Inside “The Hidden Triforce”

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Have you ever wondered

about who it is who writes these articles for your consumption? What they are like, what they enjoy, how they came to love what we are all here for? Well, here is a brief moment in between updates on theories, additions to countless numbers of amazing and original art pieces, and many of the other reasons you come to The Hidden Triforce, to get to know a few of our editors, writers, artists, and shadow dwellers who do all the nitty-gritty behind the scenes. So, if you will, sit back, relax, and get to know us.

Official Ocarina of Time artwork featuring Princess Zelda and Young Link.


Brian Hedley

our resident Canadian, writer, and podcaster, was kind enough to share with me his most memorable moment in his tenure as a player of The Legend of Zelda:

“Getting the mirror shield in Ocarina [of Time]- couldn’t believe how unique of an item it was!” 



Linsey Bonuous

is one of our writers and musicians, and shared with me her favorite encounter with The Legend of Zelda:

“I started playing Zelda with my parents when OoT [Ocarina of Time] had first released. We couldn’t afford to buy the console or the game outright, so we rented them both. It later became tradition to buy each major Zelda release around the holidays and play the entirety of the game throughout Christmas break. I’ve always enjoyed gaming as a group activity, wether the game is one player or multiplayer. Zelda bonded my family.”


Chris Huckins

is one of our more active writers and podcasters. He told me his first memory of The Legend f Zelda, which was very interesting: 

“My first Zelda memory was, actually, not playing Zelda. For some reason I can’t remember , I was grounded around Christmas time. Not grounded from going anywhere. Grounded from playing with (most of) my Christmas toys. So when I unwrapped an N64 and Ocarina of Time, I died a little inside (out of joy and dread of what was to come). My parents let me read the manual all I wanted, but I could not under any circumstances set up the console. If the game was released today, I’d be screwed. Game manuals nowadays are nonexistent. But the OoT manual was at least 20 pages deep, rich with backstories of the world, filled with screenshots that showed off a ton of areas, and packed with pages dedicated to some of the coolest weapons, magic spells, and characters in the game. As a newcomer to the Zelda universe, my imagination ran wild.I spent most of my Christmas break brainstorming how all of these elements would play out in the game. And when my punishment was over, I finally got to play the game whose manual I spent weeks ogling, and it did not disappoint. I may not remember what I did to deserve such punishment, but I will always remember the game manual that started my Zelda addiction and nurtured my imagination.”

ocarina of time title screen


Maximilian Dixon

is one of our editors, and he shared with me his most memorable experience in the Zelda franchise: “When I was playing ‘Link’s Awakening’ for the first time, and I was in the shop with hardly enough rupees to buy the bow, so I tried to just walk out with it, and without even trying I shoplifted it! I was so surprised to find out it was actually part of the game!”

links awakening official art


Austin Taylor

is one of our editors, and had a lesson to share that he learned from the series:

“I spent every day running home from junior high just to watch my older brothers play Ocarina of Time and hope I’d get a chance. When they finally finished it, I had my shot and it became the first video game I beat by myself. The values from the franchise have always resonated with me, and 18 years later I’m still addicted.”


Zachary Wojtowicz

is our administrator, and he shared with me his first ever memory of Legend of Zelda:

“My first time playing Legend of Zelda would be playing Ocarina of Time and obtaining the Master Sword. The  sequence of the Door of Time opening after the hard work of collecting the three stones was a very epic moment for me!”

He went on to add:

“My favorite Zelda memory is probably watching, for the first time, Breath of the Wild’s trailer. I can’t tell you how emotional I was when seeing such a massive overhaul of the Zelda series.”


Each of these memories

represent what the Legend of Zelda means to each of us at Hidden Triforce. With each new installment comes more and more love and admiration for the franchise that brought us all together to “share in an adventure with,” so to speak. We hope you enjoy our articles, our comment, art, and future projects to come, and we will see you next time!


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