quest right in the game where Link helps a Hylian and Zora come together as a couple. Why would Link and Mipha be any different? Though Zora grow tall, it takes 100’s of years, Link would probably pass away before she even grew too tall. 

The Zora would never hold a grudge against Link either, so nothing would stand in the way of them being in love. 

Of course, this is all for fun, but have you ever thought of what their child may look like, or a half Hylian/half Zora would look like? We had our artist draw us a picture: 

Twitter: @mongogonzo

What do you think? Do you feel Link would end with Mipha, Zelda, or no one at all? For that matter, how different would it be if the Champions had defeated Calamity? Let us know! 


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Paige has been a video game lover since birth, taking a special love to The Legend of Zelda series. Since first playing Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, she has played every game before and since. In her early years of school, she realized she had a passion for creative writing, and has been perusing her passion since.

  • Crazyfreak

    Firstly, nice way of introducing Zelda as a love-interest. -ahem- Yes Zelda didn’t like Link in the beginning because of her own faults/insecurity. He was mr. perfect and she was the failure. The whole point of the deeper storyline of Botw is their relationship built-up. Their bond grew because of their similar hardships. When Link saved Zelda, she apologized for her previous behavior. At that point Zelda and Link relationship developed and they were really close (confirmed by Impa and Zelda’s diary). At one point Link even opened up to Zelda and they could finally share their emotional burden as chosen ones. It’s at that point Zelda started to fall in love with Link. She fell actually fell in love with his current personality and not with his past or looks. Mipha and Link on the other hand grew apart, because of Link’s duties to the royal family. The Japanese version confirms this more that Mipha and Link haven’t seen each other for a few years. Yes Mipha is in love with Link but we don’t know for what. (Mipha is just sweet, but that’s about it) Does Mipha know about Link’s burden? And does she understands it, the way Zelda does?

    Kass’s song is debatable too because of the translations. In the English version it’s suggested more as a one-sided love, although accepted by Link. In the French and Japanese version it mentions Link and Zelda will rule Hyrule together. “He will be the new Hero, who will defeat the calamity, and deliver the Princess. Together they will reign on a finally freed Hyrule , an enchanting peace”.

    Also it’s noted in the Spanish translation Link protected Zelda as an act/token of love. “prueba de amor”.

    There’s also the recent discovery that Link writes his own journal in the japanese version. The sidequests and memories are his own journal logs. (NoA and NoE messed this up too)

    “I have visited and taken in all 13 places where Zelda’s memories were.Within all those memories, Zelda was always working forwards with all her might. I need to save Zelda as quickly as I can, for I wish to see her smiling once more.”

    The logs are proof that Link isn’t driven by duty, but by Link’s feelings for Zelda. Whether they are platonic or romantic that is up to interpertation. But Zelda is constantly on his mind.

    “Princess Zelda presses on with her struggle against the Calamity in that castle further still…
    Because she has faith that I will come for her…!”

    “And then, right there on top of that tower, I heard the beautiful voice of that woman yet again, coming from the castle far in the distance…”

    “I believe that Zelda will also be happy and gives blessing to my growth.”

    Last but not least: Bolson’s words after the marriage quest. Bolson mentions that the falling petals represents eternal love.

    Botw ends with falling petals of the Silent Princess (which is also a symbolizes Love and Zelda in the game) in every scene Link and Zelda are together. Even the true ending.

    To understand Link and Zelda’s relationship you have to search it for Botw. But it’s very clear there.

  • Robert Shepard

    I ship it.

  • Polutropon

    I agree the Mipha story is indeed heartbreaking. It’s especially sad after reading Mipha’s diary and hearing her four different conversations with Link if you defeat Illusionary Waterblight Ganon. I wish there was a happy ending for Mipha and Link.

    If you solved all the memories and view the extended ending after defeating Ganon, at one point Zelda tells Link: “Divine Beast Vah Ruta … looks like it stopped working. Let’s investigate the situation”. I wonder if this is Mipha’s spirit’s way of getting Link to visit Vah Ruta again?