Get a Look at This 3D Printed Majora’s Mask Prop

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Wow! Now this is one captivating, colorful prop. This Majora’s Mask replica is 3D-printed and hand painted by 3D Printworks shop, an Etsy store residing in Springfield, Missouri.

The listing states that the prop is 3D printed, then coated with primer before painted with acrylic paint. In addition, it is printed in PLA, “a biodegradable plastic made from various plant starches.” The spikes are separately attached and painted before applying a clear coat on top of it all. Its height is roughly 8 inches from the bottom spike to the top spike and is 6 inches wide from the mask edge to edge, not including the spikes.

Another look at 3D Printworks Shop’s Majora’s Mask replica.

The mask alone can be purchased for $150, while listings with the desk stand or wall mount (or both) run between $160-$165. Feel free to check out its Etsy listing for more details. Additional photos can be found below!

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