Check out These Awesome Breath of the Wild Props

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Before I begin this article, I’d like to apologize for the lack of content. I’ve been busy with illness-related issues, but I’m back and have been looking forward to showing you all these frankly awesome props. 

Etsy shop Give Wave Studios, residing in Lowell, Massachusetts, builds and sells professional, high-quality props. I’ve seen some neat Breath of the Wild replicas pop up online, but this store has a bunch on display. In particular, one item that stood out to me was storeowner Castro-Yves’s Sheikah Slate prop. The body and some of the details are 3D printed and the hooks are built from worbla, a thermoplastic material often used with cosplay. It is hand painted and includes LED lighting to imitate the Sheikah Slate’s glow which is, in my opinion, the coolest part of this piece. 

A closer look at Give Wave Studios’ Sheikah Slate prop, where genuine leather is wrapped around the handle.

Replicas sold at Give Wave Studios from other series include potions from Pokémon, DIY Pokedex iPhone cases, spell discs from Doctor Strange, and more. The gallery below includes photos of their other Breath of the Wild-related replicas, which include the Traveler’s Shield, Ancient Arrow, Ancient Arrowhead, Quiver, and another look at the Sheikah Slate. 

The store owner was recently on vacation, so the shop is on a short hiatus, but you can check out more of Give Wave Studios’s replicas at their shop here.

What do you think of these props? Do you have experience with prop building? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to see and hear about it. 


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