First Two Hours of Skyward Sword Explained

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Kotaku has gone ahead and posted the first two hours of Skyward Sword and explains what happens throughout the entire game. It seems rather interesting knowing about the “high school drama” that happens in the beginning of the game as well as some other important information, especially covering information on the Hero’s Garb and first person in the game. If you jump ahead you can see the information as well as a bunch of new screenshots for Skyward Sword.

The game starts off with Link in his traditional Skyloft clothing. Zelda’s Loftwing, a blue bird which is basically a large version of a Shoebill, delivers Link a letter from the priestess herself saying she wants Link to come and meet her before the Wing Ceremony. At this point the player is left to freely control Link and pressing the C button on the controller will allow you to switch from a behind third-person view to a first person view. The first person view allows a person to freely control Link as well so think of it sort of like modern day first-person shooters.

Continuing on, one of Link’s mentors will stop him and teach the player how to interact with the environment and the use of motion. Rolling, sprinting, jumping, swinging, and the sort will deplete his stamina meter and once it’s depleted, Link will be out of energy (I mean you can’t do that either, huh, without a draw back). Feel free to explore the controls of the game as you maybe able to learn a few more skills you’ll need later in the game.

Finding Zelda by the Goddess Statue, you’ll learn she’s excited to play as the Goddess of old in their Wing Ceremony. The ceremony is a test for young males and those who pass will be promoted to knighthood. Each Skyloftian has her or her own Loftwing which they are bonded too, such as Zelda with her blue Loftwing and Link’s red Loftwing.

While trying to get your Loftwing ready, you’ll learn that a bully of Link’s named Groose had taken Link’s bird and caged it in hopes of trying to disqualify Link from the ceremony to make him win. In order to free the bird, Link needed to get a sword. This sword is a training sword… basically a sword before he gains the Goddess Sword which you’ll be using majority of the way. The training sword is a metal blade, so it’s better than the training sword you get during the beginning of Twilight Princess. Use of the Motion Plus will play an important part in using your sword as the sword will follow your swing almost precise so you’ll need to practice well.

Using Motion Plus will be a requirement to solve some of the puzzles in the game. As with rescuing your Loftwing, you’ll need to maneuver the control just right to cut the ropes. At this point Zelda will tell you about her hearing voice speaking about a “land under the clouds”.

Flying with your Loftwing will use MotionPlus controls. To steer you merely need to tilt and move the controller just like with your sword. To fly higher, you must move the controller up and down in a timely manner. To dash, press A and to halt you press B. Also, to fly on your Loftwing, all you need to do is jump off the edge of the Skyloft on one of the many air-docks around the place and press down on the D-Pad to whistle for your bird which will come and swoop under you.

The Ceremony consists of flying with your Loftwing and collecting a Loftwing statue. The first time you’ll try to grab it, Groose will come and knock into you, stunning your bird. The other two bully friends of Groose will then tackle you or throw eggs at you which will stun you more. Eventually the second time you try and grab the statue, you’ll get it. Zelda will then jump off the edge of the docks and Link will dash to save her, but she’ll mention she’s fine. Woman has some bravery right there not calling for her own bird! After which Zelda will give Link a sailcloth she made so whenever Link reaches the land below, he can just open it up and land safely or take some damage! Ouch.

Afterwhich, Link and Zelda fly on their birds. Before Zelda can speak about something she’s been holding onto for awhile, her and Link are hit by a tornado forcing them to both fall off their birds. Zelda is missing and Link is safe back in Skyloft. Later that night, he is awoken by a fairy named Phi who takes him around Skyloft before bringing him to the summit of mountain near Skyloft. As the author of Kotaku reports, her voice is a magical-almost robotic like voice similar to GLaDOS from the Portal games. She shows Link a sword which you can only pull up by waving the controller down then up, like you were actually trying to pull the sword up.

After gaining the sword, you can choose to stock up on items in the bazaar and then be off to rescue Zelda.

I think this game is going to be rather interesting. I’m hoping it’ll be good.

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Source: Kotaku.


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