Could Skyward Sword Ending Rumors be True?

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Skyward Sword is less than a month away from being released! While this means we will all soon be able to enjoy the Wii’s first true Legend of Zelda game, it also means that everybody and their mother are beginning to make ridiculous claims. Some of these claims will in fact be true. After all, there are plenty of press copies out there and some people just make a living of spoiling games, but in the mix there has been plenty of absurd claims that have many scratching their heads.

Some of the latest rumors to surface regarding Skyward Sword is about how the game ends. So far I have heard two potential endings. One seems like your typical Zelda ending and the other was much more far fetched. The first of which regards Zelda making a wish to unite Skyloft and Hyrule.  That ending seems like something that would be in a Zelda game.

The second ending is the one which I want to take a look at. In this ending, Zelda must sacrifice herself in order to seal up all the monsters that exist. However her sacrifice does not come without more rewards, as she is granted one wish from the Triforce. Her supposed wish, and what would be dying breath, is that her and Link can be reunited throughout all of time. That even when they are separated by fate, they will be reborn to meet up again.

This wish not only allows Zelda and Link to be reborn as another entity, to one day meet, but it also is the event that leads to Ganondorf’s birth. He was created as a catalyst to reunite the two throughout history. Life on its own would not allow Link and Zelda to somehow cross paths so Ganondorf was born with the goal of creating friction that brings the two together.

So why is this plausible? How does this fit into the Zelda series?

First off, before we knew too much about Zelda Skyward Sword we were told that Ganondorf would not be directly in the game. However it was hinted that there would be some kind of mention of him and possibly a lead-up to the events of Ocarina of Time.

So far there has been no other release of information that remotely mentions Ganondorf or this Ocarina of Time connection. So is this rumored ending the connection that we were hinted towards? That would definitely make sense as Skyward Sword has been confirmed as being the first game in the series. There has to be something that gets the destined heroes to come together all the time. It is not just chance.

A look into three events in the Zelda series will further add support to this rumor. I will start from the most recent events and work my way backwards.

Ganondorf’s Divine Prank

First off, we have Twilight Princess. The person who leaked this rumor also mentioned Twilight Princess and I have to say that his thinking is fairly solid. In Twilight Princess Ganondorf escaped his execution before the sages managed to seal him away in the Twilight Realm. Their method of execution was driving a huge sword straight through his chest (Ouch), yet he was able to use the Triforce of Power to walk away from this injury and kill one of the sages before being banished to the Twilight Realm. The game described it as some kind of Divine Prank but went no further into their explanation.

skyward sword ending

Sword? What Sword? I don't feel a thing!

At on time in the Zelda series has a character just randomly gotten the power of a Triforce for no reason. So it only makes sense that this “divine prank” was one of destiny’s ways of later uniting Zelda and Link.

Princess of Destiny

The second example I want to mention is in The Wind Waker. At the game Link’s sister is kidnapped by mistake after the Helmaroc King mistakes her for Tetra. Tetra as we all now know was just Princess Zelda before she was made aware of her true destiny. Tetra ended up on Link’s home of Outset after being captured by this gigantic bird.

skyward sword ending rumor of Destiny

So are we expected to believe that Tetra got captured, the Helmaroc King was chased to Outset, she got dropped in the woods, a boy who has never touched a sword in his life saves her,  Link’s sister gets kidnapped by mistake, and oh yea she is the princess of destiny. It makes much more sense for there to be some driving power behind all these events. Maybe the driving power of a wish on the Triforce!

Zelda is Your…

Lastly, and maybe more blunty obvious is a example from A Link to the Past. As most Zelda fans know, there is a line at the beginning of the game that caused a lot of controversy when the game first came out. As Link’s Uncle laid there injured, he told Link that Zelda was his….was his what?!?!? He passed out before finishing the statement. Some people thought maybe the two were related. Some thought maybe some romantic relationship. However, the Japanese version of the game revealed his uncle as saying, “Zelda is your Destiny.”

Zelda is your...what? My what? TELL ME!

Zelda is Link’s destiny! It all makes sense and seems to back up the idea of Skyward Sword’s possible ending. If she does indeed wish that the two be united throughout history than Zelda would surely be Link’s destiny.


So there you have it. Skyward Sword does not come out until November 20th in America, but we can certainly speculate in the mean time. This rumor may not be true but why not have fun with it until we know for sure. Do you agree with the points made in this article? Have something that I missed? Let us know in the comments!



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Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • RedGalaxy

    While I agree the ending could happen, I don't believe that zelda could make that wish, unless the background story from the Adventure of Link has already happened, because otherwise, Zelda would be alive, and Zelda would never have been reborn to meet Link, as she is asleep. That is really the only prerequisite for this theory to work, which would mean that people have to have already settled in the land of Hyrule, which, according to this game, hasn't happened yet.

    • noahglaser

      There are multiple Links and Zeldas. Thats the whole idea of it. The Zelda from AoL is totally different and at the end of the timeline. This would be possible even with the rumored ending as its different Links and Zeldas

      • RedGalaxy

        You missed what I said completely… that, or you just skimmed what I typed. I know there are multiple links, zeldas, and possibly ganondorfs, but, with there being a sleeping zelda in a temple, she can not be part of the zelda and link destiny, because she didn't interact with link until she awoke, and there is one zelda in AoL(sleeping) and LoZ(not sleeping), and as AoL is a sequel to LoZ, that would mean that there are 2 zeldas at once, which can't happen, which this wish set in place. The rumor states that Link and Zelda are to always be reborn, and are always to meet. Meaning, that while there are different Zeldas and links throughout time, there can never be more then one at a time.

        • noahglaser

          im pretty sure that the Link and Zelda from tLoZ and AoL are the same ones so they did interact in the original tloz.and maybe her being put into a sleep was a way to unite link and zelda. that is also a possibility.

          I think you may have a misunderstanding about the story and how the events came to be in AoL. Zelda was put to sleep at the beginning of the game, after the events of tLoZ

          • RedGalaxy

            No, that's not the case. The story is as follows. The king united the world with the triforce. He gave his daughter Zelda, the triforce of wisdom, and hid the triforce of courage. After the king died, The son got jealous of the princess, and used a wizard to put the princess in an eternal sleep. Feeling guilty about that, he made a law stating that every princess born in hyrule must be named zelda. After LoZ, link had the mark of the triforce appear on his hand, and impa, the sleeping princess's hand maiden stated that these events happened "long long ago", meaning that they're 2 zeldas around at this point. Don't believe me, look it up. Ask other people. Ask Nintendo. They'll tell you that this is the case. At the end of AoL, there are 2 zeldas living at the same time.

          • noahglaser

            even if its not a direct sequel im not seeing why or how you are getting that there are 2 zeldas.

          • Sid Walker

            There are several

  • Shadao

    I don't think the Zelda sacrifice ending is true. There is only one Ganondorf and the only reason he's got the triforce of power was because he touched it and his imbalanced heart caused it to split, leaving him with the triforce of power because that's what he believes in the most. Also, why Ganondorf? If his whole exisitance is to unite Link and Zelda, why is Ganondorf chosen? The triforce could have easily unite Link and Zelda by having a dragon come to eat Zelda and Link saves her not to mention that there are other villians in Zelda, like Vaati. Doesn't Ganondorf has his motive? Also, how could the royal family start if Zelda is dead? This rumor is a hoax from 4chan, imfamous for Adelle instead Fi, Time Travel, Epona, Egyptian Zelda, and Nephiburoo instead of Ghirahim.

    • noahglaser

      Part of one of the rumors had Zeldas father ruling Skyloft and Hyrule. Perhaps that has some kind of truth to it and would explain how she became part of the royal family. Developers have stated she did not start this game as royalty so maybe she ends as it.

      And if this is true..then the gods made things hard by having Ganondorf as the catalyst

    • Jay-Russell

      You say 'why ganondorf?'

      But think about it… destiny had to choose anyone, so by sheer luck, it became him. If say, Ghirahim (just for example) was chosen by the gods to join the two up, we would never have seen ganondorf in a game. Maybe we would have, but he would just be a normal gerudo. And Zelda would be reborn as another Zelda (a bit before OoT zelda), creating the Royal Family.

      • noahglaser

        I more so meant why did they have to be united through a guy killing and trying to take over. There was no other way to get Link and Zelda to be together?

        • jrdennis95

          Yeah, I know what you mean… Then again, they were brought together in the first place because of danger, so it would only seem right for it to replicate the events that will be told in Skyward Sword. There isn't a Triforce of Power for nothing! :)

  • vincent petersen

    honestly i don't care what the ending is i just know that its is going to be good and that there are 2 yeah 2 adventures so good night

    • noahglaser

      No doubt about it. I am hearing that neither of these endings are remotely true. But who really believed them anyways :)

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  • Link

    If this is all true…
    Then this clearly means..
    Skyward Sword is the first game in the Zelda timeline!
    It all makes sense!

    • noahglaser

      even if none of these rumors are true nintendo has already stated that the game is first in the timeline as it deals with the creation of the master sword and hyrule

  • eliska

    I was having a terrible war in my head between curiosity of what the ending might be, and wanting to be surprised at the plot line, though curiosity won. It makes sense that this is true, because I was so confused at all the perfect coincidences that occur throughout the games, and this would explain many of them, though now I wish that I hadn't read it.

    • noahglaser

      if it makes you feel better ive been told by somebody who has beaten the game that the rumors are not real

  • Brett

    Noah, while I appreciate your enthusiasm over the discussion, everything RedGalaxy is saying seems to be going over your head… There are in fact, TWO princess Zeldas by the end of AOL, as the Zelda in AOL has been put under a sleeping spell in ancient times, and is still sleeping during the events of LoZ… she's somewhat of a "Sleeping Beauty" figure like in the Grimm stories (A princess who has been asleep for 500+ years). Feel free to look this up in greater detail.

    • noahglaser

      ive spoken to several webmasters from other zelda sites and read the zeldawiki entry on the game and not a single mention of there being 2 princess zeldas by the end.

      the game never mentions there being 2. it says that the prince says to name future daughters zelda but never says anything about one being born.

    • @Brett and @RedGalaxy why would their be two Zelda's in the game when clearly when you beat the game you awaken the same Zelda you see sleeping. Maybe my copy of AoL is a beta version or something because I have played the game many times and have never seen that….unless you guys can provide some solid proof that there is two Zelda's in the game this will remain as rumor……

  • Danious

    Yea, the ending was awesome *SPOILER ALERT* after you defeat gannondo…. i mean 'Demise' he says the cycle of hatred will continue and as such his reincarnations will forever keep the world wading in a sea of chaos.. or something along those lines… so yea, just throwin that out there lol

    • ganondemise

      sea of blood i think it was. i just finshed the game.

  • theepiccpgraphics

    it cant be the beginning of ganon. "Someday…When this seal is broken….That is when I will exterminate your descendants!!" thats what ganon said. but then again i could be wrong. lol heres my short dumb version/
    "we have created ganon or whatever." link
    "yes." zelda
    "rawr i kill you all!"ganon
    "ahhh"link and zelda
    ganon kills them
    "muhaha i shall now go out through the next link and zelda" ganon
    randomly opens portal
    zelda gets captured, next generation link goes after her, link faces ganon
    cling, slash, bang, moo, ribbit, meow, woof.
    " rawr! Someday…When this seal is broken….That is when I will exterminate your descendants!!" ganon
    O,o- link
    ganon and link seperate and link saves zelda.
    The End
    lol note: the zelda and link in the beginning are the ones in the skyward sword.

    • Seric ikana

      that is the STUPIDEST thing ive ever heard… funny though…

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  • I think Skyward sword is amazing game. I like it

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  • Macgwire Louviere

    It would have been cool if Zelda had made that wish but she simply just stays on the Surface with Link!!! :)

  • Sid Walker

    Zelda is your… PROSTITUTE!

    Why does the uncle have a black hole on his head btw?